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Group of Psychologists Pushing to Decriminalize Pedophilia

There’s a new push by some in the psychological community to change the definition of pedophilia. The group of mental health professionals, called B4U-ACT, argues that pedophiles are misunderstood. Critics believe this could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia.

A statement by the group reads in part:

“Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people of the issue of child sexual abuse.”


With the outing of Jimmy Savile as a pedophile and procurer of children for Europe's elite, this kind of news has been getting more and more exposure. Although so much of it like this article is aimed at de-sensitizing the public to child abuse. We must continue to expose the child abuse scandals existing in the upper echelons of societies.

Many of these pedophiles are satanists and child-killers as well. The only way to stop it is to give it as much exposure as is possible.

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Fortunately it was only a movie, but gives cause for thought.

The plot of the movie involved a man who was a "registered sex offender", the mandatory designation for anyone caught exposing his genitals on a city playground.

The playground in question was located next to a bar. And the man in question, at 2:00 am (when no children were present of course) had to urinate and did so, on the playground, after leaving the bar at closing time. He was observed by police, arrested, and now cannot get a job because he is a "registered sex offender".

Only a movie? Want to bet something like this could or has happened in real life?

MODS: OP's topic is misleading... if not totally a lie.

These psychologists are not trying to decriminalize child rape. They are simply trying to make the point that pedophiles who have not actually hurt children should be pitied rather than stigmatized so they can admit they have such an attraction and get help.

Stigmatizing those for being mentally ill does nothing to help prevent child abuse, in fact arguably it would make it more likely to happen because people attracted to minors must hide their condition instead of getting therapy or dealing with their desires in a safe manner such as masturbation.

Not this AGAIN...

Seesh... this is a dupe thread... already been discussed plenty here:

(Where I made numerous comments)..

And I agree with this statement:

“Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people of the issue of child sexual abuse.”

I was molested as a child, and I still think that hating someone for their sexual attractions is wrong and those who have such an issue should have people's sympathy as long as they have not actually hurt a child.

Also, such an attitude of hatred only drives such people to hide their condition which is detrimental if your goal is to protect your children from those who would sexually abuse them.

The hysteria surrounding this subject does no one any good, and I can say with utmost certainly it is pure hysteria when people have been locked up for merely owning comic books which authorities have deemed to be "obscene". Proof:

I also have a hard time believing teenagers can't consent to sex when a 15 year old girl used to fondle me when I was 6 years old. That is a REAL pedophile, not someone who is attracted to teenagers. Another thing to consider is that during biblical times it was common practice for men of around the age of 20 to marry 13 and 14 year old girls, yet we don't consider Joseph a pedophile. People living longer now does nothing to change the morality involved either, I just don't understand how it magically makes it so much more evil now that people live longer.

Plus, my parents' and other's reactions to the sexual touching from that girl caused me the real trauma, I can't honestly say she did anything coercive to me... Was what she did right, though? Definitely not! But, involving the state and over-reacting when it honestly wasn't coercive to me it is also questionable in my mind. I'm glad the worst my parents did was go around telling the neighborhood parents about it, which honestly still bugged me, but still was a much better solution than anything the state could have provided.

Now if some guy had tried to stick it in my pooper and wouldn't take no for an answer I'm sure I'd have a different opinion, but that is not what happened to me and they should not be considered the same at all!

OP's post is meant to do nothing more than to continue the hysteria and to monger hatred/fear as far as I can tell.

There is a difference between "hate" and "tolerance."

I do not hate the people, but the behavior cannot be tolerated. And the witch hunt that puts 19 year olds in jail for sex with 17 year old girlfriends is being used to help desensitize people while the pedophile ring that has infiltrated MOST of our law enforcement and politicians goes on unchecked. It is not hysteria to try to expose a vile crime and the cover-up of the crime.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

No, you are clearly completely hysterical.

"the pedophile ring that has infiltrated MOST of our law enforcement"

Seriously? You really believe this? I'm not saying child abuse is never covered up, but if you're demonizing some psychologists for trying to say that such people who are attracted to children but do not actually harm them should be pitied, rather than stigmatized then you are nothing more than a hysterical fear mongerer and you're helping no one, especially not children.

Franklin scandal.

Look into it.
My ex-brother in law was a cop in a sleepy little town, where he enjoyed free reign to molest a 16 year old girl with full protection from the department. When she got pregnant, he got a transfer, complete with glowing recommendations, to a department in another state.
Not hysterical, just informed.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

And what does this have to do with my argument?

Or what the psychologists are trying to say? They aren't saying that what happened to that 16 year old girl should be legal, that's just plain rape.

