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Mining Minnesota: Did Obama Win Ramsey and Hennipen Counties through Voter Fraud?

Exclusive to the DailyPaul

Is it possible that Obama won the election through a special kind of rigging, known as registration fraud? In several key states that would be easy to do, since there are no requirements for photo IDs.

One of these states in Minnesota.

Because of the lack of IDs Election Day registration invites fraud. It is a loophole which permits cheating. It is a loophole which must be closed.

In Minnesota it was reported, notably by the Minnesota Majority, that there is suspicion of voter fraud in both Hennipen and Ramsey Counties, the ones which house Minneapolis and St. Paul, respectively. Thus, these counties were analyzed. What was discovered is anomalous.

Let’s start with Ramsey County. Here, it was found that in wards with the lowest Election Day Registrants (EDRs), Romney did best. In fact, in the combined group of eight such wards, all under 9% EDRs, Romney won, 5 Wards to 4. Furthermore, he won in total vote count, 6497 votes to 5772 or 52% to 47%. After this, the tide turns for the worse. In wards with 9% to 10.99% EDRs Romney loses 1 ward to 8. Yet, how does he do on the percentages? It switches downward, with Romney garnering 40% to Obama’s 60%.

At 11% to 12.9% Romney continues his slide, achieving only 3 of 15 Wards. His vote count: the same decline, 40% to Obama’s 60%.

At the next level, 13% to 18%, the Republican descends further, in fact, into the abyss with zero wards to Obama’ incredible 89. The percentages are just as abysmal, with a mere 28% to 72%.

It doesn’t get any better. At 18% to 20% Election Day Registrations Obama gets all 57 Wards, with Romney skunked. At 20% to 25% out of some 52 Wards Romney wins one but it is a rather pitiful poll with only 212 voters. From 26% and above he loses all wards, convincingly. How bady? A mere 23% to 77%.

Let’s summarize this, as follows:

0 to 9% of voters as EDR: Romney wins

9% to 10,99% of voters as EDR: Obama wins; Romney’s vote percentage declines by 10%-plus

11% to 12.9% of voters as EDR: Romney loses, 3 wards to 15 and continues to lose a further percentage

13% to 18% of voters as EDR: zero wards for Romney, 89 for Obama; his vote count descends to 28%

18% to 20% of voters as EDR: all 57 wards go to Obama

20% to 25% of voters as EDR: Romney wins one small ward out of 52

26% and above: Romney loses everything, all 27 wards, scoring a feeble 23% of the vote (Obama garnering 77%)in wards 30% election day voters and above

So, it can be seen that there is a systematic decline in the percentage of Romney votes based upon the number of Election Day voters. This is a dramatic issue. It was suspicious enough that the Republican only does well in low same day registration. Yet, even more compelling is the step-wise decline in his numbers as the percentage of voters arising from same day registrations climbs.

It has already been proven that people have committed fraud at the polls with Election Day registration. It is expected that in the swing states this occurred on an extensive basis, cancelling the legitimate votes of law-abiding people.

This can’t be a coincidence. There must be a degree of rigging, here. It’s just a different kind versus the type seen in the Republican primaries where, for instance, the GOP actually removed and stuffed ballots in caucuses to advance the chosen candidate (Mitt Romney). It is also different than the rig which has been confirmed in certain key states, like Ohio, where in 2004 the vote counts were altered on behalf of Bush & Co. through large computers.

This is more basic. It is simply the impersonation of voters at the polling booth and perhaps through illicit absentee ballots. All this has been proven and this is not a conspiracy. The Troy, New York, debacle, and Minnesota’s Al Franken fraud, are sufficient reason to suspect foul play.

While the Boards of Election continuously proclaim that “Every vote counts,” even so, are any of these election commissions doing anything to preserve those votes and prevent the people’s will from being corrupted? In fact, when fraud is suspected, the boards often minimize it and even in some cases obstruct any investigation. Rather, it is often private people—and private organizations—that take the most deliberate actions to protect the vote, in some cases even to protect themselves from the election commissions.

One organization taking deliberate action is Minnesota Majority, which is actively pursuing voter fraud. In the 2008 election alone the organization has discovered hundreds of cases, 113 of which have been prosecuted and convicted. This includes various felons, who admit casting rigged votes. Hundreds of others were caught but pled ignorance of the law, which is an accepted defense in this state.

Notes the organization’s president Jeff Davis, “Prosecutions are still underway and there will likely be even more convictions;” however, “These convictions are just the tip of the iceberg,” and that “the actual number of illegal votes cast was in the thousands.

Thousands are surely enough to swing an election.

With Minnesota’s history of rigged elections, for instance, the Al Franken debacle, a win based upon the recruitment of Election Day registrants, including felons, it is reasonable to presume a simple fact. This is election rigging resulting from voter fraud at the polls until proven otherwise.

See the spreadsheet, here:

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Hardly relevant... much todo about nothing is the name of the...

Hardly relevant... much to-do about nothing is the name of the game of that other opponent in that two person race!

The race in 2012 was between Ron Paul, and un-Ron Paul!

As important in the scheme of liberty as the free and true vote should be, it has become irrelevant in the day of the Paul vs. the un-Paul!

Of course we should return to an honest voting system! But...

Why it is not relevant? Regardless of the machinations surrounding the voting, let's face it... if Obama had not won with a true vote count, then... Obama would have won! It made no difference which Obama won.

Ron Paul, and only Ron Paul, was supposed to lose!

What is far more compelling and relevant right now is the fact that if the Ron Paul educated don't show up for taking back the party for liberty principles, or, if they do not go out into the highways and byways on their own to light the brush-fires of freedom and truth, and explain to their neighbors why sound money means freedom, then our children will die in Iran or Syria, or some other forsaken and pitiable land still awaiting the bombs yet to be assembled!

All the remonstrating before the would be kings sullying the halls of congress, or bitter complaining about how Obama cheated Obama out of his White House bed, will be 'thin milk in the pulpit'... thin milk in a day when the only sound coming from the daily life of once free America is clanking of chains, or weeping over life, now silent.


just like Romney cheated in the primaries. Did you notice right before the election when the Dems were crying foul about Ohio and Romney's son in the company that supplied the voting machines...and several voting machines being used that had not even been tested? Obama camp just said, "Don't worry about it." Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton were freaking out about it and screaming at the Obama camp to do something about it. Obama camp kept saying "we aren't gonna worry about it". Then on election night, Fat pig face Karl Rove turned whiter than a sheet when the numbers came in and said the numbers aren't right and started cyphering the digits and saying not to call it yet. Obama camp pulled a fast one on Rove and Co. Corrupt GOP cheated and rigged the machines and Obama camp cheated back.

jrd3820's picture

Im inclined

to think all elections were/are rigged somehow some way.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss