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Romney wishes Pacquiao good luck - JINX

Romney wishes Manny Pacquiao good luck before his fight. He then sits at ringside... Pacquiao is knocked out in the 6th.

Romney is not exactly a good luck charm these days.



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When I read that RMoney met Pac-Man prior to the bout, and that

he gets knocked out on the 6th...not only he's a royal flip flopper, but a jinkster too.

Romney is responsible for the largest Republican defeat ever.

Romney was at the top of the ticket.

Romney did not inspire, in fact he was the devil real conservatives did not know.. so many stayed home or voted for the devil they knew.

Those that stayed home on account of Romney swayed every other state and local contest leaning it all toward the Democrats when this otherwise could have been the biggest tea party victory for republicans.

In Indiana the tea party senator lost due to Mitt Romney failing to get out the vote, yet the media blamed the tea party. Romney is not tea party!!! Hello. He created Obamacare 1.0.

Romney's endorsement will cause any otherwise conservative candidate to loose. I would beg him not to endorse me if I was running for anything.


Such irrational hate.

Marquez whooped Pacquiao before, don't blame Romney.


Not hate, Sarcasm.

Manny will be back and he will win. Romney, not so sure.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo