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Help, my husband thinks I'm crazy!

Lately it seems as if my husband thinks I have gone off the deep end. He is a firm believer in personal liberty, but for some reason he refuses to consider that our government is capable of allowing (or staging) things to happen in order to deprive us of said liberties.

He absolutely refuses to believe that FDR had any idea that there was going to be an attack on Pearl Harbor and actually believes that IF building 7 was a controlled demolition then it must have been rigged up AFTER WTC 1 & 2 were struck because it needed to be brought down to avoid more casualties.

He says there is no definitive proof to the contrary and without that it's ridiculous to assume that our government would allow those types of things to happen. Anytime I mention something that is contrary to what the official story is on almost anything (even Lincoln, the USS Liberty, etc.) we seem to end up in a fight with him acting as if I sould be wearing a tin foil hat and living in a fallout shelter. How do you guys handle these things with your significant other?

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I feel for you

I am sure it is rough. Is he willing to look at the information? Here is a great video about 9-11 I watched last night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVtIPCIvsdc. I have watched countless 9-11 films and I was surprised this one had quite a bit of footage and information that even I hadn't seen or heard. I guess I am lucky that my fiance gets it. Good luck getting him to take the blinders off. Cognitive dissonance can be a powerful force.



Divorce? Don't you know that our loss of liberty is directly

proportional to the break up of the family?

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Don't you know that choosing

the wrong life partner can make you miserable for your entire life?

My mom divorced my dad when I was 8 years old and it was the best thing that ever could have happened....wish she would have done it sooner...our lives were a living HELL on earth. Do not stay in a bad marriage....D I V O R C E can be very good!

Love all those down votes...probably from people that have been, will be or should be D I V O R C E D.

or maybe from adults who used

or maybe from adults who used to be children whose selfish parents ruined their young lives!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Agree to disagree, offer something better, and have patience.

On sensitive areas, it can often be helpful to agree to disagree, drop the subject, at least for now, and concentrate on areas of discussionn where you can find yourselves in more agreement.

One should also never miss an opportunity to offer your listeners something better.

When Ron Paul talks about the FED, for example, he doesn't only point out the dangers and irresponsibility of wrecking the global economy with central banking and its fiat money. He (and others like von Mises, Rothbard, Sennholz, et al) also remind us how much better off we would all be, and how much more secure our future would be, with sound money. We are reminded about how much more prosperous an economy which avails itself of gold and silver (and BITCOIN, no doubt)--a choice in money--over a badly defective and corrupt current system would be, and how worthy a goal it is to strive for!

Find opportunities to offer more simple and complete explanations in the case of "conspiracy" and, if accepted, go on from there. There may indeed be issues like 9-11, which are just too sensitive for rational discussion on his part in the foreseeable future,but there are also a lot of events which may be discussed where your opinions about conspiracy explanations may be accepted as helpful; perhaps those where you are discussing events which are deep enough in the past so that it may discredit the present criminal elites on some issues without provoking any feeling on his part that you are "crazy".

Properly researched and articulated conspiracy theories can often make events much clearer and simpler then the convoluted nest of lies and coverups offered by establishment sources.

A bit of patience goes a long way. It is as difficult for a person who is resistant to "conspiracy theories" to accept them, as it would be for you to completely deny such an approach even when the conspiracies have been shown to exist.

I hope that this is helpful.


"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

You can always

marry me! Just kidding but I have the same problem with my girlfriend. She thinks I'm crazy a lot of times.Now I learned to not talk about those things unless she asks about things like that. Little by little shes come a long way. You just can't force your beliefs on him to strongly.

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    It occurs to me, if he thinks you are crazy

    maybe we're not the best people to try and convince him otherwise.

    There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

    Your Husband is Right

    Government is a big thingy and different departments have different interests. If Treasury wants to cut something, CIA may think otherwise. Millitary brass may confront president with "we strongly believe" or "based on our estimates" bull in order to make him act. Historians and radio talk hosts also have their own interests.

    Unless we have solid facts, we can only speculate. For example, folks at USS Liberty were expecting handsome monetary compensation from Israel via US courts. They worked with lawyers. Their interviews and testemonies were accordingly one sided. And they got the settlement they accepted.

