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Let's Take Back Our Towns and Counties!

Let's remember that, in most states, we as Liberty-minded activists will not be effective, until we've gained control of our local town and county governments!

Town Commissioner, City Councilman, County Councilman, local School Board...these are positions that all of us should be striving for. These are positions that we can win! If we turn our local governments around, we can next work on our state governments. Then, in time, the Federal government.

Take a look at www.marylandliberty.org to see what the Maryland Liberty PAC is doing in our state. Create your own liberty PAC in your state. Please contribute to the Maryland Liberty PAC, so that we can get our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Liberty Candidates elected to town and county offices!

Thank You,

Joe in MD

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This is good, but....

you must have your last line of defense set up also..YOUR SHERIFF.
You can put all the well meaning candidates in office, but you have to keep their feet to the fire.

The constitution is supposed to be the "Supreme Law" of the land. But like freedom it has to be enforced. That's where the Sheriff comes in, to protect those right and laws. So if a new candidate makes a law that is un-constitutional, a sheriff is duty bound not to enforce it.

Another reason to go LOCAL in MD

Maryland's $82 Billion Dollar Debt Bomb


pursuit of happiness


Just browsing the DP and this caught my attention on the side bar merely by coincidence.

My new motto, "Go LOCAL!" That doesn't mean "Local" as in Agenda 21 or Plan Maryland or supporting local merchants or local produce. It means getting involved locally with your lowest levels of government where "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"

Make this your New Year's Resolution and start today.

1. Identify local county council person and other members of the County Council. (Every person on the DP should know this information.)
2. Identify your locally elected Republican Central Committee members. (Ditto -- you should know this.)
3. Identify your locally elected school board members. (Same -- your tax dollars are paying for the education/indoctrination our future voters are receiving.)
3. Determine when these three meet and mark your calendar for 2013. GO TO THE MEETINGS. Stand up and speak. You will encourage and inspire others. Go have a beer afterwards with some like-minded friends.
4. Start studying your County's budget.
5. Write to your local elected officials. Comment wherever you can on local news sources.
6. Raise awareness especially when it comes to education and what the kids are learning. There is too much focus on grades and not enough on content. We need to take stock in what these kids are being taught.
6. Contact Maryland Liberty PAC and start your own group.
7. Run for office. Start small when running for office and shoot for Central Committee first -- something that is attainable.

Reorganize your life to get informed and involved. Be a part of Ron Paul's legacy and get off the couch. 24/7 you are either contributing or contaminating to the cause of liberty. "Doing nothing" = contamination.

Don't burn out. Keep family and liberty balanced.

Most important, have fun!

pursuit of happiness

Bump for GO LOCAL!

Thank you pursuit of happiness! Well-stated!

Joe in MD


School boards good

for input / control per history and government / poli-sci, econ books chosen?

One can push to have materials that are pro-Constitution / liberty / truth included in syllabus, perhaps?

Also, put the smack-down on the statist crap, stupid collectivism taught, etc. ? President worship, too?

What would the Founders do?

Excellent Point Sculptor!

Yes, control over the Local School Board helps teach economics and history as they should be taught. I completely agree!

Joe in MD


Do You Have a Liberty or RINO County Executive?

My county has a RINO County Executive, who engages in crony capitalism, and who embraces Agenda 21 and ICLEI (fake environmentalism). We want him out of there!

The best thing is to mobilize your grassroots activists, to get these local RINOs and Dems out of county office. Doing it at the LOCAL level is where it really needs to start. A foundation for liberty must be established in every county across the nation!

Excellent question in the other post about giving up of our rights when entering government buildings!

Joe in MD

Mine talks liberty and walks RINO

And you are correct, without the reinforcement, and many here not willing to reinforce, but fight us because they want what we want but they don't want to get it how we want to get it.. they want a Lord of the Flies, Republic be damned.

meekandmild's picture

Tiltle 42 §1983 civil lawsuits on local govermnet officials

You don't hear of these lawsuits on the MSN, but I know of a few title 42 lawsuits against local judges that have had a good effect.

A question: why are our constitutional rights violated when we go into government building (owned by we the people)? you are required to go thought a metal detector and told you can not have certain items. does this not violate constitutional rights to be secure in our persons and property.

Good Idea *****,

Farmer Markets across the usa are an under rated Rescource ?


This is How we get the next Amash and Mike Lee

Yes, in states like Maryland, and in many other states, we have to start at the local levels. County government is a GREAT place to do that...which is why Maryland Liberty PAC is so crucial. If we simply put someone up for Congress or U.S. Senate, they will lose. But if they start as a County Councilman, in 10 or 12 years they will be in a position to make a real difference, at a higher-level. You have to play AA and AAA Farm-Team Baseball, before you get to the Major Leagues, and the World Series.

Thank you for checking out Maryland Liberty PAC!

Joe in MD

This is a positive idea!

This is a positive idea!

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Right ON

Very exciting!!