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Monsanto and Campaign Contibutions

I've been asked to help dig up some dirt on my congressman. Not sure where to go with this but I did notice that he loves taking money from companies such as Monsanto. My congressman is on the AG committee. i dont have a clear understanding on the politics of farming so i am delving into unfamiliar terratory. I live in a rural community and I do understand most farmers receive faming "wellfare" or substities and that is why my congressman gets elected over and over again. But, why does a company like Monsanto give large donations to congress and how can I use this? Any input would be great.

People here don't care much about NDAA and some of the things we do but anything that could harm the small farming communities is what I'm looking for.

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Colin Peterson spent $250 million tax dollars

trying to chip farm animals according to an email I received from Ron Paul campaign. This was not even a law, and he just tried to force it on farmers. Federal agents even raided farms in Michigan and threatened jail if they didn't comply. The farmers stood their ground and the fEDs backed down, and finally gave up.

I'll bet this was started from Monsanto, they are always trying to get more control over the small farmers.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Interesting! This is the kind

Interesting! This is the kind of dirt I want to find.

LOL! Shouldn't be

too difficult to dig up dirt on a politician!

You gonna run against him next cycle?

What would the Founders do?

He'll no! He's one of the

He'll no! He's one of the remaining "blue dogs" and serves on the AG committee! He has a war chest full of money. We have a good guy that is running against him who was endorsed by C4L. I'm just trying to help and prep.

Just trying to understand the farming issue in politics and dig up reason that companies like Monsanto give so much money to my congressman. What exactly is their influence and how does this affect my community.

I can give a gazillion reason not to trust this dirt bag but its hard to convince a community that is addicted to farming subsidies.

Watch these movies



you might want to check out SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION

and check this out:

If the article is accurate, it says a lot that Laura Bush would insist upon having an all organic White House food policy.

THIS NATURALLY is all tied into the FDA and the BioMed companies which have a revolving door between their organizations.

Good luck. Monsanto is like honey badger...(if you don't know what I'm talking about go to youtube and look up honey badger- the clip with 55,000,000+ views.)

I know how bad the company is

I know how bad the company is and the food is but why does Congressman Collin Peterson the chairman of the AG committee take campaign money from them? What sort of influence specifically does Monsanto have in Washington.