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College grad looking for a job

I'm 24 years old and recently graduated from college, but without any direction on what to do next. I have no idea what interest me because I have played football my entire life, but now that that is over I don't know what to do. Ron Paul has really gotten me into politics and that seems to catch most of my interest the past year. I've just been down lately because I don't know what gods plan is for me yet..... Any advice?

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I appreciate the advice.. You

I appreciate the advice.. You really caught my attention when you said get a job in a developing country. I have been a Ron Paul fan for the past two years and I have finally put everything together that he has been trying to tell us for so long. I guess you can say I'm "awake" now.. Wouldn't getting a job with a company in one of the countries that our government etc are profiting from go against the principles that Mr. Paul speaks? I mean, who wouldn't take all of that money that our government is dishing out on oversees projects and stuff? If I cant make a difference in what we are doing oversees, other than informing people, then I might as well try to get a job in the oil business or something if we are going to keep expanding our military presence in the world and stealing other country's resources..

On the other hand, I worry that we are going to go bankrupt and all hell break loose and nothing I worked for mean anything. I know I have to live my life, but I find myself constantly worrying about what we are doing oversees and the plans that our government and others have for the world. I know there are good people in our government, but I feel as if there are more bad than good.

I graduated from LSU with a general studies degree. I am thinking about staying and maybe taking business school, but with this public education system that our government controls, I don't know if I can take anymore manipulation knowing what I know...If you know what I mean...

Something has sparked in me these past few months. Ever since listening to Ron Paul and following him the last 2 years, I found myself all of the time, wanting to LEARN. I am fascinated by learning history because of Paul. Just the other day everything hit me and now all that I care about is learning. If you know me, you know that learning and school is the last thing that I want to do. It is just crazy how one person can light your candle and it burn as bright as mine right now..

I want to do something that will enable me before I die to empact people in a positive way. I like telling people about what Paul has taught me, but I hate that most people think you are crazy. But there really isn't any other way to explain it without some zombie thinking you are nuts.. Lord give me the courage.....


I recommend traveling to a

I recommend traveling to a developing country. Your money goes further in those places, and you learn a lot about the world and yourself, while your ideas become stronger. I would first recommend buying a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide travel book about any country you desire visiting, and reading a bit about it. Reading that book shows you how easy it is to travel, so when you show up, you're not so stressed about it. Your career plans will unravel themselves after an enlightening experience traveling. India, Peru, Eastern Europe or South East Asia are all good places to start.

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You Say

you have no idea what interests you? That could be a good starting point... finding out what interests you and then going from there.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Good for you. God does have a plan for you

What are your interests; what is your passion? Can you make a list of what you would really love in work more than anything?

Did you know that your appearance can give a clue as to your best carreer choices? People with thick bones often need to do their own business. People with heaviness in the abdomen and rump are virtually designed for sales.

It's best to know your best talent, so you can focus with lazer focus on your best abilities.

How's that saying go?

"God helps those who help themselves." Start looking towards your degree field or wherever your interests lie. But don't abstain from applying to more menial labor in the meantime--your job search may extend for many months. Consider branching out of football or your degree and into another field--sales, for example. In the present absence of your dream job, you need to acquire marketable skills and qualifications. Remember, you probably can't land that dream job right from school (unless you graduated with a high GPA from a very respectable institution with significant networking & alumni presence in your target company). Even Ivy League grads are without jobs.

Any chance you can find work

Any chance you can find work in a Football related field? Whether it be coaching the local high school team, working for a college athletic department, working for an actual pro team, becoming a sports journalist, etc? If that's where your interests/passions lay, might be a good idea. If not, provide some other details of what your other interests are besides politics. Really no work in politics unless you want to be a career politician.

You graduated college, but

You graduated college, but don't mention what degree you obtained... Knowing that would help us help you.
What do you love to do....besides play football...

Don't waste your time with politics - pandering, begging for money, begging for votes, working with some of the shittiest people in the country...

And for God's sake. Quit wondering about what God's plan is and make your own plan!!!!!!!

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”