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Poll: If you had to choose, who would you vote for in 2016 in a race between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Dennis Kucinich?


I'm sorry if some of you are getting tired of polls, and I apologize if posting another poll irrates you. That isn't my intention. My intention in posting this particular poll is just to try to understand why so many people here won't support Rand Paul. Is it because there are just a lot of hardcore libertarians here who don't believe that Rand Paul is libertarian enough? Is there there really just a lot of left wing liberals here who only supported Ron because he wanted to end the wars and legalize drugs? I've seen a lot of praise and a lot of support for Dennis Kucinich here, and many people have even said that they would support him for President or would want him to be Ron's VP pick. This is despite the fact that Kucinich has anti liberty views on about 80-90% of the issues. Rand Paul has received A TON of hatred from the people on this forum, even though he takes pro liberty positions on 98% of the issues. So I would just like to know where people are coming from and who they would support in a matchup between Rand Paul and Dennis Kucinich in 2016. I would GREATLY appreciate your participation in this poll! Thanks!!

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Rand, but it's a bad sign

Rand, but it's a bad sign that Kucinich is significantly better on the foreign policy issue. If Rand actually became pro-war I'd say Kucinich.

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Rand is significantly better

Rand is significantly better on foreign policy issues since he opposes foreign aid and opposes the United Nations. Kucinich is a huge supporter of foreign aid and the United Nations. He's a liberal internationalist.

Sanctions are direct murder,

Sanctions are direct murder, UN and foreign aid are bad policy. Check your conscience to see if Christian principles prevail.

If Rand has a "come to Jesus" moment after his Israel trip(nothing inherently wrong with that trip btw) and supports war with Iran for Israel, will you still support him?

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I wouldn't support him if he

I wouldn't support him if he came out in support of war with Iran. But, that isn't going to happen. I'm also not sure that the kind of sanctions Rand voted for are the same kind of sanctions that killed thousands of people in Iraq. These sanctions specifically exclude food and medical supplies, while the Iraq sanctions targeted food and medical supplies. (Regardless, I'm opposed to the sanctions and disagree with Rand, but I'm just not sure that these sanctions are the same as the Iraq sanctions.)


Rand voted to give Israel $9 Billion for their 'offense'. He is against foreign aid to countries that their 'masses do not appreciate us' like Pakistan and Egypt.


He's against all foreign aid, like in the bill he proposed to end all foreign aid... the one that got shot down immediately. Ending aid to countries that "don't appreciate us" as you've said, was his second attempt.

Good try though, even though Rand has maintained continually that he is against ALL foreign aid.

Eric Hoffer

No seriously.

The US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act was passed by the Senate by unanimous voice vote.

Here is Ron Paul's statement:


Rand was there. I talked to his staff. Here is more information:

These sanctions are crippling

These sanctions are crippling and impoverishing. Same as Iraq. Im glad you have a line in the sand. I do too and Rand has yet to cross it but he's moved in that direction. I wish he would compromise on some domestic socialism instead. Showing a disregard for human life is is not a good sign re: ethics and moral character.


Almost threw up when I read this. Doesn't the same argument against foreign aid apply double to sanctions? Foreign aid is taxpayer money sent to foreign countries to buy off their governments. Sanctions are restrictions on the global economy enforced with taxpayer dollars and paid for by increasing prices in the world and death,poverty and starvation in the third world target to cause political change. Its the equivalent of a military siege

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Yeah, I do think that Rand

Yeah, I do think that Rand deserves to be criticized for his support of sanctions. However, I think it's better for us to support Rand but try to convince him to change his position on sanctions. He's good on just about everything else, and I think he would take into account the opinions of other liberty-minded people.

Sanctions are indiscriminate soft kill.

Die-off occurs with little fanfare and no statistics.


Rand voted for them twice now.

I agree, that's exactly my

I agree, that's exactly my position! I think we understand how bad of a situation we truly are in. It will take a lot to give up our last hope for a sane country.

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- definitely.

Much better chance of educating Kucinich on RKBA
than getting Rand to not be a tool of the big energy
companies and Mitch McConnell, I reckon...

i haven't voted because

I think it is a silly choice. There is no way Kucinich will ever get the Democratic nomination. And, I don't think Kucinich is anti-liberty on 90% of things. That is crazy. Oh I suppose it depends on how much duplication and how long a list your issues are I suppose.

Many people here won't vote for Rand Paul for the same reason they wouldn't vote for Gary Johnson. Because he isn't Ron Paul. I would stop worrying about getting Rand Paul votes on this forum and start worrying about getting him votes in the general populous if you want him elected.

One more thing, with Kucinich you know what you are getting. Integrity counts for something. I voted for him once and would again. I might vote for Rand Paul in the future. Time will tell. But, currently I'd rather vote for someone like Gary Johnson who is suited to be or has been be in a n executive position. Or better yet someone like Ron Paul who leads by example.

Agreed. He was basically a

Agreed. He was basically a non-factor in the Dem Primary in 2008. Same with Gravel, who I think is a decent person. The good people don't win the primaries.

Rand Paul, all the way!

Rand Paul, all the way!

Lol. The Daily Kucinich.

Lol. The Daily Kucinich.

Too Soon

I don't vote in polls that don't include the Libertarian candidate, if any.

I will be a delegate and help nominate a Libertarian as an alternative, and then I'll take a look at who else is nominated, and decide. So far, I'm quite happy not to have voted for any elected president in my lifetime.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Does anyone know if this poll is gameable?

Both candidates, but especially Kucinich, seem to magically be getting a sudden surge of votes.

Is this one of those polls in which you can simply and easily clear your cookies, and vote as many times as you want?


There is definitely some funny business going on as vast majority of the comments here are pro-Rand yet somehow Kucinich is beating Rand in this poll.

Ron Paul or Judge Napolitano in 2016.

Why bother with anyone else?

LOL, I just looked at the poll.


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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I would choose neither.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Kucinich on Guns


"In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia, Kucinich proposed a plan that he says would address violence in America. Kucinich is currently drafting legislation that includes a ban on the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians. The congressman has pushed for gun control, even as a city councilman."

Kucinich vs. Paul?

Kucinich vs. Paul? Paul.
Clinton vs. Paul? Paul.
Gravel vs. Paul? Paul.
Napolitano vs. Paul (in the primaries I guess)? Napolitano.
Kucinich vs. Rubio? Probably Kucinich.
Clinton vs. Rubio? Ouch. Maybe 3rd party?
Clinton vs. Bush? Wouldn't that be ironic?

My main point is that Rand is better than most other people, even if you don't like some of the stuff he's done.

jrd3820's picture


Clinton vs. Bush... ironic indeed.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

It could happen. People are

It could happen. People are pushing for Hilary and Jeb.

Well at least you got one of those right.. NAP

The others should have been 'neither'

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

When you pledge allegiance to Israel...

you've sold your soul to the devil. For me it is an automatic disqualifier. I would vote for the peace candidate who would end all wars and bring the troops home - Dennis Kucinich.

I don't get it?

So apparently half the people who visit this site would rather vote for a socialist than Rand Paul? I think people are getting a little carried away with the Rand hatred. I do wonder though if most people voting for Kucinich are just tired of the polls, and all the Rand 2016 speculation. IDk, it's depressing that the movement has become so divided since the end of the campaign. There is no one unifying figure who can command the kind of respect that we all have for Ron Paul.

Exactly Rand lovers dont get it

Rand loves IzUnReal and his puppet masters. Disqualified. But you and your ilk dong get it. Its about morality its about backbone its about not selling out. You just dont get it. So you cant understand why I dont have this love feeling you have. Rand sold me out

again and again.