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Lefties must defend Libertarians in this crisis, or Bernie Sanders might be next

Libertarians who want among other things a major cut in military spending are no longer involved in deciding budget issues.

A alternate impromptu budget committee of Libertarians and peace activists needed to present their own joint proposal to Congress including major cuts in military spending,

The entire Libertarian caucus had their committee seats taken away from them on the Budget and also the Finance Committee, Justin Amash claims it is because they want to cut the Defense Budget. He has more space on his Congressional blog calling for Defense cuts than Bernie Sanders does.

Each time their was a budget impassive Bernie Sanders screamed real loud about the unholy compromises, but in the end he in the past voted ’yes’.

I would like everyone to meet Walter Jones, who recently was kicked out of the Finance Committee. once a super hawk and the author of Freedom Fries. Who more recently worked with Dennis Kucinich to work for peace. Please read about Walter Jones in Antiwar.com,
Please watch Walter Jones endorsing Ron Paul for reelection last January,

What an underground House/Senate Budget Committee might agree on: A 50% reduction in military spending plus 10% more each month the war continues.

Internet prescriptions and encouraging medical tourism with a 12% (1% a month for a year) kick back to those having doctor required surgery overseas. Ending the blockade of Cuba so many can retire there instead of a few to Mexico where it is less safe to stretch their Social Security dollars.
Comments from retirees, see comment and following ones, and my comment that proceeded it,

Cuba may stop giving visitors free medical care, but most favored nation status and allowing Cubans to get high tech emergency care in the US in some kind of equal exchange could change that. Thus the world would be like it should be with different laws and values in different places supplementing each other.

Paul Ryan represents Michigan’s beef country. It is time to give up beef, maybe no beef or soda purchases with food stamps should be passed so Ryan can discover that food stamps haven’t been a drain,

Continued at,


In a week or two if comments are still active the following site dosent archive,


I hope others suggest what compromises can be made outside letting the Budget Committee dictate,

PS One can not email a Representative beside ones own, so I hope this idea gets forwarded to those who were purged.

Does anyone have a suggestion for contacting Casey in such a way as not to get generic emails back?

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Dangers Ahead, financial collapse, global warming, and

There are dangers ahead in our futures, global warming, mass destruction by intent such as total war, unintended mass destruction.

Bumblebee hive syndrome is a warning, genetically implanting insecticide in corn intended for animal feed produces hardy plants that can crowd out all plants not dependent on insects, even possibly jumping species, and hoping to create a manageable black hole. Or destruction could be total surprise. One theory is that there are inert black holes at the center of most celestial objects if this was the case trying to reach as close to absolute zero as possible could make an inert black hole very active. There are bandade or even phony solutions to our problems, such as the carbon tax and electric cars, except for drivers frequently in traffic jams. If the electricity is produced by fossil fuel electric cars are a net lose. Or in trying to prevent fanatical collapse by raising the retirement age for Social Security, either slow savings on the debt down the road or to the extent 40-year-olds get hired less and thus pay less taxes or get emergency care in place of preventive, a net lose.

Gandhi compared this to blind men feeling an elephant, each one feeling something different. Libertarians are right that financial collapse and a barter only world is a dire danger, and so is global warming a dire danger. Getting the defense budget under control will lessen danger in several directions at once.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

They don't actually care.

"Lefties" don't actually care about peace or military spending.

What they care about is plunder; what they can get, and who offers them the most. Liberty is their enemy, so freedom is their enemy, and tyranny is their ally. They WANT oppression and injustice. They want top down authoritarianism, tyranny, and war.

I expect nothing from the left.

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Do not rule out the left

They are not any more or less "sheep" than the right. Over the past 3 years I have seen huge changes in they way my friends on the left discuss things, and a lot of them have come over to the libertarian idea.

Also, this idea that everyone who voted for Obama wants something is ridiculous. My mom is a democrat, she would never take assistance, she simply sees the republican party as the helping the super rich stay super rich. My older sister is a democrat who does not/would not take assistance, she just sees the Republican party as huge social government (ie anti marijuana anti gay rights).

Ruling out the left is dangerous. There are tons of use right here on the dailypaul who used to be on the left and it was not because we all wanted to plunder as you put it.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

We are all mostly puppets on a string

The ruling class likes people to argue about abortion, gay rights even capital punishment and especially sports anything be bread and butter issues. They like the way Obama stops race riots and to a certain extent even Hispanic anger only by his mulatto ethnicity. They didn’t like it that Obama kept talking about economics so they were planning a Republican Congressional sweep, with Republican Congress, but an Obama Presidency. But suddenly Obama began to play ball, talking about abortion, gay rights, and contraceptives payed for by the taxpayer. They accidentally let Elizabeth Warren slip through. Rick Sanatorium wasn’t actually running for President he was running to keep people arguing about rape and abortion and forget they were the 99%, and off the subject also running to prevent Next Gingrich from becoming President.

As long as Obama plays ball and sticks to hot button issues they can discard the tea party to the garbage can.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

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Indeed. I wouldn't hold my breath either ... not until they see things (significantly...) clearer for themselves.

Like, you know (just an example) :


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I got a lecture on Bernie at a more left site


scrawl down to comment 2 if it doesn't click right.

At any point some people got to get together to publicly hammer out a compromise even if its Jill and the Reform Party, or the Vice Presidential candidates of the third parties who are less ideologically strict than the Presidential candidates

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Libertarians must seek help from non Libertarians on the purge

First they came for . . .

Why do I have to rewrite the first section of a good article I posted in a Lefty blog, if I am making the same point in both blogs?

Since you arnt suposed to post an entire article here, it wouldnt fit together when you clicked for more,

In Philly PA RichardKanePA