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The Republican Party Really Is Dead Meat

"Yes, the thought of Queen Hillary taking the throne is almost vomit-inducing, but if Rubio is her competition, she'll take the Crown as easy as she took the White House furniture."


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The Republican Party in the US is a member of the

The Republican Party in the US is a member of the International Democrat Union which was established by Bush 41 when he was Vice President. I tried to find out how much influence this international organization had on the Platform and politicians and leadership of the GOP before I went to the RNC as an elected Alternate Delegate for Ron Paul. No one could answer my questions or had even heard about it. The IDC has its own website and of course you can see it listed at Wikipedia and GunOwners of America have also written about it.

After living through the sh%t show that was the RNC I promptly came home and disaffiliated. America is being duped by the two party system.

"If everyone realized that they were all criminals, like REAL criminals, and stopped playing their insidious game by simply not participating in it, the world would probably be a better place." - Jocelyn McLaren