Again, they are saying people attracted to minors who do not rape minors should be pitied and not stigmatized so they can admit it and properly deal with it.

I've heard similar stories from a friend who worked in the IT dept for a police department. I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time, but that's because cops get special treatment, not because pedophiles are getting any sort of special treatment or ever will. You're equating this to some sort of grand conspiracy when none exists.

Question Is

Does an act of Pedophilia violate the child's liberty? If so, at what age and how do we come to that number without it being completely arbitrary? Everyone matures at different ages.

Sometimes with this issue I feel like it's merely parents trying to use the force of the state to make up for their bad parenting? If you can't teach your kids about sex, sexuality and how to handle it - then don't lean on the heavy hand of statism to make up for it.

But, in reality, I'm torn on this issue. Because on the one hand I do think there's a serious case to be made that pedophilia does violate a young child's liberty. But the ramifications from that actually erode (erase) the concept of children having any liberty outside of what their parents or the courts give them. Thus they're slaves and we're right back to arbitrary rights. In a sense, those who seek to use force against those older individuals who have sex with younger individuals more often than not have to violate the liberty of the younger individuals ENTIRELY in order to protect them! This argument sounds rather contradictory, if not impossible.

I'm honestly not sure where I stand on this issue. I suppose it's just always easier to agree with the statists because this is one thing that's never going to not be prosecuted! In America you're better off being a murderer.

These are the kinds of questions people should be asking...

But instead this subject is entirely shrouded in hysteria and moral panic... and as a result many innocent children and adults alike are traumatized and have their lives ruined... many more than need be.

By the way

a high percentage of first sexual experiences among gay men are pedophile encounters with older men. It's called grooming and is well accepted in the gay community. It is looked at as a way that younger boys are mentored into the gay world. This is another reason some want to move from the label of pedophilia to minority attraction. Gay marriage is going to open the door to a lot of things.

Gay marriage has nothing to do with pedophilia and never will...

Only in the minds of those who suffer from moral panic such as yourself does it.

Oh how lovely...

If I ever caught an adult doing this to one of my children, I'd kill them. I wouldn't even think about what the law says.

So sex is as bad as murder?

Even outright rape is not as bad as murder. I'd say you were even more immoral than a pedophile who raped a dozen children if you're willing to kill someone.

This is what liberals do

to make the world more accommodating to whatever deviance or minority viewpoint they want to cater to next. It is called dumbing down deviance. Instead of having high standards of cultural excellence and creating and reinforcing socializing systems that work, liberals go in the other direction. They dumb down the deviance, making it more acceptable and label the critics insensitive. Deviance becomes the new normal. This has been a concerted effort since the 60's to wreak havoc on traditional values and expressions. Psychology has been complicit. Virtually all of them are Progressives and cultural relativists.

We've done the same with drug use, pornography, and depressogenic music like punk and hip hop. Once confined to the dregs of society, now they have permeated every aspect of American culture.

Soon, minority attraction will be in vogue. I give it about five years.

Pedophiles don't (necessarily) deserve to go to jail

Oh boy, I can already smell the downvotes.

What a lot of you are missing about this article is, pedophilia itself is not criminal. Pedophilia is only the attraction. ACTING on it is criminal. Some of you wish all pedos could just be rounded up and sent to jail, but like the article says, in that case you're only convincing them of how separate they are from society, which would only make them wish to act out MORE--they'll no longer have any will or desire to function within society once they can convince themselves they are criminals.

Remember that our penal system by its nature creates criminals where there was none before. That nonviolent pedo may be a violent once once he's out of the slammer in 15 years. Those who wish to just lock up every untouchable and throw away the key will never understand the real problem.

I'm honestly surprised...

The last thread I saw on this topic, any comment like yours would have been downvoted into oblivion. Because obviously those horrible psychologists are just trying to "normalize" child rape. *rolls eyes*

I didn't see anything in the

I didn't see anything in the article that suggests that actual crime against a child would no longer be a crime.

There IS statistical evidence by government and university studies that un-constitutional laws such as sex offender registration, housing restrictions, banning from public areas, etc. does nothing to keep children safer.

Any public funds spent should be diverted toward education of these subjects and psychological services. THOSE methods actually have proven results.


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Great video.

Well, you knew this was

Well, you knew this was coming.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Think about it this way

Yes it's sick and morally disgusting; in fact it makes you angry just reading about it but in reality these people basically have brain defects. They're mind sees kids differently and all that sick shit; maybe defect isn't a great word to use but something in there brain makes them wish to be with kids, while we wish to be with someone that are usually close to our age and the opposite/same sex.

