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Help, my husband thinks I'm crazy!

Lately it seems as if my husband thinks I have gone off the deep end. He is a firm believer in personal liberty, but for some reason he refuses to consider that our government is capable of allowing (or staging) things to happen in order to deprive us of said liberties.

He absolutely refuses to believe that FDR had any idea that there was going to be an attack on Pearl Harbor and actually believes that IF building 7 was a controlled demolition then it must have been rigged up AFTER WTC 1 & 2 were struck because it needed to be brought down to avoid more casualties.

He says there is no definitive proof to the contrary and without that it's ridiculous to assume that our government would allow those types of things to happen. Anytime I mention something that is contrary to what the official story is on almost anything (even Lincoln, the USS Liberty, etc.) we seem to end up in a fight with him acting as if I sould be wearing a tin foil hat and living in a fallout shelter. How do you guys handle these things with your significant other?

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Common Ground

Just stick to what you can agree on and go from there. Waking up is a gradual process.

But about myself I will not boast, except as it concerns my weaknesses (2 Cor 12:5). Let the unbelievers seek praise from each other; I wish that which is from God alone.

When you learn exactly what government is and what it is not

then these atrocities become more plausible.
The best proof one has is their admission many years after the fact. The government has outright admitted their involvement in many scandals.

So Begin by learning civics. I know you do not have a firm grasp of basic civics just by your use of the phrase "our government."

If you want to know exactly what the nature of government is, then let me know and I will answer in a few short sentences.

Please Understand ME

Clearly you and your spouse have different temperaments.
When intuitives and empiricists mix it can cause friction.

Epimethean temperaments exist primarily to be useful to their social units.

Appollian temperament is best decribed by Hamlet's sololoquy. "To be or not to be..." The quest never ends.

Of course, I am guessing based on your OP. Neither is wrong. Other temperaments are Dionysian and Promethean.

I may be projecting as I am of Appollian temperment married to one of Epimethean temperament.

I recommend as was recommended to me, understand each other first. The insight can help both of you discover that neither of you is crazy.


The mythological approach described in Please Understand ME by Keirsy and Bates 1984

That's how I handled it with my spouse and children. Good luck!

Free includes debt-free!

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All the information you need is availible online

Maybe sit him down through James perloffs presentation of shadows of power.


Your Situation is Typical of America's Belief in Government

The average American has too much faith in the "goodness" of the U.S. Government though history has shown repeatedly that it cannot be trusted, even at the highest levels of office. Perhaps your husband would be willing to watch this video that summarizes the Watergate Scandal that occurred in the mid-1970's.


Here we see and hear about the President of the United States, The Attorney General of the United States, the FBI and members of the CIA and others who were all involved in the cover-up of various felonious acts of burglary, coercion, bribery, spying on private conversations, invocation of executive privilege for personal use and outright lying to the American people. This is a historical fact that cannot be trivialized or whitewashed; it happened to us.

It ultimately led to the resignation of President Nixon who was the first executive in U.S. history to be named an unindicted conspirator by a grand jury and the conviction of Attorney General John Mitchell as well as others involved with Nixon's reelection campaign. We all know that history repeats itself and such crimes will happen again and again to the detriment of the American people unless the nation starts to pay attention and demand accountability.

What is different in today's world is the total compromise and surrender of journalistic ethics for money. Radio, television and print media have all sold out to powerful interests and are now the pubic relations arm of the shadow government. Instead of demanding investigations of corruption (e.g., "too big to fail" bankers, reasons for Middle Eastern wars, etc.) the media focuses on "soft news" (e.g., Hollywood, national sports, etc.) to distract the people.

Your husband's lack of understanding about Washington's machinations as well as the majority of Americans is the main problem the liberty movement faces: apathy and poor memory. It is the toughest nut to crack open but we must not give up our quest to expose these dark malevolent forces to the light of truth.

Well, for starters, with respect to Pearl Harbor, have him read

"Freedom Betrayed," by that well-known Conspiracy Theorist, President Herbert Hoover. Hoover, while a globalist, was NOT a warmonger, and he was extremely upset about FDR's engineering of the war. In fact,he was toying re-entering politics and running for President as a Peace Candidate. . . . A long read, but well worth it. It finally was released only a couple of years ago. Hoover considered it is his most important task, and it took him the rest of his life (he didn't die until 1964) to finish it.

