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Soviet Christmas Card Collection

Interesting...what is it with all the rockets? lol

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As I recall they called him Father Winter, and it was

non-religious, officially.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


Take it from someone who grew up in Soviet Union -- these were not Christmas but New Year postcards, and Santa was actually Granddad Frost (Ded Moroz, Дед Мороз)... :)

As to why rockets -- well, Soviet Union was quite proud of its space program (one of the things we could rightfully be proud of, I think)... I think that one of the first cards shown celebrates docking between Soviet Soyuz and US Appollo spacecrafts, kind of cool event now looking back, considering, hmm, "tensions" of the time (hey, and neither side even screwd up metric vs. imperial units! ;) ).

-- EDIT: Nope! Both are Soviet craft on closer inspection, at least on the postcard -- but they definitely looked like ones from that mission, spoken as a kid who grew up on this stuff... Well, artist must have been told to replace NASA logo with USSR...

Paul B.

the perfect cards

... to give my Democrat family who are mostly government employees and who when cornered cannot name any government agency which should ever be cut, cannot give any ceiling on taxation and think 100% taxation might be ok, and who vote based entirely on emotions with any supposed "opinions" they do have placed in their pea-brains by the soothing voices of NPR or PBS. They of course do not believe in God, and instead they have a religion called "science" and no amount of compelling evidence of widespread scientific fraud and corruption can dissuade them from "believing". They speak of "we" and "the greater good" and "collectively" and they lack the spine to form their own individual opinions. Their brains are damaged by fluoride and bromide making them docile and dull-witted. They do whatever their stupid allopath doctor tells them to never noticing that allopathic "medicine" has a long record of failure.

They think that by being "positive" everything will just work itself out, there's no such thing as "evil" and all that matters is good intentions, regardless of the actual disastrous outcomes of their latest government "program". They believe that some wars are "good wars" as long as they are waged by good Democrats not those bad greedy Republican'ts. They believe in human-caused global warming religiously despite sixteen years of no warming. They believe in human overpopulation religiously despite so many false predictions of "the population bomb" destroying all civilization as to discredit the entire thesis. They lack the imagination to envision solving the various problems caused by growing population and instead they embrace de-industrialization and basically think we should all go 1000 years backwards or perhaps all live in communes and work the fields for the wonderful socialist nanny state. They believe a woman has a right to murder her baby for whatever reason and all women are victims of the oppressive Patriarchy with it's greedy free markets and glass ceilings. Since it's OK with Dems to murder babies for whatever reason, it follows that all the killing of the brown peoples of the Earth are 'for the greater good of the planet". Notice that these eco-fascists don't believe strongly enough to begin "saving the Earth" by taking their own lives, but are ok with murdering those far-away brown-skinned peoples so long as they don't have to see any disturbing pictures which might ruin their faux-positivity.

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to keep the "US" vs "THEM" meme alive at a time when we were supposedly competing with the USSR for space flight and nuclear proliferation.

Keeps the public on the side of the government.

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Interesting indeed

Now what did you want to do with these today sell or pawn? Sell? And how much were you looking to get for them? Yeah see the thing is they aren't in very good condition, there's some water damage, I would have to get these cleaned up and framed, there is a market for them but in this depressed economy they just aren't selling.

Tell you what, I'll give you all the lint in my pockets and a smack on your arse on the way out the door.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Now how is Jesus

going to deliver all those presents if he doesn't have a rocket to pull his sleigh?