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Are We Just as Harsh of a Judge as the Judgments Held Against Us?

After reading an article showing ridiculous standards for substance testing, i was left wondering...

..are we practicing hyper-judgement of Rand Paul; rejecting the man based on the (say) 0.04 parts-per-person that is disagreeable?

Have our strong feelings made us the hyper-judges we would hate to face?

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Rand knows stuff

I am of the opinion that Rand, being the son of Ron, has probably been exposed to a lot of truths, and knows the freedom message well. It seems to me that Rand is doing what he thinks he should be given the current political conditions. I'm sure these politics are not always fun for Rand and I bet there are times when he wishes he could go back to his medical practice. I'm not saying he is right or wrong, but it seems Rand is trying to build a bridge for us to get our message across.

I'd encourage the liberty crowd to ease off Rand, but that is because I think he is just doing what he can for now. I see Rand carrying the message and that is what will change the hearts and minds. Until the hearts and minds are changed, we will have nothing.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

No I gave Rand the benefit of the doubt for a while

Like when he endorsed Romney I didn't immediately flip out. I was a little disappointed but then I thought well this is just for strategy, what he votes for in the congress is what counts. But now I'm not happy with the way he's been voting, repeatedly for sanctions and for big military spending. And so I'm withdrawing my support for him after holding out on doing so for a long while. I'm willing to overlook some indiscretions, for example Gary Johnson's voiced support for 'humanitarian' military intervention in the past. But on the big things: drastically cutting spending including military, ending wars (the main ones at least), legalizing cannabis, he comes through. Rand does not.