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Help Draft Congressman Paul Broun for US Senate in Georgia

Many of you have probably heard that Georgia Republicans are considering mounting a challenge to Saxby Chambliss, the old establishment Senator, after he said he will break the Norquist pledge. Erick Erickson was strongly considering a run, but he recently decided against it. That basically leaves former Sec. of State Karen Handel, Rep. Tom Price, and Rep. Paul Broun to consider runs. Handel and Price are fine, but Broun would be an enormous asset in the Senate.

In fact, I believe Broun would be the second best Senator, even better than Mike Lee. Many of you have heard of him, for those that haven't I will introduce him.

Broun is a former Marine, who barely got elected in a Republican primary in 2007 after 3 previous failed elections. See:

But once in office, he has won reelection handily each time in a large district. He has gotten in the national media due to some controversy, including calling the Civil War "the War of Northern Aggression" on the House floor, calling evolution a lie from the pit of hell, and chuckling when at a town hall somebody asked who was going to shoot Obama.

But controversy aside, he is extremely solid. He consistently rates among the top 3-5 in the JBS Voting Index and FreedomWorks vote tracker. In short, behind Ron Paul and Justin Amash, Broun along with Jimmy Duncan and Walter Jones are the best we have had in the House. He isn't Ron Paul, but nobody is Ron Paul. Other than Paul and Amash, nobody emphasizes the Constitution more than Broun. He has integrity, and I respect it.

Here is Paul's vote criteria:
1) Is it Right/Moral?
2) Is it Constitutional?
3) Is it Necessary?
4) Is it Affordable?

With the Club for Growth looking to go after fake GOP Senators that turn tale on fiscal matters, getting Broun to run would make him the top challenger to the incumbent since Cain and Erickson aren't going to run. 2014 will be a conservative backlash against the establishment year so we need top notch challengers in as many places as possible that can potentially join the ranks of Rand, Lee, Cruz and other potential candidates like Tom Davis, Greg Brannon, Jim Forsyth, Joe Miller, and Gary Johnson in the big house. So, please go like the Draft Broun for Senate page on FB:

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