    I have an idea

    Mention the overthrow of Iran's government in the 50s and the blowback that we saw in the 70s. Keep it simple, every now and then mention it esp if he talks about foreign stuff. DO not get into arguments, do not debate the issue, simply mention Blowback as manytimes and the overthrow of the Shah in the 50s in Iran then mention blowback again for good measure. DO this over a week.

    THEN BANG.... take him to watch the movie called Argo, sure Argo is a bit of propaganda, but what it shows is the overthrow of the Shah in the 50s right in the beginning from the big screen itself.

    Then say nothing, this seed will get working in his brain and he will to start to think about Iran in a new light.

    Get the USS liberty documentary as a Chrsitmas gift (DVD), but do not pressure him into watching it. He must decide for himself, you create an invironment where the stubborn mule works these things out by himselve.

    Denial is easier...I guess.

    But facts don't lie. My husband and I are both Mecahnical Engineers. We question EVERYTHING - partly our nature and partly what we were trained to do in school.

    It's hard to face some things in this life but sometimes one must defer to the facts no matter how hard they are to swallow.

    Regarding building #7 being rigged for implosion on the day of 9/11:

    In order to demolish a building safely, blasters must map out each element of the implosion ahead of time. The first step is to examine architectural blueprints of the building, if they can be located, to determine how the building is put together. Next, the blaster crew tours the building (several times), jotting down notes about the support structure on each floor. Once they have gathered all the raw data they need, the blasters hammer out a plan of attack. Drawing from past experiences with similar buildings, they decide what explosives to use, where to position them in the building and how to time their detonations. In some cases, the blasters may develop 3-D computer models of the structure so they can test out their plan ahead of time in a virtual world.


    The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
    Ron Paul - The Revolution

    Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

    Ah, but there IS proof to the contrary.

    The U.S. gov't certainly is capable of allowing and plotting diabolical things against its citizenry.

    Besides incidents such as with the USS Liberty, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment(see mindwalker55's post further below), and the excellent example of the Federal Reserve (posted by TheLorax below), Operation Northwoods (see John23's post below) is also evidence of gov't plotting false flag terror events against its citizenry and others.

    There have also been other biological experiments on an unsuspecting U.S. public.

    So yes, there IS evidence that the U.S. gov't would allow and do diabolical things against its citizenry.

    Also, regarding wtc7, Barry Jennings gives eyewitness account of explosions PRIOR to the collapse of the twin towers.
    At around 1:43...

    ...when I got to the sixth floor, there was an explosion. That's what forced us back to the eighth floor. Both buildings were still standing.

    also see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbbZE7c3a8Q

    I always go back to the Fed

    Face it, most people will never take time to do the research and draw the same conclusions that many of us here have. So personally I like to focus on just one thing and that's the Federal Reserve. Because as far as conspiracies go its #1 at the top of the list since money affects EVERYONE and they are the source of it.

    First, I'd try to get your husband to accept the fact that the Fed conspiracy is true - that it was conceived and created by and for a cabal of international bankers who control it until now. Griffin's Creature From Jekyll Island ought to take care of the convincing part.

    Once your husbands acknowledges this ask him if you controlled a nations currency who would really be in charge - which is the greatest power? Any reasonable person should understand this fact. Heck, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan even gave an interview on PBS where he flat out stated the Fed is above all branches of government.

    Then, tell your husband... Why would a secretive cabal of international bankers with this immense power never once had an interest in abusing it for political gain or influence? Again, were talking about a group that operates under extreme secrecy, beginning with its inception until now. I'm reminded of the movie, The Godfather and that scene with Al Pachino as the Godfather and his wife threatens to leave with the children. He tells her something to the effect, "You know who I am and what I do - don't you know that I would use everything in my power to make sure that never happens"? It's the same with the Fed... Don't you know they would use all their power to ensure it is never threatened of being taken away?

    Get your husband to knowledge this one conspiracy and I'm sure he'll be more open minded on the rest.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

    this is a common problem

    he's been brainwashed his entire life, but doesn't know (or want to know) it. At some point we all need to grow up and realize that most of our childhood beliefs have been wrong.

    Santa Claus is an imaginary figure, so is the Easter Bunny. For the government to continue what it's doing - it needs people like your spouse to blindly believe what they are told. Like little kids.

    For every brainwashed person there is usually something that can get them to wake up. For tough cases such as your spouse, it will probably have to be something very personal.

