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The Atlantis Connection to Present Day Events, the Mayan Calendar, and the Hindu Calendar

Genesis 6:4
"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

The people of Atlantis were an advanced race of giants, and their civilization created colonies all over the world. This is why the Mayan calendar and the Hindu calendar appeared at approximately the same time in history and have basically the same cycles and information. The calendars were created by the people of Atlantis and given to the Mayans and Hindus.

Both calendars show humanity, at this time, heading into a golden age where humans are more intelligent and aware.

"Mayan Calendar Matches Hindu Calendar
The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and will end on 21 December 2012 AD. The Hindu Kali Yuga calendar began on 18 February 3102 B.C. There is only a difference of 12 years between the Hindu's beginning of the Kali Yuga and the Mayan's beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle." http://hinduism.about.com/od/basics/a/goldenage.htm

Scroll down for picture of giant in coffin, and click on the picture.

It is the giants of Atlantis that educated the tribes of the world in the basic principles of agriculture and astronomy. That is why the same knowledge appeared everywhere on the planet at about the same time, and that is why we find giant skeletons in America and on other continents. They roamed the world freely spreading their ideas and wisdom.

"Continents float isostatically over the molten magma, more or less like a ship over the seas. But the seas can rise — as they did at the end of the Ice Age — submerging large portions of the low-lying lands. As a matter of fact, Plato's sunken continent of Atlantis is the large extension of continental dimensions to the south of Southeast Asia called Australasia by geographers."

"This vast Pleistocenic continent was known of old by many legendary names such as Elysian Fields by the Greeks, Field of Reeds (Sekhet Aaru) by the Egyptians, Aztlan by the Mayas, Rutas by the Hindus, and so on. As the seas rose by 100-150 meters at the end of the Pleistocene and, as these lands were very low, they sunk away, and now form what we call the South China Sea. This sea is very shallow, and its depth averages under 60 meters or so. Hence, is easy to reckon that this unique region was indeed subaerial (dry land) during the Pleistocene."

"Atlantis created colonies the world over. Some of these were great, others small, and more primitive, as they received a lesser influence from the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans were the "Gods", or "Angels" or "Civilizing Heroes" whom we find in essentially all traditions. They are the Nagas of India and Indonesia, the Oannés of Sumero-Babylon, the Cabeiri and Corybants or, yet, the Heroes such as Hercules, Prometheus and Cadmus of the Greeks and Romans, and so on.

In the Americas and in Oceania, we have essentially the same traditions on Heroes or Gods such as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Viracochan, Bochica, Sumé, Kon, Tiki, and so on. Very often these civilizing heroes are Titans or Nagas, the mighty white giants from Atlantis. The term Naga ("Dragon", "Serpent") is at the origin of the myth of the Civilizing Hero who kills the Dragon and initiates the local civilization almost everywhere."

It is time to find the truth and create a new world grounded in truth. Atlantis is part of our history and so is communication with others in the universe and UFOs. Why are we kept in the dark about these truths? Why are certain scientific findings kept SECRET? Because people kept ignorant are easier to control.

We have been deliberately kept limited in our understanding of our own origins, and much history has been twisted for political economic reasons, and power control. Religions twist and conceal a lot of truth also; for power and control. And we need only recall the lies of the last two elections to verify how surreal our reality has become. We are told blatant lies by our governments, kept in the dark, mind manipulated, or "Mind Fucked America" as Green Day so aptly phrases it in their song American Idiot.

A world built on lies is a house of cards doomed to collapse. All the politics of the world are built on lies and that is why Ron Paul, an honest man, was marginalized. Honesty cannot survive in the present atmosphere of lies and manipulation, try as you might to make it work. Do the research. Our children deserve to know the history of their origins.

