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I'm In a Job That Contradicts Libertarianism

It's called Social Work. I was working in Social Work before I saw the light and then Dr. Ron Paul came to my campus. Hard not to change after that! However, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with this scenario. Anyone else in a career that contradicts liberty?



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If you like what you do, than make the best of it.

Medicine will be the same no matter where you go; medicine is mostly entrenched with people with very dogmatic believes. Perhaps, moving would make the situation even worse. However, a consult with a social worker like you is the most important consult to obtain in a hospital or in other settings. You make things happen too, not just the medical specialists!

Here's what I do. I purposely wear thin, see-through shirts on days when I wear my Ron Paul or John Galt T-shirts underneath. I've spoken to enough people where I work that everyone knows what I believe. I wait for ways to enter into conversations to make Liberty the focus. It makes for a sometimes frustrating life-style, but most people are asleep everywhere that you go. No matter where you go though, you will face the same challenges and experience the ridicule from people who believe that more government is the answer to everything.

Maybe an improvement could be

to hire on with a hospice. A great hospice will use social workers more than an average hospice.

"I'm In a Job That Contradicts Libertarianism"

No problem. Most of us are doing work that wouldn't make much sense in a libertarian utopia. The key is to inform others and be prepared.

This thread motivated me to post...

This thread motivated me to post this: http://www.dailypaul.com/265818/karl-hess-the-role-of-commun...

Thanks jhorne!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I'm watching this today!

It looks really interesting and important to the problem I'm facing. Thanks.

thanks for posting....

sometimes you don't know how good you have things....until another points it out for you.
I am an old school refrigeration guy. I have worked for myself for over 20 years. I cannot grow my business, there is plenty of work but no one who knows how to do it.
what I really am is a very, very lucky man.

Start a business...

Once awake you can never go back to sleep. This will eat at you as long as you work there. Keep you job as long as you need to, but consider learning a skill or trade that you can rely upon when government funding dries up.

I too work for a company that sells a lot of product for government buildings. We're a great company, but if government stops building hospitals and schools, we'd take a big hit.

I think even more so, we should strive to be entrepreneurs rather than employees. We need more libertarian millionaires.

Karl Hess: http://youtu.be/02otRHOMBNA?t=10m15s

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


We all "contradict" libertarianism...

...every time we drive on a public road. I wouldn't worry about it, since enjoying the dubious benefits of the State is as unavoidable as paying for others to enjoy those benefits. My feeling is, do what you need to do in your personal life. Rand (that's Ayn) spoke well when she said your first priority needs to be to make sure you don't become one of the poor. Better a bunch of middle-class libertarians hypocritically working for the State than bunch of paupers who practice what they preach. The former can finance political campaigns and make an impact, the latter can't. Our political problems aren't caused by people taking the benefits offered by the State. You don't change anything by refusing those benefits. The problem is that the State has the power to offer them, and the solution is to strip it of that power, which means gaining political power and repealing lots of laws. That's the bottom line, everything else, such as whether you practice what you preach in your personal life, is noise. Might be important to you, psychologically, but it has no impact on the political struggle.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


I hope there are thousands and thousands more like you. Throughout all sectors of government society, the conscientious folks will be the ones that will reconstruct government 'services' into actual services delivered with private sector quality, thrift, and innovation. And oh yeah... choice, too.


I've done even worse...

I work for the Veterans Health Administration. When I told my brother that I felt like a hypocrite taking a job that would be paid by his (and everyone else's) taxes, his response was this:
"The way I see it, by the time you retire you may have recouped a lion's share of what has been forcibly removed from the livelihoods of your friends and loved ones, to which I say touche."

That only made me feel a little bit better about it.

I'm a County Clinic Nurse for LA (without saying), more so come


My sister is a lefty liberal

My sister is a lefty liberal bleeding heart. Even though she is an engineer from UC Berkeley she chose to go into non profit administration because it made her feel like she is doing something good for disadvantaged people. Even as pinko as she is, she complains that the subjects of her non-profits interventions are ungrateful, unmotivated, and often downright undeserving of help. Nonetheless she hasn't come around to realizing the core prescription of the non-profits are wrong, the philosophy is misguided etc. But she has begun to reflect and wonder why it isn't working.