Maybe treat these people in psychiatric wards and study their brain functions, although the death penalty pretty good.

My two cents


Do you not see this as just another rumor started by FAUX-Snews? Fox does this, generally at a time when real problems are occurring, only to get people to go there rather than look to what's really going on.
I am sure pedophilia will never be accepted or made, "legal". And people need to finally comprehend that this IS what FOX does. Jees, Louise. Enough of this acceptance of the fox-rumors as fact, ya know?? It completely blows my mind how gullible people are. Cripes!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).


Not being an apologist for Faux news here, but just wanted to post some thoughts.

There was a time when I would have said "I am sure same sex marriage will never be accepted or made "legal"".

I commented on another thread the experience of going to the store to go clothes shopping for my daughter and not being able to find appropriate length dresses. Think about the clothes being sold for children nowadays, especially girls - clothes that are far too sexualized for young children. What is the reason for that?

One other point. A society that had abuse of boys by men as an acceptable practice is not unheard of - ancient Greeks did so. It has happened before, perhaps it could happen again.

Does our society value children, really? They can be aborted at any time during 9 months of pregnancy. They often have to adjust to being raised in two homes because divorcing parents put their own 'happiness' before the need of their children to have a stable home. Oh, and that's if their parents bother to get married. There are plenty of half brothers and sisters out there from several different dads for some kids. Look what happens to them in the foster care system. Look what happens to them in our public schools (and as a former public school teacher, I saw there are plenty of parents out there who don't care and many refuse to even talk to their kids' teacher when there is a problem). Look at how they are used as guinea pigs for more and more vaccines (well, we're all used as guinea pigs, but children especially). Is it really such a stretch to imagine one day a society of adults that has become so self-centered and desensitized to the needs of children and their protection that this sort of behavior could become legalized?

I *so* want to believe that as a society we would never get *that* bad, but ...

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.

These psychologists are not trying to make child rape acceptable

They are simply saying it does no one any good when someone who is mentally ill can't admit they have a problem without being stigmatized. If they have not harmed any children but simply have the attraction, they should be pitied.

You're putting children in more danger by ostracizing those who have the attraction but keep it under control. If those who have a problem can admit it, at least you can then know not to let your children be alone with such people. Otherwise they will simply "hide" themselves until it is too late.

You know that feeling you get

You know that feeling you get when people accuse you of "blaming America" if you suggest there may be been reasons terrorists don't like us? How insulting it is that someone would assume you think their actions are okay or even just, solely because you think it's important to understand their motivations and how they got them?

Just something to think about.

If someone wants the name changed... blur the meaning, as the suggested new term would do, maybe the insult is not undeserved.

Psychologists study motivations and histories of people with other problems and conditions without having to water down how they are referred to.

Will people with cannibalistic or vampiristic tendencies have to now be refered to as alternative appetite-attracted so they don't feel stigmatized?

in a nation whose Lord is NOT the God of the Bible... the hearts of professing Christians who serve money and elevate SELF to the throne of righteousness; their progressive pastors like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen and anyone who else will sit down for a "civil discussion" with proud homosexuals like Anderson Cooper after the Supreme Court overturns California's Prop 8 by a vote of 6-3, and DOMA by a vote of 5-4, about how the God of the Bible ignores the filth of our society as evidenced by the increase of Federal Reserve notes floating around, and the material gains of the "poor" through benevolent government statist policies; of course homosexual marriage, pedophelia, abortion, and eventually more euthanasia for compassionate purposes by cruel methods for economic reasons will ALL be tolerated and lauded...and those who dare to be bold and speak up will be placed in internment camps for slave labor.

We are a Romans 1 nation, given over to our lusts; because we have chosen Christian leadership that damns and deceives their flock to a devil's hell.

"anyone who else will sit

"anyone who else will sit down for a "civil discussion" with proud homosexuals like Anderson Cooper "

Counter, let us bow our heads:

"During his appearance he told me that homosexuals are gay because He has touched them with his noodley appendage. This is the reason that “experts” have had so much difficulty pinpointing what makes someone gay. And since gays and lesbians have been chosen by Him, to deny them the right to get married is an abomination in His eyes (meatballs). Of course many have argued that no major religion has ever accepted homosexuality. It should obvious to any FSM follower that the real reason homosexuals are shunned from mainstream religion is because of blatant prejudice towards those who have been touched by Him. A bigotry that I know many of my fellow Pastafarians have experienced first hand."


I'm not much on the death penalty...except for this offense

I think child rapists should get the death penalty or life in prison. Most only get 8 yrs. and that is cut in half for good behavior.