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as a Christian

I believe that Atlantis was the world before noahs world wide flood, and that Atlantis is another telling of what we lost due to sin. The giants in those days were people who lived a lot longer due to the earth being far more habitable than it is today, and due to their longevity I would imagine that puberty lasted longer allowing their body to grow bigger, and due to longevity they developed technology far faster than we have, not to mention due to how long they lived they probably had a LOT more children so their infrastructure would have developed a lot faster to. I am sure those people were at least as developed as we are, but after the flood with only eight people and a much shorter life span the people who came off the ark could not develop the infrastructure to build the advances of the civilization that had just been destroyed so now that we are in the place where we have a major infrastructure we are finally building what was here before the flood.

I like your ideas.

I also think Atlantis was the global empire before the deluge. It is unfortunate that we are suppressing scientific findings that confirm that!



okay, so where are these

okay, so where are these giant bones and skeletons?

oh that's right, they magically disappeared or got destroyed.

This is a good video for you:

The Smithsonian has been purposely concealing these discoveries.

Skip to 8:30 for the Giant references:


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

that was folklore of the day,

that was folklore of the day, and bad science. surely we would *continue* finding large skeletons today, but we don't.

Some interesting Native American

stories about red haired giants and the discovery of their skeletal remains in America, Peru, and also Hawaii, and many other places!

"It should be noted that there have been hundreds of giant discoveries in the USA that have been either ignored or taken into custody by the Smithsonian never to be seen again.) The Incas actually had kings that were giants and had red and blond hair. In the Gold Museum in Lima you can still see the clothing and head of an Incan king who stood an easy 10 feet tall. His golden robe is 8 feet long and did not touch the ground when he wore it. His gold gloves are twice as long as my hands. His dried and mummified head is easily twice the size of mine and I'm not a little person. There are two giants and their belongings in the Gold Museum in Lima Peru. Everywhere you go in Peru there are giant skulls and skeletons. Many of the skulls are not normal looking either, and they are not all thousands of years old. In most cases we are talking hundreds of years."


How Do you Know THEY don't?

Do you really think they would come out and say, "Hey look what we found, this is going to change everyone's beliefs in God etc"?


Maybe America doesn't but the rest of the world does.

There are museums in South America that have these VERY REAL skeletons on display for you to go see with your own eyes.

C'mon, do you really need proof that we are being lied to about a bunch of things today? Shady governments don't exist, right? Central Banks taking over world finance doesn't exist, right? The Health "Care" system doesn't inject us with poisons, right? Corporations don't run the government, right? Monsanto's genetically modified foods are "good for us", right? Etc. etc.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Nothing magic about the government

hiding the bones away from public view in order to perpetuate their distortion of history. We are all supposed to pretend that this new information about our history does not exist.

In the same way we are asked to pretend no wars are taking place because the government does not address the issues during an election. We are being MIND FUCKED by the media and elite. We are asked to accept lies and distortions. For what reason? How long do we have to go on accepting this surreal reality that denies truth?

Do the research. Then form an opinion.


Looking for...

A Mayan Calendar for 2013.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

...and beyond. Here ya go:


Page 3 of the article has the info.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I think 2013 will be the Mayan calendar

started all over again. It is like our modern day calendar, cyclical.

We have reached the end of the long cycle and will start again, as the solar system continues on its path around the galaxy.

The old Mayan calendar is based on the 26000 year cycle of precession. We have reached a point where the Earth, Sun, Galactic center line up for the December 21st 2012 winter solstice. This happens once about every 26000 years.

The Atlanteans had knowledge of astronomy and taught the basic big picture to the Mayans of South America and the Hindus of India, and probably also to Egypt and others in the Middle East. Now we have enough knowledge of astronomy to make our own calendar.

Check this out for pictures and explanations.
Start at page 6 for a diagram of the cycle. According to the Mayan and Hindu calendars we are about to enter a golden age of man, and also an area of the Galaxy that will shower the solar system in positive energy, which will increase human consciousness and intelligence.

The Emmy Award Winning "Mystery of the Sphinx...

connects the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to both Atlantis AND Mars. Mysterious Origins Of Man - Forbidden Archeology connects Atlantis to Antartica. Both are narrated by Charlton Heston, both are entertaining and both were originally broadcast on NBC.
BTW, NAZI Germany claimed possession of the very areas of Antarctica hypothesized as being Atlantis. If you read my posts for the last two weeks, you will find this is EXACTLY what I have been trying to tell everyone here and getting a heck of a lot of flak for it.