Maybe if people like you, who are awake, fill the positions in government and other bureaucracies, you can help guide policy toward sanity and eventual diminished and less intrusive presences. Perhaps if our people are the decision makers at power centers then there would be less hiring and growth in those industries...they could downsize and diminish in time. I understand your quandry, but perhaps it is better to have a sane person in your occupation.


You are in a good position to seek out private alternatives to helping folks in need...and gently persuade those that are apt to listen. I have a friend that started a private Charity called Realities for Children and it is totally funded by voluntary donations...surely there are some private charities near you that you could volunteer at and ..who knows...maybe you can end up getting paid by a private charity.
I would not give up my job (unless I absolutely hated it and the people i work with) simply due to it being contra to a libertarian concept...hell....anyone that uses dollars is participating in a gangster run system. Take your money and use it to live the life of the non aggression principle and good things will flow your way.

When any force that

When any force that manipulates free association is insititutionalized, the entire society is contradictory to liberty. Tons and tons of small businesses run from home are incorporated into the legal system because it is the only way they can survive in the manipulated market. Most artists and inventors are forced to use state intellectual property protections. If you work in any healthcare institute, you are working in an environment that is highly contradictory to liberty. Social Work is actually one job that is mostly working IN the direction of liberty. A lot of social workers are advocates for nursing home clients or people who have been cornered into trafficking, so social work isn't anywhere close to one of the most contradicting jobs to liberty.

Welcome to the USA of

Welcome to the USA of RR.

This whole country contradicts liberty. I can't get out of my house and drive down the road without contradicting free market principles.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I believe that if you are in

I believe that if you are in a job that contradicts Libertarianism, that is one of the best spots to be in. Obviously, not because of the contradiction but because you are in a position to reach other who would not normally hear the things you have to say. You can change people who might not ever have been changed! You should be ecstatic! This is your time to contribute to the movement and spread light of liberty in the shadows of darkness!!

I understand

I am in the same position as you are. So I've decided to make a career change. I will tell you the moment I knew I was leaving I felt a sense of relief. But you also dont have to make such a drastic change. It depends on how you use the new knowledge you have on the job. You can't change things from the outside, you have to be involved. I also educated a lot of my coworkers, like the man says liberty is contagious. I had put a lot of thought into staying, but it reminds me of my admiration of Ron Paul, how he has been able to fight the good fight for so long. But just make sure you listening to yourself and not lying to yourself. Once its time to go its time to go.

Not Anti-Libertarian If You Strive To Privatize Your Service

Eventually form a company and provide the service under contract.

I was a Contractor before the housing crash and had to take a State job. However, I notice that state governments are increasingly contracting out services normally done in-house. I see all kinds of opprotunity to learn the state-way of doing business and then form a company to provide that service. Then you can expand your clients so that you can choose not to do business with a government entity at all. Just a thought.

There is no such thing as a "practicing" Libertarian -- We are

all CORPORATIST(s) in practice.

If you use FRNs or ever-have -- If you voted and lobbied last election -- If you buy goods/services to businesses or corporations that lobby, pay taxes, or use the judicial system -- If you pay taxes or use the judicial system -- If you keep assets in banks or with wall-street -- If you have insurance -- and if you purchase oil or fuel of any kind then YOU ARE a Corporatist (in practice).

Saying you are a philosophical "libertarian" (as a self-given high-five) is a bit bourgeoisie (since corporatism rules the world and we are buying into it the "Marxist" term applies).

The only way to STOP being a corporatist while living under corporatism is to drown in international waters, smile.

Your "consumptive choices" determine the societal-spell you live under.

The 1st Step, might warrant a lapel bragging pin, is to STOP voting and lobbying (abdicating and bribing respectively).

Work for the State

Like a lot of others, began working for the state before I found Ron Paul and realized how wrong I was. Unfortunately, in my town you basically work for the state or you don't work... that's why I'm trying to get a job elsewhere and get out of town! (If anyone needs an accountant, let me know!!)

