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Poll: If you had to choose, who would you vote for in 2016 in a race between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Dennis Kucinich?

I'm sorry if some of you are getting tired of polls, and I apologize if posting another poll irrates you. That isn't my intention. My intention in posting this particular poll is just to try to understand why so many people here won't support Rand Paul. Is it because there are just a lot of hardcore libertarians here who don't believe that Rand Paul is libertarian enough? Is there there really just a lot of left wing liberals here who only supported Ron because he wanted to end the wars and legalize drugs? I've seen a lot of praise and a lot of support for Dennis Kucinich here, and many people have even said that they would support him for President or would want him to be Ron's VP pick. This is despite the fact that Kucinich has anti liberty views on about 80-90% of the issues. Rand Paul has received A TON of hatred from the people on this forum, even though he takes pro liberty positions on 98% of the issues. So I would just like to know where people are coming from and who they would support in a matchup between Rand Paul and Dennis Kucinich in 2016. I would GREATLY appreciate your participation in this poll! Thanks!!

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When he was filibustering the Patriot Act.

I'm not saying Kucinich is a bad guy, but the arguments applied to Rand aren't given perspective. Kucinich screwed us in 2010 on the Patriot Act, and the fact that he came back and gave this awesome, incredible speech and then voted in 2012 back for it is awesome. However, it doesn't mean he didn't turn coat after a plane ride with Obama back in 2010.

The fact is, you can do some things that suck, and then later come around and do good things, or things that even contradict those same bad things.

Kucinich has given some great speeches and has worked with Dr. Paul on some issues, but his understand of economic policy and especially the 2nd Amendment is horribly liberal.

Eric Hoffer

they all have problems:

i don't agree with ron on everything, but i trust him, and dennis, and the judge.

rand? nope.


Why not?
Kucinich likes freedom too!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


Freedom to distribute wealth?

Eric Hoffer

any proof?

any proof?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

HAD to choose?

Between the commie and the war criminal?
HAD to?
As in: gun to my head, select one or boom?

It's convenient that coins have two sides.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

Good sentence

"It's convenient that coins have two sides."

If neither "choice" will End the FED, End the IRS, and Bring the Troops Home, then there is no choice in my opinion, unless by 2016 there is no FED, IRS, and the Troops are already Home - because We The People make that happen by then.

The FED and the IRS ensures the rapid transfer of all Surplus Wealth flowing from those who create it to those who steal it and use the stolen loot to steal more, and the Troops are used to collect the so called "Debt".


It is a bogus poll.


It's frightening to me that

It's frightening to me that Kucinich, who is essentially a full-blown socialist, has almost the same amount of votes as Rand. Yes, Kucinich has some good ideas when it comes to drugs and foreign polciy, but he is a big-government socialist.

compulsory voting?

Even if you imagine a world where nobody else's votes could be counted other than those two candidates, people would still have the option to not vote at all.

Not having "neither" as an option in the poll suggests that you really don't want to hear how people feel. It looks to everyone here like you're just doing anything you can to try to manufacture a result you find to be favorable.

Paradigm Shift

Not voting anymore. What part of IT'S RIGGED don't you get? I intend to just keep trying to wake people up.


Is there a choice for

Is there a choice for 'neither'?

There's a psychological term called foot-in-the-door, where people who want to manipulate you ask you to do small things first, and that psychologically makes you susceptible to doing bigger things for them later.

example: In the Korean War, the POWs in Korea were asked to do small, menial tasks, some complied. Then they were asked to do slightly bigger tasks, some complied. Then they were asked to renounce their citizenship and endorse Communism, some complied.

Compromising anything is very dangerous if done without a full knowledge of what your limits are, as, left unchecked, it's corrupting.

This early in the game

I voted for Kucinich. We'll see what kind of things Rand does these next 3 years or so. As far is Republicans go, I'm leaning more towards Amash than Rand.

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I would have voted for

I would have voted for Kucinich in 2008 (had I been a Democrat and had I been 18 in time for the election). But the very same, I would have voted for McCain--if only because I believed that Obamacare was worse than endless wars. On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008--at around 11PM--my entire campus went up in cheers for hours on end. I said, and I quote, "And there goes the country." I think I was right, even if I had some faulty premises.

