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2nd Nationwide Rally - Oct 13/14

As stated in the original post (http://dailypaul.com/node/2314), the plan is to hold nationwide rallies every two weeks, leading up to the primaries. Their main purpose is to accelerate the growth of the supporter base and more importantly, campaign donations.

Rally Design Objectives:

  • Max Participation: all members of all meetup groups
  • Min Impact on Participants: 2 hours every 2 weeks
  • Max Interaction with Potential Supporters: heavy traffic areas
  • Max Flexibility: Sat or Sun to coincide with popular city events
  • Max Predictability: every 2 weeks, so groups can plan ahead
  • Min Promotion: low/no promotion necessary since every 2 weeks
  • YouTube Video: photo slideshow of participating groups

The key to success is to keep this event simple and fun, so that EVERYONE can and will want to participate. All you have to do is:

  1. Pick a venue with heavy people traffic (perhaps more than one, for the large meetup groups).
  2. Pick a date (Oct 13/14) and time.
  3. Specify a duration (2 hours).
  4. Request EVERYONE to attend.
  5. Hold the event.
  6. Take a group photo for the video & email to validuscustodiae@yahoo.com. Indicate city, state & meetup #.

If you already have an event planned that weekend, perhaps you can include "Nationwide Rally" in the name of the event, so that people in your group know that it is the event that everyone is expected to participate in.


Oct 13/14 Weekend
40K total members
20K rally participants (50% of members)
1 in 4 find a new supporter
= 5K new supporters
$125 average 4Q donation per new supporter
= $625K New Donations

Oct 27/28 Weekend
45K total members (40K orig + 5K new)
22.5K rally participants (50% of members)
1 in 4 find a new supporter
= 5.625K new supporters
$125 average 4Q donation per new supporter
= $703K New Donations

Nov 10/11 = $791K New Donations
Nov 24/25 = $889K New Donations
Dec 8/9 = $1.0M New Donations
Dec 22/23 = $1.1M New Donations

4Q Total = $5.1M New Donations

Hopefully the sample calculation makes it clear why it is important than everyone participates. The best part is, no other campaign has this kind of grassroots network to replicate it.

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fund raising

I wish we would think of some fund raising ideas,
something we could sell.
I want to have a garage sale but it may be getting to cold. It would be good if it was something that is easy to sell not cost to much and would make a lot of profit for Dr. Paul.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Added to idea post

I added this idea to the "Ways to Promote Ron Paul" post (http://dailypaul.com/node/3236).

Photo reminder

Remember to email a photo of your meetup group to validuscustodiae@yahoo.com, regardless of the activity you do this weekend. Please do so by Monday, so the production of the video can begin Tuesday.

You may want to discuss ideas for the next rally on Oct 27/28, while your group is together this weekend. For rally ideas, go to http://dailypaul.com/node/3236. Please feel free to contribute additional ideas.

Framework versus a specific activity

Just to clarify things, the purpose of the Nationwide Rally event is to establish a "framework" to synchronize meetup groups across the country (and to motivate any groups and members who are not very active to be active at least once every 2 weeks). It does not specify the type of activity you have to do on this weekend, to qualify as a participant. For example, you could decide to do any of the following:

Ideally, the activity you select should maximize member participation, maximize exposure to potential Ron Paul supporters and be fun.

There is nothing to register for. You just hold a major event on the weekends listed above and email a group photo the same or next day for the video. Simple!

It should be possible to gage the effectiveness of these major events, by the change in meetup members, YouTube subscriptions and donations, the following week.

Donate indirectly

If you want to help Ron Paul, but you don't have much money to contribute yourself, get involved with the Nationwide Rally (even coordinate it for your group). Every new supporter you find has the potential to generate $0-2300 for the campaign. It will almost be like YOU made the donation.

Calculations updated

The sample calculations have been updated to "hopefully" reflect the worst case scenario.