Oh, and Google Operation Northwoods, a predecessor plan to 9/11. In defense of JFK, he said no to that plan. Then again, look what happened to him after he acted like he thought he was actually in charge.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

You are starting with wrong axiom - I don't blame him

This is a common mistake, especially in the 9/11 Truth world. The "government" did not plan 9/11. That is insane. Saying "the government" did something is saying every member of congress, the undersecretary of the Dept. of Agriculture, and the Fifth-Level White House Media Intern (who's only job is to be available for hand-jobs) all knew about it.

Crazy, right?

Anytime I hear someone say that "the government" was involved in 9/11 I want to choke them. That is what the media has said 9/11 truthers say for over a decade now - and it is absurd - thus the sheeple think it. Was Cheney involved? Probably. Were there double agents providing intelligence? Absolutely. But, it was a small group. If you look at the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident', most of the military people involved had no clue. Most of the reporters who got there after the activity had no clue. And, again, something repeated enough means the sheeple will follow.

Trust me, my wife is the same way. She works for, and I'm not kidding, former high level operatives of the Democrat Party. She defends Obama no matter what and doesn't touch any of the "tricky" stuff like the US genocide in Middle East. When I informed her that our medical insurance was going from an HMO with a deductible of $500 to an Obama-care approved PPO which is more expensive and a deductible of $3500 she said something to the effect of '....well, at least the part-time women I work with will get insurance' - even though they all have insurance through their spouses or are very young.

I just stopped discussing such things unless in a group. Neither of us watch the propaganda networks, so no worries there. My wife is actually a fan of Ron Paul and proud of all the work I did on the campaign, even though she didn't see me for months at a time. Chin up, never waiver, and make sure you are discussing the correct demons.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Let me know if you find a

satisfactory answer. I do believe if there is an answer, the only one who can find it ... is you.

Consider that believing these things can be really painful

Your husband has a particular world view that coincides with much of the patriotic information he was given as a boy.
He likely believes that:
....the people within the government would never let such a thing happen. They are citizens who love their country too. That such atrocities could never happen here. That the simplest answer to contradicting facts is to believe the official story.....

This world view isn't about truth. It's about feeling secure and happy. Once that world view is shattered by some contradiction that you can't dismiss, it's very likely and natural for people to either become really depressed or extremely angry. There are a whole lot of people who instinctively know that such knowledge or belief would send them into a very dark place, and therefore choose not to go there. In fact they choose NOT to look at the facts at all as then that would possibly remove all deny-ability.

For me, I started waking up over seeing media manipulation, lying, willful omissions, and unfair persecutions during an election year. It was so wide spread I could no longer excuse it away. I realized who all must be involved. I realized that without a free press, corruption could run amok. I was really angry and then the more pieces I put together, the more profoundly sad I got.

So... what I'm trying to say is that be patient with your husband. He's dragging his feet for a reason. He won't look at the facts for a reason. He most likely instinctively knows it can take him into a very dark place and he's trying to prevent that.

It's deeply painful to realize that your beloved country is capable of such evil corruption and atrocities.

In regards to Pearl Harbor

Judge Napolitano does a very good job of shedding light on Pearl Harbor in his book Theodore and Woodrow.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

Have him watch "911 and War by Deception"

By Ryan Dawson. If your husband can sit through this whole movie and try to understand even 50% he will understand and believe everything you say and believe in.



Smoking Guns

Stay away from really difficult false flags.

Eg Pearl harbour, wtc 1 & 2.

Only the curious will have the time and energy to truly unravel the truth on these. It is too much for the mind on first go.

Stick to the simple and profound smoking guns.

Don't make statements. Ask questions after first showing him the material.

How did the BBC reporter know the building was coming down 20 minutes before it did ? Demolition preparation takes weeks.
They could not have known before hand.

The Boston backpack was black. Can you help me understand why the suspects backpacks were grey ?

Why was the pentagon lawn untouched ? Where did the titanium engines go ? Why did they find a predator engine and mag wheel in the pentagon hole ? Why did the windows not break when hit by the 'plane' ?

Ask him to explain in full Gulf Of Tonkin, which is now stated historical fact that they lied, as is Iraq war also stated as fact that they lied.