    Here's an example: my former wife's (she's a huge Obama supporter) church was broken into last month and robbed of thousands of dollars worth of electronics (speakers, microphones, etc). Their security cameras filmed it all AND the police, when shown the tape, immediately identified the thief said they even knew where he lived.

    They've done NOTHING. a few days ago a nearby convenience store was robbed (corporate property) - within hours, the police rounded up the previously unidentified thieves.

    I asked her how they were doing at getting her thief, since the others were so easy to get. She said she couldn't understand why they do nothing to help with the church robbery, which was a much larger crime in terms of value, but are all over the $50 store robbery.

    Finally, I was able to get her attention and explain to her who the police actually protect. NOW she's listening - but it had to get personal with her first.

    Once the govt. does something to directly affect him, he might start to listen. Until then, keep watching for that moment.

    I think

    you can bring forward things you know are factual - that are openly admitted to being true....Gulf of Tonkin - openly admitted to being a bogus staged event to get us into the war.

    Another great one is operation Northwoods that you can actually read the document put together by the government as it is declassified -


    Talks about staging attacks to garner support to give us a reason to go into cuba. Talks about different ideas they were tossing around at accomplishing this. This was years ago.

    So if they're capable of this in our history and we have solid evidence to back it up - what makes people think they aren't capable of it now?

    The 911 stuff - AE911truth.org.....engineers put together a great site going over the facts about what happened. They even have a published paper by scientists and engineers that shows thermitic material discovered in all the dust samples from 911. Your husband seems to believe building 7 was a controlled demolition - but it was set up after the other two buildings fell. Ask any demolitions expert - almost impossible - to rig a building like that it takes months of preparation. SO we have knowns here - what we don't have are some of the unknowns that many speculate on - this is what delves people into the conspiracy theorist realm. So we have pretty good evidence of controlled demolition - do we have any evidence it was government that did it? NO! We can speculate - but when it comes down to it, it isn't there....it's speculation.

    "Overthrow" is a also a great factual (that being the key word) book about how we've overthrown dictators and fought wars for resources and company profits etc. It isn't bogus theorizing on stuff - it's solid stuff.

    Ultimately i think it's unwise to talk about things when there really isn't concrete evidence to back it up...yeah we can speculate based on other behaviors of government...but it's speculation...a theory..not backed up by facts yet.

    Lots of people don't want to see this type of stuff though - even operation northwoods...AE911 truth has a video done by psychologists (professional) that explain that when people are exposed to information that shatters their foundational beliefs of the world/society - they reject it...and even get mad at the people trying to explain it to them - they dont' want to look at it because it destroys their world view..and with people like that i think it's best not to force it on them. You could end up causing problems in your marriage that isn't worth it if you look at the overall picture. Sure you can have your beliefs about all these things - and many may actually have truth behind them - but you can't force it on people who don't want to hear it.

    I forced the knowledge of

    I forced the knowledge of UFOs on my mother and she is resentful of it until this day.

    Send him this Carol from Communist Romania


    Christmas Carol - Romania - 1980
    (A Parody sung by Romanian Gypsy children)

    Father Christmas we do beg

    Bring us butter, bring us egg.

    If you ever come on foot

    Bring some cabbage, or beetroot

    If your bag is large enough

    Add some maize and garlic cloves.

    Christmas Father don’t miss either

    The potatoes and the flour.

    Should you come, though, in a sleigh

    Don’t forget for the New Year

    Toilet paper that’s so sparse,

    To wipe at least our arse.”

    (Translated by Constantin Roman, from the French version published in the magazine “L’Alternative” (Paris), supplement 20, 1981, pp. 96)


    Bună dimineața!

    I started visiting Romania in 2000 and was there on 9/11/2001. This was not long after the people took back their nation from a dictator!
    I can see from my visits there what this poem really means. Especially the toilet paper!

    When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

    Plant a seed.

    See if it grows.

    My wife has been growing more aware for decades, turning from abject belief in the lies, to skepticism, and now knowing better herself.

    It is a gift given to help other people out of a very bad internal battle, so be patient.

    At least our family is well enough along on discovering the facts and not being victim to the fiction to have avoided dressing our children up on uniforms so that we can get lower gas prices.

    One seed that works, in my opinion, is to ask one question, and then, over time, see if the first answer in response to the question improves over time.

    In illustrative dialogue:

    Jane: "Is war good for the economy, Mr. Know it All?"

    John: "Don't start, I've had enough of that already - please."