Now, however, over 4 older and 4 years wiser, I think both were bad choices--and the choices repeated this year. So far as the future goes, I am leaning much more towards Justin Amash than I am towards Rand Paul. Amash has proven he's unwilling to make a deal when it compromises his integrity. I respect Rand Paul for sticking to his word, but he corrupted some of his principles in saying it in the first place. I would have liked if he was the same as his father, Justin Amash, and Walter Jones--all congressmen who abstained from endorsing any nominee. If he would have done just that--I would have had more respect for him and his seriousness towards the liberty movement.

I like compromise--but only when both parties do it in the most limited way possible. What I hate is the country today--because the anti-war Left are asleep and the anti-war Right are, to a great extent, now hypocrites. We can name the exceptions quite easily--Congressmen and Senators who either voted against Afghanistan or Iraq or the PATRIOT Act or have, over the course of years, made amends for their initial votes.

Amash was a co-chair for

Amash was a co-chair for 'Arab Americans for Romney'.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out:

The results of this poll so

The results of this poll so far are essentially identical to the results of the poll about whether people here would support Rand for President in 2016. Rand is at about 45% in both polls. Apparently, most people here would vote for Satan over Rand Paul.

Satan 2016! Why vote for the

Satan 2016!
Why vote for the lesser evil?

I guess my next poll will be

I guess my next poll will be "If you had to choose, who would you vote for in 2016 in a race between Republican Rand Paul and Satan?" Lol.

To the Rand haters. Be

To the Rand haters. Be logical. We love Ron because he is a rock...he's solid...he did not compromise. But he never got his bills passed. He was a great messenger.

Rand is a ball player. He gets things done. But he can not get it done over night. He s trying to turn the ship around. Only the ship is more like an over sized barge with way too much baggage.

He voted for a bill that sucks...but passed an amendment that tosses us a bone. That is how you get things done in Washington. Why would he not vote for less government? Duh!

He endorsed Mitt. So what? Mitt was chosen by the republicans. Rand is a Republican. Do we want him purged like the other conservatives? No...we need him to stay in the game.

What will you all think of Ron when he endorses his son in 16?

We will NOT support him

Rand will NEVER get the support he needs to win by lying to us. But then again,,,,who really knows if he's lying or not?????



Just real quick, do you still support Ron Paul even though he endorsed Gingrich and Boehner for the Speaker of the House position?

I'm just curious.

Eric Hoffer

Lol! Not a single one of you

Lol! Not a single one of you answered my question. I have asked time and time again. What will you think of Ron when he endorces his son?

I won't think much

I'll just ignore it and vote for who I want to or not at all

And that is a respectful

And that is a respectful answer. As everyone should. But it's interesting to say the least that most people on here are so quick to call Rand a what of Ron? What will they think of him when he endorces his son? A traitor? Wouldn't that make him a traitor for endorcing a "neocon shill"? Or did he "compromise" his integridy?

if i took a drink every time i read

"rand haters" here i'd be dead drunk all week.

can't you "rand lovers" face the fact that some people just don't care for him?


yeah and any minute monkeys might fly out my ass. Jaaaah, (Wayne's world in case you don't know)



"What will you all think of Ron when he endorses his son in 16?"

I do not need hand-held. I will let the record speak for itself.

You have not learned a thing during this movement.

Like Ron, I will not sacrifice my principles. You are not letting this movement grow for what it is supposed to be. So quick are you to play popularity contests and lower the bar based upon a sur-name.

I did not rule Rand out, he still has much to prove.

This movement continues to grow. I suggest that you adhere to what has been the message and hold the feet to the fire. If you do not, you are nothing more than establishment who will sacrifice anything just to win.

Whether you care or not, I have NO repsect for those who compromise, for in compromise, one or both parties always lose.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

So, what will you think of

So, what will you think of Ron when he endorces his son?

It's a simple question and not a single one of you has answered it. I suppose Ron will be a traitor too right? Good grief get over yourself and do something productive.

Oh sure...y'all can down vote

Oh sure...y'all can down vote me but nobody is answering the question.

Here's an idea...get over it and do something productive with your life. But don't do politics cause you are waiting precious time.


You summed it up perfectly!!!!! I am SICK of the people that keep defending Rand like he was their wayward son no matter what he does. Even Mat Larson was defending Rand for voting FOR the NDAA until he READ it! Now there is a video from Mat showing what a bad thing it was on Rand's part. Rand is NOT Ron. We've been played. Not the first time, won't be the last. Everyone needs to get over it and move on. Voting is pointless anyway. We should just concentrate on waking more young people up and help them light more fires for freedom!