He cannot deny these blatant truths. Get his mind on processing these undeniable facts.

Stay away from anything that isn't as clear cut smoking gun as these.
It is too much to take in otherwise. Do that once he sees it for the criminal acts that they are.

Note: I don't do this, I can't but help do it the wrong way.


Have him read "Deadly

Have him read "Deadly Deceit"


If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Like water eroding rocks


Just now my wife says to me:

"Mark says that GMO is in 90% of the food."

I respond:

"It is classic counterfeiting, people eat for nourishment and instead they get poison, they get sick and fat instead of nourishment, so they, now sick, now fat, now unnourished return to the same false, counterfeit, source for nourishment, they get fat, and sick, instead."

At that point, in the past, my wife would have shut down, since the past was me alone speaking about these clear and present dangers, but now that there is more water flowing from Mark, not just me, my wife responds and allows me to continue.

"This GMO is tied to Chemtrails, and if you want to learn something, no hurry, and be warned that the information is very disturbing, go find on Youtube something called What in the Word are They Spraying, and then if you can handle it, follow up with Why in the World are they Spraying, and you can get the information required to understand how classic counterfeit works to create classic Monopoly."



I did not go further into how that, and everything, connects into the Money Monopoly Power, but at least my wife is no longer resorting to full self-censorship, which is like a Trojan Horse that invades the brain and shuts down all power of defense against clear and present dangers.

I did not go into the latest information I've been processing whereby the battle for Liberty against Legal Crime has hit the wall, where the Legal Criminals are knowable as baby eating, insane, devil worshipers at the Top of that Pyramid Scheme, and that their own lower level "Specialists" are now in-fighting while many competitive forces for Liberty are getting ready to fill the vacuum that will exist once the Legal Criminals do their own house cleaning.

Too much information causes what to happen in any case?


Have you considered a

Have you considered a divorce?

In my favor, people whom I have been warning for years about many issues I learned about through Ron Paul initially are finally seeing the light thanks to the Greenwald stories and the New York Times editorial taking on the president directly.

Get him to read and let him

Get him to read and let him discover it himself. Books from george orwell such as animal farm or 1984 will help him relate to what is actually happening. Agree on certain things, principles that guide your lives. As for who or what brought down the world trade towers or boston bomber isnt the issue imo, but instead why these things happen. We all agree it is related to the excess powers of the government and that alone should b3 enough.

Don't talk with him about it

If he's given you any signs that he doesn't want to discuss it with you, respect his boundaries.

It sounds like the feeling's mutual, that not believing the same thing = crazy. But I doubt it's that intense for all subjects. On-line discussions do not carry any stigma regarding being not respectful of whether the other person wants to be in the conversation because you're not exactly trying to share a house with those people. I've seen it for myself how immersing oneself in a subject on-line, where the most narcissistic people are the loudest, then trying to emerge from that culture to "evangelize" a spouse is disastrous.

It's really hard for the person wanting to put up conversational boundaries to express exactly what the boundaries are on these topics. I can't say, "please don't discuss conspiracy theories with me" without a person in full, on-line evangelism mode taking that as an opening to parse out what qualifies as a "conspiracy theory". Other attempts to categorize the banned topics may go even worse. It would work best if the party seeking to initiate such a conversation be willing to back off respectfully when asked.

Defend Liberty!

Stop Talking

Start listening to him. One of two things will happen:

(a) He will talk.
(b) He will not talk.

If he talks, then there is hope. Do not interrupt him or try to correct him when he answers questions that you ask. You will ask questions in an attempt to figure out his premises. Do not be belligerent and be seriously interested and focused on what he says. Show respect. Once you fully understand where he is coming from and the intellectual constructs that support his worldview, you can begin to work at the premise level to change his mind. Undermine the core premise and then let him put the new picture together on top of that for himself.

If he does not talk, chances are his interest level in the subject is just not there. If he admits that there might be more than he first believed about these topics, he'll be facing down enormous amounts of time that have to be spent becoming educated and he'll have to do some serious mental gymnastics to concoct a new, plausible worldview based on the new information. In this case, you have to just let him be and be happy that he at least is inclined towards liberty.

you should meet this person

Wife thinks I'm losing it...

