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Fox News Denver busted for reporting fake news; Drivers on Cannabis

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I've driven one of these tests!

It's far from a simulation! You'll be going 15 MPH, and SLAM on the breaks, and you don't slow down! Other random cars pop out of nowhere and hit you, it's ridiculous! I asked the cop who was there with the simulation, what's the deal? And he explained that it's supposed to simulate how easily you'll get into an accident after drinking a few beers. I call Bolognese

Was this driving test designed for the Captain of a Starship?

Seems to be the equivalent of the Kobayashi Maru, with the Fox personnel acting the part of the Klingons.

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clearly the video shows how

clearly the video shows how they manipulated results to favor their story .When in fact no one failed the test or aced because it clearly shows the test were set up to fail and they were using cdl programs on reg car drivers.

There is a huge difference between the two. The main reason why most do not have cdl lisc. It is not the same. Would anyone want a car driver to be driving an 18 wheel truck for the first time next to you? Probably not!!

The test was set up to fail. When the driver's didn't fail.

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He should fix this

At 9:21 the frame shows that no one passed their test because no one was 'aloud too'. Was this guy stoned or something? lol


We're all 'allowed' to make mistakes =P

Ok, so I watched this video

Ok, so I watched this video and I'm a little confused here. While Max did indeed have a BS crash I didn't see anywhere in the official footage that stated that Max failed or crashed. Where in the video did they say that Max failed because he was impaired or again, failed at all?

Ok Am i the only one here

who realizes that fox reported that they "passed with flying colors" which is a GOOD thing? This is a stupid video if he is trying to prove they lied but after the screen that says (fox news "results".) the speakers says that they passed with flying colors. wtf? someone point out to me where in this video fox was blatantly bias against marijuana users?

"Fox said no one aced their

"Fox said no one aced their test"
According to him

Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers Than Non-Marijuana Users

Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers Than Non-Marijuana Users, New Study Shows
tons of studies have shown this for a long time now...

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MSM is such a joke.

Suprised they consider themselves educated.

This is akin to something Big Pharma would pull imo.


Right on cue FOX...

Right on cue FOX... Bastards.
They REALLY want to impose forced blood testing...

Stop watching mainstream news.

It's not Fox News (NewsCorp)

That's not NewsCorp. That's a local Fox affiliate, owned by a separate media company. It's like a franchise. They still suck, though...not just Fox News...all of them.

Let the propaganda begin.

Let the propaganda begin.

It has in my neck of the woods...


The original story was accompanied with a photo of the weed with the 'insidious' pump shotgun and four whole shotgun shells lying next to it.

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Where is the relevance?

Do they somehow believe there will be more driving stoned than there already are?

Good find

Posted on Twitter to spread the word.

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Questionable experimental design

After reading the report http://kdvr.com/2012/05/16/your-questions-answered-driving-u... and seeing this video, I am a bit confused on how they did this experiment and doubt their results mean anything.

In this kind of experiment you need a control group. So either we need to know the results of these people driving on the simulator before smoking weed or there needs to be a group of people who do not get the treatment/marijuana intake. If they tested these people on their driving skills before the treatment, then we need to know whether they passed or not. If they did not pass when sober then obviously they will not likely pass if they are intoxicated. Therefore, without the control group results, saying that the treatment group did not pass this simulated test does not mean a whole lot, especially if the simulator had problems.

Anyway, I am surprised about how long that stuff stays in your system.


I worked for a company that made them! I was not stoned - I haven't smoked weed for almost 20 years - I WAS AT WORK. And I CRASHED THE THING!! This is BS.

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first thought was, what the hell is that simulator for, a city bus!?

You could immediately tell that the wheel was huge and the reaction time from the wheel to the screen made it plainly obvious that this was for an extremely large vehicle.

Give them a Playstation 3 and a copy of Grand Tourismo which models hundreds of different production and race cars, and I'm sure you'd see different results.

BTW, I changed your headline to more accurately expose the culprits.


to this man for his foresight and effort!


Bump for exposure

@6:50 into the video the Fox reporter states ...

"..the goal, of course, of any law is to protect yourself or others."
I am just wondering does anyone here acually believe that?

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sure, I believe it.

The "or others" being "protected" by the laws are all the folks who benefit from the drug laws: the prison-industrial complex, big pharma, the DEA, CIA, all the banks that launder drug money, all the politicians and "law enforcers" who are paid off by narco traffickers to keep drugs illegal and their profits high. And let's not forget all the authoritarian control freaks who need the drug war as an excuse to snoop through all our financial transactions and private conduct. It's THEIR interests being protected. Our liberty is their enemy, against which they need protection.

They don't make laws like this for pure meanness -- someone ALWAYS benefits. I think it was Robert Burns who wrote: "Hero's fall is worms' feast."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose


Considering this is just a local Fox News station (little to do with the Fox News cable channel), I think it's probably safe to say they weren't trying to rig this to show an anti-cannabis result, but rather it's just a poorly planned and poorly executed test.

you do know sbar07 that you can feed fake stuff

to the local affiliates a lot easier if the position of Corporate is jiving. Right?