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New book: Restoring America one county at a time.

I haven't read this book yet, but I have used the owner of the website, American Vision for their God and Government series for our homeschool, and other books of his, and all six of my children were all out for Ron Paul, so his teaching is good. I realize that not all are Christian on this site, so you can just ignore the post, as I won't be arguing religion. I am hoping to download this book soon and read it.

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As a non-religious person

I APPLAUD this whole-heartedly!

Anything that challenges the status quo and encourages actual thinking and constructive problem-solving... and ACTION... is good for liberty. If the Bible is the lens through which one must look in order to be motivated to strive for our common freedom and justice--then ROCK ON!

The issues included are well familiar to us:

•Local Government
•State Government
• Money and Banking
•Free Markets
•War and the Military
•Executive Power

What would the Founders do?