    Jane: "OK, but this is important to me, so can we discuss this later?"


    Jane: "Is war good for the economy?"

    John: "What is that supposed to mean?"




    We all need to learn to ask the right questions... Of all people!

    When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

    don't sweat it!

    how about focusing on all the things you agree on? How about appreciating your husbands good nature and all his valuable traits?

    No one person believes exactly as another. Why do you need him to be a copy of your believe system?

    He believes in individual liberty? You got a big winner! Celebrate life with him!

    He may not be able to believe that a government can become evil because he is purely good and it would hurt him too much. Do not force him to see something even if it is the reality, if it may be too much for him to handle. Raise above, with LOVE!

    Be blessed!

    Gerald Mangold

    Reverse psychology.

    Your husband has hit maximum cognitive dissonance, and is collapsing into "faith." I am sorry - it is VERY hard to get people past this point. It USUALLY means some area of their personal expertise is under attack (in their mind.) For instance, I could not believe modern medicine was evil, I devoted a career to it and I am not evil. I worked with LOTS of doctors and other paraprofessionals, and they were not evil. Before I could accept that the medical-industrial complex had been turned toward evil purposes, I had to have my nose rubbed in it. This "professional blind spot" is THE key factor in keeping the lie going. Those who "have to believe" (ever read Carlos Casteneda?) the lie must be given a more compelling reason to learn the truth. Is there any area of the official narrative that he already questions? ANYTHING - does he understand the Fed? Start by admitting he might be right, ask him to HELP YOU find the answer, and then make him to the digging. If there is not one chink in the armor, I would try watching local news until something happens in your area. Watch the story "drift" - your local newsteam will be there as it happens or right after and tell the closest you will ever hear to the true story, then the national media will begin to spin the story. If you can show him this "drift" on a topic that is not really part of his world, but part of the world he can observe, you may get a breakthrough.
    I am sorry - my husband had every reason to write me off as "crazy" but he was at least willing to listen and watch videos with me, and so we woke up together. We have often talked about how hard on the relationship it would be if we had not done so. In general I would recommend you "let it go" when you differ and find something, anything, that you can research together. Good luck to you.

    Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

    collapsing into faith

    "[He] has hit maximum cognitive dissonance, and is collapsing into 'faith.'"

    This is such a beautiful expression that I feel obliged to thank you for it before I begin pirating it for my own purposes.

    Just as a neutron star, after reaching maximum density, will collapse into a black hole, so too will a mind, in the throes of cognitive dissonance, finding it can no longer reconcile the inherent contradictions of irrational beliefs or wishful thinking, surrender to the last refuge and seek shelter in faith.

    That's one more I owe my community here. You people are the best!

    dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
    West of 89
    a novel of another america

    start here

    Start with one where the government admitted what they did.


    Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!

    I dunno if I can recommend this

    but my wife had this knack of hurling heavy objects at my head

    There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

    Here is a link to great documentaries that might help...

    ... Truth Gone Wild


    This is a site my friend and I put together with tons of information regarding 9/11.



    "The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

    Try this approach

    You unlikely get him to believe in an actually planned conspiracy to make those events happen.

    Instead, stress to him that all politicians are opportunists.

    They may not plan and execute a crisis, but they will suppress any warnings to allow it to happen to take advantage of it. This still makes them culpable for the events themselves.

    Conscience does not exist if not exercised

    "No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
    ---Lily Tomlin

    You could show him

    You could show him this:

    It's not either event you mentioned, but it's Secretary of Defense at the time Robert McNamara admitting that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.

    The answer is almost always this...

    So what I have noticed, is whether or not people can articulate it or not, their denial almost always come back to this belief...

    "No way that many people can be that evil"

    Its actually a good frame of mind. It means they are generally upbeat and good people.

    He is just lacking a little of bit of knowledge about their ideology. They don't think they are evil. They think they are helping humanity.

    I know of two great sources that spell this out in crystal clear detail.

    1. If you like to read, then an essay called The chasm is what you need. go here. http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/freedom.cfm?fuseact... go 3/4 of the way down the page and look for a link to "The chasm".

    2. If you rather video, there are a couple of free webinars going on this week. Just go here to find out when.


    Let me know how it goes. :)

    Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

    He's In Denial

    Give him time to think about it and keep showing him evidence. Some people take longer to come around because to do so shatters their sense of security and trust.