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Killer Typhoon Turns Back Towards Philippines!

CBS/AP/ December 8, 2012, 12:21 PM
Typhoon Bopha threatens Philippines again

NEW BATAAN, Philippines A typhoon that killed nearly 600 people and left hundreds more missing in the southern Philippines has made a U-turn and is now threatening the country's northwest, officials said Saturday.

The weather bureau raised storm warnings over parts of the main northern island of Luzon after Typhoon Bopha veered northeast. There was a strong possibility the disastrous storm would make a second landfall Sunday, but it might also make a loop and remain in the South China Sea, forecasters said.

In either case, it was moving close to shore and disaster officials warned of heavy rains and winds and possible landslides in the mountainous region.

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[Nah, nothing out of the ordinary goin' on.]

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This is weird...

Last night on facebook someone posted this site of live U.S. seismic activity that uploads every 30 minutes. They were wondering if the poles were shifting or something. The charts were going crazy. There was unusual seismic activity EVERYWHERE! Today I looked and everything is normal in the

Try and click on some of the links and look for activity in the last 24 hrs. You will see a big difference if you can find a page that shows it.