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The Great Healthcare Debate

Hello to my fellow DP'ers (Better call Lindsay over) I wish to start the "GREAT HEALTHCARE DEBATE" with you all.

I being a Canadian already experience "Free" Health Care and I love it. I understand that theirs nothing free about it and that I pay an unbelievable amount of taxes to the program. In my province of Manitoba, our health care is pretty bad only because we are consumed by other numerous programs that dilute funds from health care. On the other hand It totally beats showing up to the ER and being rejected, as well as going bankrupt because little johnny needs a kidney transplant. I don't know how much you yanks have to pay for such a precidure but I would like to learn.

I would like to hear all sides of the argument with backed up explanations. I can understand the American view of don't tax me for someone else's expenditures, I feel the same way on numerous occasions but not this one.

So let me hear it and I'll try to debate you on it. Hopefully I'm not alone; and hey maybe you convince me otherwise

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