Calculations updated again

The "average donation per supporter" value has been changed from $40 to $125 in the calculations. The new value is based on the Q3 results which showed that $5M was raised by 40K supporters ($5M / 40K = $125). This was discussed and agreed with "jjsegit", the person below who posted comments questioning my original numbers,

Completely unrealistic calculation

In my opinion there is much less then 40k supporters on ronpaul.meetup.com, some of them have inactive acocunts (check yourself).
I don't know if people who participate in few groups aren't counted separately which could totaly misrepresent real data.

Second: average donations was "only" 40$ in 2nd quarter, and according to campaign information it remains.

Most of us already exaggerated in predictions of money amount collected in 3rd quarter, so be careful in next predictions..

Its not possible that everybody could participate in event. In my opinion you could expect maximum 70% and predictions should be on 40%.

I'm not going to say that RP couldn't win, I just want to tell, that it demands more work then yours prediction consider.

New calculation

Thank you! This is the feedback I have been looking for. To address your points:

1. My understanding is that the "real" number of meetup members is shown on the left here: http://www.meetup.com/topics/polact/cand/pres/. At this moment, the number is 44,722. I'm assuming 40K.
2. I have a spreadsheet, so I had it recalculate with the $40 average contribution.
3. I don't quite understand your point.
4. I have added a column for % participation and set it to 50%.

The new Q4 total for new contributions, excluding current supporters is now: $1.64M (I can pass the spreadsheet to anyone who is interested in playing with the numbers). The easiest way to improve on this is to increase the number of participants. That is up to each meetup group to do. It is only 2 hours every 2 weeks. Certainly EVERYONE should be able to handle that...for this cause.

We need to keep in mind that many of the members may be tapped out financially, so we are VERY dependent on new supporters coming in. This is one of the most efficient ways to get them.

Thanks for response and

Thanks for response and changes and for http://www.meetup.com/topics/polact/cand/pres/ address, I've been looking for those numbers but never found it before.

About point 3 - look for topic http://dailypaul.com/node/2347
I predicted too low, but it was before last september week, so I wasn't so far from truth :>

I understand that to raise amount of money RP campaign demands new people in the system. It could be done few ways:
1. Meetups&Meetup rallys
2. Good RP showing on debate
3. Advertaising
4. Just spreading the word
5. RP rallys

Part 2&3 could be done by campaign directly, part 1&4 - everybody knows how.

ad. 1. I think current number increase remains at current level so after Q4 RP meetup would have 60k-70k members.
ad. 2. If RP get advices and would speak as on first and second debate, without shouting and "angry" speech - he could easly reach current goal.
ad. 3. In my opinion advertasing is crucial, but especially BEFORE closing party registration date.
ad. 4. I don't know
ad. 5. Its time to organize 2k and 3k rallys..

Participation is Simple and Easy

Buy a few T-shirts. I wear mine all day Saturday and Sunday, wherever I go. I wear them to yoga class after work twice a week.

Earlier this week, one of the yoga students approach me, excited that he'd seen a Revolution sign at an off-ramp, and had caught the PBS debate and put them both together with the shirt I'd been wearing for weeks (3, rotated for laundering). (Yoga/peace/California, a perfect match.)

Name recognition is key. It helped him remember Ron Paul's name when he saw him on the forum. "He made sense."

I have official rally signs on order. As soon as they arrive, I'm going to fashion a table-top sign and carry it with me to lunch every day. It will sit on my table while I eat lunch.

People do approach me and ask questions. They can tell from the smile on my face that I've found a keeper.

Everyone should do this, whether they have time for the rallies or not.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Comments on calculation

Any comments on the calculation?

Interesting idea!

BUMP... Right in time for Halloween too. Don't forget to visit your neighborhood during this time.

Hector Roos
Miami, FL
See our local meetup forum: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53

What is the point of having free will if one cannot spit in the eye of the destiny others leave you with? #ActorofConscience

Post for photos

The post regarding photos from the 1st Nationwide event is at: http://dailypaul.com/node/2631.