Even though I literally hate myself every single day I go to work, I try to make the most of it. Work in the accounting program of the department so I am as anal as possible about every single transaction and number to at least keep people (including the director of the department) as honest as possible.... I am not very popular at work.

I work in Advertising

My job directly doesn't contradict Libertarianism, but I had to bite my tongue doing work for major banks as well as big pharma. We've since lost both those accounts and I'm "so sad" about it :)

I didn't really get any kind of "insider" perspective other than they are a nightmare to work with.

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer", they say. Take it as a learning opportunity that you can use to inspire you to look at doing something down the road that will be more aligned with your strong personal beliefs.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

My wife is a social worker

I think the title "my job contradicts libertarianism" couldn't be further from the truth. I'm reasonably convinced that with the knowledge and experience you have, you can in many ways demonstrate why state run social welfare programs are unfair and inefficient.

When my wife (who is not quite on board with my libertarian views, but getting there slowly) was promoted to be the director at a non-prof social welfare agency, she got to see first hand how one size fits all government programs are a disaster. She had to quit after a couple years because she couldn't handle the stress of paperwork and hoop jumping.


Libertarians: some are born, the rest are created by government force.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Liberty minded state workers

Liberty minded state workers are fine in my book as long as they attempt to inject reason in unreasonable situations and dont physically take action against a peaceful person. Youre actually an asset. Id rather they be there instead of mindless drones who would otherwise fill their spots.

I'm a State Worker

We provide low-interest rate loans to non-profits to acquire, renovate or build 'affordable housing' for very low to moderate-income folks.

We are now offering monetary incentives to build 'Green.'

With all of the regulations, renovating one single apartment unit has become $40,000, $100,000+. Units in a building which will rent at Fair Market Value cannot have any differences from the low income units; i.e., granite counters vs. Formica, etc., because that wouldn't be fair.

We've completely phased out loans for first-time homebuyers. The new trend is "green" rack 'em and stack 'em tiny Single Room Occupancy-type dwellings. We're renovating the old downtown hotels which had become the $10.00 a night drunk flop houses into $400/mo. 'Studios.'

Agenda 21. I hate it!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Sort of ...

I develop content and presentations distilling federal law down for continuing ed courses pertaining to the mortgage industry.

This veritable "gravy train" has resulted from the Frank-Dodd legislation and new regulations on the industry enacted after the Second Engineered Collapse of 2008!

Also, we deal with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act stuff from 1999, which is what helped to deregulate banks (in effect, completely undoing the regulations placed on them because of the First Engineered Collapse, which caused the Depression, of course) and allowed them to spread out into other financials, assume high risk investments, create mortgage-f*cked securities, cause the real estate bubble, and so on... with Magic Bailouts to the rescue!

It is yucky when you know the truth.

It is sad, too, as most people know the GLB Act merely for the "riders" that were tacked on to make it palatable: its financial privacy provisions... and the requirements for greater loan availability for low to middle income people--the latter being another "tripwire" for industry collapse and insolvency as well, as we've seen. But this Act's whole purpose was to "legitimize" an illegal corporate merger after it had already occurred the year prior (Citicorp + Travelers Group = Citigroup).

LOL! Shows you who really runs the show, doesn't it?

(Perhaps I buy back my soul, however, by making liberty-oriented / anti-federal goverment bumper stickers and writing dissentious song lyrics? I hope so.)

What would the Founders do?

I do work in prisons

I own a computer company and we do some work in prisons (Albeit in the last 6 months it has not been a major driver of our profit). I've been to 15 prisons and setup and maintained phone systems at them, which are all a scam to inmates in my opinion. It costs inmates between $2-5 dollars per phone call. Many of them are there for unfortunate reasons because of our government's over-reaching laws.

I just funished interning

I just funished interning with a non profit that contracts through Social Services. Hated it, the abuse of the system and sense of entitlement from clients was overwhelming.


I work for a big bank/credit card company that probably capitalizes on the fractional reserve banking system.