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TomWoods.com has been suspended?

If people have already asked this, sorry for the reposting. But I went to check Tom Wood's website today, and could not do so. The first few times I couldn't even navigate to the page, then just now it looked like I was finally gonna get to check out his site and it took me to a "This account has been suspended" page. Has anyone else experienced this, or knows what is going on?


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This is sort of unrelated to

This is sort of unrelated to the main issue, but there are probably dozens of people with the same name in the US. Ron Paul doesn't even own his own name +.com. That domain name was sold during the '08 election, I think for 25k or so, and fortunately a RP supporter was who bought it.


Confirmed, it is suspended.

As of now, I can find no information concerning this.

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