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Poll: If you had to choose, who would you vote for in 2016 in a race between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Dennis Kucinich?


I'm sorry if some of you are getting tired of polls, and I apologize if posting another poll irrates you. That isn't my intention. My intention in posting this particular poll is just to try to understand why so many people here won't support Rand Paul. Is it because there are just a lot of hardcore libertarians here who don't believe that Rand Paul is libertarian enough? Is there there really just a lot of left wing liberals here who only supported Ron because he wanted to end the wars and legalize drugs? I've seen a lot of praise and a lot of support for Dennis Kucinich here, and many people have even said that they would support him for President or would want him to be Ron's VP pick. This is despite the fact that Kucinich has anti liberty views on about 80-90% of the issues. Rand Paul has received A TON of hatred from the people on this forum, even though he takes pro liberty positions on 98% of the issues. So I would just like to know where people are coming from and who they would support in a matchup between Rand Paul and Dennis Kucinich in 2016. I would GREATLY appreciate your participation in this poll! Thanks!!

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Kucinich agreed that Obamacare was garbage...BUT

But Kucinich got coaxed into voting for it after riding around AirForce 1 w/ Obama.

I thought Kucinich totally compromised and betrayed us. Obamacare was absolutely NOT even close to Kucinich's version of universal healthcare. I can't believe he voted for it!

This is easy...I'd pick Rand undoubtedly.

Can we..

Try the two bit whore poll now -:)

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I love kucinich....but really?

Why i will not support rand.

Why i will not support rand. I will not support someone who stabbed us republican delegates in the back by endorsing romney when ron paul was still running and we were spending our money and time to support Liberty. It is called being stabbed in the back.

If you want to bitch about folks not supporting rand paul. Then go bitch to rand paul.

I do not TRUST Rand Paul! simple as that. All i need plus my vow never to support anyone who endorsed romney. It is not my fault he decided to do that! too late to backtrack.

A bush or randney lover can remove me if they want, see you at the local gop!

Ron Paul 2016

The race was over by that

The race was over by that point. Romney had won. Get over it.

at the convention

rand even denied he knew of any mistreatment of ron paul delegates. you really believe that? that would mean only he was the only one in tampa who was unaware.

and on hannity? really? someone who went out of their way to dis his dad.

and to rub salt in the wounds randy then campaigned for rom.

he's all yours and the rest of the neocon lites too.

Ron Paul

Lets let Ron Paul decide if he was wronged by his son. My bet is Ron will endorse his son for President.. Surely if he was wronged by his son and Rand had fallen off the rails Ron wouldn't endorse him being the purist and all that you guys say he is ..RIGHT ?

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Can we get a poll

between Rand and a two bit whore? I think your numbers might be slightly better here. Although especially going up against Rand, I might want to know what the whore looks like.

I want to make sure I'm covering all bases, Just saying.

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I mean common.

2 bit whore you at least know

2 bit whore you at least know exactly what your getting into! 2 bit whore would win! teasing of course

if you want a 2 bit whore poll. that would be Ron paul vs Rand Paul you can decide who the ho ho is!

side note i would vote for Ron Paul not the whore!

Ron Paul 2016

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The 2016 Presidential Election Unfortunately Does Not Matter

Not a whole lot anyways. Hillary Clinton will win if she runs. Note, that is not what I want to happen, but I am confident in saying that is what will happen. The Republicans will not elect Rand as their candidate. If Hillary does not run, we could get a Republican but it will not be Rand, it will be Jeb or Chris Christie or Rubio or whoever else that does not really represent libertarian ideas anyways.

The Libertarians can elect Judge Nap or Gary Johnson or whoever, but we all need to be honest with ourselves and know there will not be some kind of come from behind massive third party sweep.

This is why we need to focus on local levels and 2014. Yes, right now they remove people like Justin Amash from committee chairs, but if we just keep giving them more and more candidates like him, eventually they will not be able to remove all of them from committees.

Note, this is not what I want to happen, this is what is more than likely going to happen.


Parties are for fun.

romney, a nwo socialist, registered republican.

obama, a nwo fascist, registered democrat.

Ron Paul, Doctor, Libertarian, registered Republican.

Judge can simply register as a Republican :-)

It was much easier knowing who we were supporting [sigh].

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

bottom line the gop will

bottom line the gop will never win colorado again in a presidential election as long as they oppose 2/3 of the colorado voters and the colorado constitution. The gop can take that to the federal reserve! the gop will be extinct like the whigs sooner then you think in colorado if they do not change their ways!

We will see if we can remove the chair and other failed leaders real soon. either way if the gop and cogop cannot change their platform to smaller less intrusive gov and stop opposing civil liberties in medical and personal marijuana(the colorado constitution) in colorado.

Then the gop is already dead at least in colorado! are they listening? Nope

Ron Paul 2016

The poll over at Ron Paul

The poll over at Ron Paul forums is Rand Paul 96%, Kucinich 4%. I guess the real libertarians post over there.


I thought the Rand supporters at RPF were embarrassed by libertarians!

Maybe you should move sites so you can be with them lol

"The real libertarians" sure.

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

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Yes, everyone here is just a fake libertarian.

Clearly, we are simply not libertarian enough here.

You're not any kind of a

You're not any kind of a libertarian if you support an outright socialist over someone who believes in Constitutionally limited government.

forget all the labels for a minute

a lot of people simply don't trust rand paul.

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I do not think most people would actually support kucinich

First of all I think most people were voting Kucinich just because all this polling seems ridiculous. Also, I do not think you are libertarian if you would support the republicans either. Maybe the fact that a lot of people here would not support Rand shows how libertarian we are. We will not accept anything less than perfection.

Ron Paul is a Republican, and

Ron Paul is a Republican, and the liberty movement is about electing libertarian Republicans to office. That's the whole point of what Ron Paul was trying to start. He wants us to work within the Republican Party.

Not the case

You must not have seen his latest interview, where he says he'd like to see his supporters involved in all the parties.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

he also said

that both parties were to blame, & that it's actually one big party (the 2 party biz is a charade), and that both dems and repubs are keynesians, & that both represent the establishment.

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Well how is that working?

We are trying to work within the Republican Party, yet we cannot seem to get support from the Republican Party for our candidates. Whether it be the whole RNC debacle or the removal of some of our candidates from committee chairs. Does not seem to be going so well does it?

of course not

it's a criminal organization.


Yeah, it's going really well on the local level. Do you not read all the posts about takeovers?

This doesn't happen as fast as ordering takeout Chinese food. This is taking over one of the two major political parties in the country.

Eric Hoffer

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Eric Hoffer

You are right, on the local level it is going pretty well. I certainly have read all the other posts, it is going well in our eyes, but the Republican party sees us and our candidates as a problem.

Some of my other posts in this thread point to the idea that we probably will not get a President we want out of the next couple elections so getting upset that some people here will not support Rand is pointless. We have to work our way up and infiltrate congress and local seats.

My take on it is this. If Hillary runs she will win. I do not want that, but I am confident that that is the case. If Hillary does not run the republicans stand a chance, but let's face it, they will not nominate Rand anyways. They will nominate Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rubio, or someone else of that caliber. So, why worry so much about Rand 2016, lets continue getting people in local positions and people in congress 2014.


for every ONE they dismiss, two enter.
it is only a matter of time.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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It would be a nice election, relatively speaking

It would be nice when either of the dichotomous choices would be decent.

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Easy Rand vote. Kucinich dropped the ball on the Fed

Kucinich majorly messed up when he voted against the fed audit amendment in favor of the watered down amendment. This is an easy choice for me.