Thanks. I will look at your posts.

Atlantis was a global empire. It was not just one continent. They colonized everywhere on the planet. That is why you find giant skeletons on every continent. They were a gentle highly evolved people. What happened to this empire at the end is subject to speculation. I am sure the truth will eventually be known. For now I am open to all ideas.

DJP333's picture

I've always believed

that the Truth about our past, present and future is far more stranger than we can ever imagine. Thanks for posting, always like reading about things like this. Another cool video on this topic: http://www.dailypaul.com/264842/stone-builders-mound-builder...

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Enjoyed the video about the stone builders.

I also got voted down for my positive comment about your post.

That stone builders

mound builders post was a huge hit in our house. We all spent time researching it, and living near Gungywamp, we are ever more interested in learning truth. My daughter is an archaeologist with the local tribe and is always researching these ideas.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

ConstitutionHugger's picture

Important stuff!

Thanks for posting the info. I am trying to piece things together with my limited time and resources. I can not presume to know the truth, but I do strongly believe that our history has been hidden from us. So I am open to different theories. I came across this video and it seems to tie in with your post regarding Atlantis and the giant people (they had higher conscienceness and extra chromosomes that made them larger). It's a theory on the human history that covers just about every mystery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAm-kbzT7xw
It's fun to watch, and is bound to surprise you.

I don't know about "important" but, it is

interesting. Kind of like watching a press conference where truth is mixed with untruths. Lots of food for thought, though. What if we really could "think" the neocons out of our lives?

Many will find this video far fetched, others will see some truth in it. The fact remains that it is a theory, albeit an interesting one.

Thanks for sharing that. I appreciated it, anyway.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Joη's picture

"if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out"


"Hidden Human History Movie" commented upon here:
it's all quite silly.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

ConstitutionHugger's picture

If you close your mind too much, it might implode

You don't have to be rude because I think these videos are entertaining. I don't know what motivates you to insult me, but surely it isn't your open mind, kind spirit, or interest in exploring theories for unsolved mysteries.

Joη's picture

because your entertainment may become the gullible's gospel

If you understand the sock puppet narrator really means it when he says "I'm not saying this is true", great, I've no worry for you.

I worry about those who thought mermaids were real after watching a docufiction.
Or those who think there are monoliths on the moon, or that it's hollow after misinterpreting a quote, or that we never went there.
Or those who think the ISS is a hologram.
Or those who don't know how much they're assuming when they claim they can prove no planes hit any buildings on 9/11.
Or those who think just because they heard a heavily-edited speech third-hand they know its context first-hand.
Or those who read something that sounds good to them, therefore it is true.
Or those who think large-livered, armpit-hearted, psychic reptilians regularly eat kids in New York, because someone was told about them.
Arguably the source of all problems is miscommunication, if you step far enough back. So I wouldn't want to spread what I know to be false.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Should we allow the government

or any committee to choose what we should be allowed to hear and see? Rather than censorship I would rather present all the information and allow others to choose what they believe.

The video is presented as information and it is left up to the individual to come to his/her own conclusions. I like to be presented with all the views and make my own conclusion, without having someone else choose what I will believe.

Thank you!

Watching the video now. It contains a vast amount of information that I can resonate with. Refreshing to be given such a wide scope of information and allowed to form my own opinion.


Perhaps using heavy duty aluminum foil instead of the regular stuff?

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Much of what is in my post

is based on scientific observation and research. Did you read it? or make a snap judgment based on the title?




There is so much information NOT being revealed, such as all the giant skeletons found all over the planet on every continent. Now why would the "powers that be" want that to be basically hidden and not a part of our history??? It feels like we are given some patched up version of history containing only certain pieces of information, much like the staged media version of our present world.

Chariots of the Gods

Ancient Alien Theory has really opened my eyes to what seems to me to be logical theories to contemplate. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of human history. There are most definitely large swaths of time that seem to be lost or are being kept from us but I'm glad to see other DP'ers beginning to discuss this.