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

Sorry for your troubles.

I know it can be maddening when someone close to you, especially a significant other, lives in fantasy land. First of all, you probably feel like there's no one whom you can turn to in order to discuss the constant realization of your deepest fears without being ridiculed as a nutjob.

At a point, you have to come to a decision. This issue isn't just a superficial difference of personality. It's actually THE most important issue in all of our lives. I personally believe that the purpose of a "husband" is to protect and provide for his family. If your spouse is incapable of accepting reality, he is also incapable of fulfilling his role as husband by dealing with the dangers and eventualities that reality will present us. You must ask yourself whether or not you truly want to be married to a sheep who will inevitably lead you into the slaughterhouse.

I'm sorry to be so bleak, and I'm sorry that you are in this unfortunate situation. But please try to remember how serious this is. I've been in the same position as you, and I made the right choice without looking back. Now I'm married to my soulmate. Go figure.

One question for him

"Why was the WTC crime scene so quickly clear out before any investigation was even started?"

not the usual process for the FBI. They take months piecing together crashed planes. But not this time.


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They only painstakingly piece together plane parts when they don't know why the plane crashed. In this case, it was kinda obvious.
As for clearing out the crime scene, this is just bogus. How in the heck do you think any equipment could even get to the scene? Debris was blocking all access. They had to start removing debris immediately. It was all taken to the landfills and sifted through for months before any was "sent to China".

Undo what Wilson did

Don't force it

Coming to the political conclusions you've both come to is hard enough in the face of so much programming; if he is not ready - and he may never be - to see the entire foundation of his psychological house crumble on itself, you shouldn't try to demolish it. I've struggled with this a great deal. Keep asking questions, but don't ask them in a leading or declaratory manner. Don't "put him on the stand."

If it turns out that he will always think you're crazy, remember that the majority of people out there think that the points on which you agree make you both crazy. Question yourself and your motivations. Why do you personally need to be right about your "alternative" theories? Do you require the agreement of others to validate your position? I know that it feels good and is entirely natural, but as tough as it might be to turn inward at times and keep things to yourself, isn't that easier than fighting with the love of your life? Isn't your relationship worth it? If not, then you may wish to reconsider your marriage... I suspect that, like so many of us, you'll find a way to make it great. Good luck! And remember, you're fighting for the amazing gift that is a life of freedom; don't take the joy out of the gift... It will not be worth the fight!

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

even the harvard medical

even the harvard medical journal says fluoride is bad now.



i would show him the interview with the governor of oklahoma immediately after the okc bombing. he stated on tv that morning that the bomb squad was removing bombs from the inside of the building that didn't detonate. also there was an atf office in that building and none of them reported for work that morning. none of them enrolled there children in childcare that morning either. there was a few good documentaries on google video that was pretty clear cut.
also fdr's record on ww2 was he wanted the us to be attacked so we could go to war he could send troops otherwise he couldn't due to the fact he campaigned against sending american troops to foreign lands.
we still didn't pay for the debt we took on for ww1 interest only and keep rolling the debt over

Please watch that interview

The interview with the Governor directly contradicts what the media had said for years after the bombing.

It's as simple as rawhead said: none of the ATF personnel were at work....9am....on a Monday morning. Nor did they enroll their children.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

tell them about g.m.o. grass

tell them about g.m.o. grass that makes cyanide, this is from c.b.s, bu the infowars is just as good.



the report now says it's not GMO

but 'hybrid' grass.

"Tifton 85 is a cross between a bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon, specifically cv. Tift 292 (an armyworm resistant plant introduction in the USDA-ARS collection)] and a closely related Cynodon species called stargrass [Cynodon nlemfuensis, specifically cv. Tifton 68 (highly digestible, but cold susceptible). Crosses were made by placing inflorescences (the day before pollen shed) of each parent in a beaker of water. The inflorescences were covered with a glassine bag to control pollination. Each day, thereafter, bag and inflorescences were thumped to distribute pollen. Seeds were collected and those were germinated in the greenhouse and subsequently transplanted in the field. Plants with great potential were increased and selected to be tested in replicated plots and under grazing. No extraordinary tools or biotechnology tools were used in this process."


Thought you should know. I hate GMOs and believe we must keep our commentary accurate.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison