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Dr. Michio Kaku - America Has A Secret Weapon

I've always admired Dr. Kaku's work on modern science. He explains quite clearly why America may lose its position and the ability to be #1 in the science economy.

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The problem is not the is the ABUSE of the H1B

And I have personal experience with it's abuse...and I will leave it at that.

About this, Dr. Kaku is absolutely right.

However, if socialist nations are producers our best scientists, then, obviously socialism is not the primary reason. WHY do we have the worst colleges and universities? I believe the REAL reason is that a college education is considered an "entitlement" and our students are more interested in majoring in "sex and drugs" than practical applications of their educations. The average US school student does NOT need a college education and colleges should only be concerned with admitting "the brightest and the best". The rest of us should either get our degrees online and ply our trades without college.

This Dude Works for The NWO

Didn't you Know? Watch more of his videos on youtube. He's a tool. He wants a one world government. Aside from that, I can't form an opinion on this video because it only gives Kaku's view. Just when the other guy started to debate the video stopped. I would really like to hear what HE had to say. Where is it? Don't post partial stuff. That's the kind of crap that FOX pulls!


OMG im so glad you asked

this is the full video and it is AWESOME!!!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


I'll watch it right now.




Get rid of H1B offer "instant" citizenship for PRAGMATIC Ph.D's


We're not even talking about that many people.

There's nothing wrong with a guaranteed path to citizenship.

The "socialists" will not allow our educational system to become pragmatic, by allowing parents to chose schools and professors -- by creating a rubric to determine by grade 3 if children are on-track or not.

How about you offer 100% tuition reimbursement to all Tech-Engineering-Biology PhD graduates who are US Born?

Incentives People

"The "socialists" will not

"The "socialists" will not allow our educational system to become pragmatic, by allowing parents to chose schools and professors -- by creating a rubric to determine by grade 3 if children are on-track or not.

How about you offer 100% tuition reimbursement to all Tech-Engineering-Biology PhD graduates who are US Born?

Incentives People"

This seems like a completely contradictory statement. 100% Tuition reimbursement? Shouldn't the market be incentive enough to go to school and make six figures? This sounds like an easy way to further the student loan bubble and further inflate the cost of education. Get the government out of it and you'll have more tech/engineering majors and less liberal art majors. Fact.

Student Loan Bubble was created by Gov't

Which of my "solutions" (other than direct path to citizenship) could ONLY be handled by Gov't and not the free-market.

I agree with your last statement.

We are not moving toward a free-market though -- The Tech will be available soon (and we are buying it at ever faster rates) wherein the gov't will know every single key stroke, every page you visit, every "like" you like, and every purchase you make -- in real-time. Then it will only be a short while after that they have the A.I to monitor each individual every second of the day.

And "we" are buying the tech faster than they can make it.

If you have a bank account, make money on wall-street, use the internet, have health insurance, pay taxes, buy product online or by a Gov't "certified" (permissible) business-organization-corporation then you ARE participating and expanding corporatism.

There is reality and there is fantasy.

I love Ron Paul -- but an individual does not start capitalism which must evolve into corporatism -- Capitalism is begun by a small voting member body of wealthy asset owners -- where only a few can vote in such a system. As soon as everyone can vote you have corporatism.



He makes a good point.

I don't know anything about his globalist-leaning philosophy, but as a recruiter for engineers, I can tell you that I've been working non stop for a couple of weeks on an ENTRY LEVEL electrical engineering job in the Midwest. NO EXPERIENCE is required. 95% of the applicants are foreigners on an H1B who require sponsorship to work for a U.S. employer.

But most employers don't want to deal with the hassle of the immigration paperwork. Most employers want green card holders or U.S. citizens. The problem is there are virtually no American graduates with science degrees compared to foreigners.

That's my perspective as a professional headhunter.

Also, I'd like to point out how our own gov't creates massive unemployment in America and hardship on companies by restricting the number of visas it grants. Wherever government grants licenses or visas, you see an artificial SUPPLY. Sometimes there are too many, or not enough. Either case is bad for the economy. In a free society, there would be constant equilibrium as people would rush into whatever field or profession there was a demand for. Obamacare will utterly destroy our economy at a faster rate as these socialist policies are made mainstream in the medical industry.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

He's a big advocate of a one world government

I stopped giving a crap about what he thinks when I heard him on Coast to Coast saying that a global government is necessary in order to advance civilization.

I do not agree with

Dr. Kaku's science and philosophy. But I do agree with what he said here. The educational system in America deliberately dumbs down students and kills any personal initiative these students may have had. Humanity stands on a cusp of scientific revolution such as the world has never seen. But this threshold will only be crossed by those thinking and working outside the accepted paradigm. It takes courage to step outside the box and our so-called education system teaches fear and compliance to the old paradigm. So where will the courageous innovators come from if not from outside our educational system?

lol it would not "coLLapse"..

the reason so few smart home-growns are attracted to silicon valley is because there's no profit there.. this isn't the internet dotcom age of the 90s.. since nasdaq bubble burst the real wealth in america measured by commodity prices have been going down in real terms.. there's no just going in and start a company and resell for hundreds of millions before it comes down like during the bubble ages.. that is why there aren't many interested in the so-called 'science and technology'.. you might make decent money if you're the head of google or you're an investor there. as some salary-taker? forget about it. i know a ron paul supporter with decades of experience in one of the top companies in that industry and he makes more money from buying silver and gold than he does taking salary, which doesn't move much from year to year. unless you're the head of some entrepreneurial team that came up with a new product that makes a killing. in these time and age, what are the chances? nice hyperbole here mr. phd.. full of shit

to add

people can home-learn everything these days, if profit were really lucrative in the so-called 'science and tech' field these days, people would self-study and flood there in droves. where are people going instead these days? duh, of course, law and banking. that's where the money is these days, thanks to crony capitalism. i admit america's public school system here has a problem, but that doesn't mean somehow rest of the world are geniuses. they're just taking the jobs no one wanted because it takes too much training aka more debt and too little profit return ratio. remember, we're talking about salaries, a dead paycheck, not some percentage bonus base of a billion dollar corporation you get as some CEO. i get profit off investing, i have no idea how someone can work day in and out for a dead-set paycheck, to me, it sounds like no-future. i promise if physics were somehow the infinite-profit, bright path to this society's future, i would waste no time getting into it instead of learning financial skills and how to invest. a physicist tells you why fields like his, on which he makes a living, is important to you.. tell me something more predictable

something more predictable?

Ok. Piece of cake.

How about someone who earns their living from nothing more productive than repeatedly buying and selling pieces of paper with the right timing so they can take money from the productive businesses trying to earn a living making actual products and services we all need... How about that person telling us that science and salaried producers are no-future while his "profession" is important to you.

"Hey Pot!"

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Michio Kaku is scum

Watch his video explianing how your a terrorist

Down voting because the post

Down voting because the post along with that video is crap. There was nothing in that video that said, me or you are terrorists. He said that people that get in the way of progress are terrorists. How am I terrorist again?

Depends how one defines 'progress'.

I certainly do not agree with many of the ways the government or secular scientists define 'progress' - is spreading peace and democracy through illegal invasions 'progress'?

Many believe it is - especially when it keeps us safe...blah...

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Which is still a stupid

Which is still a stupid definition of terrorism. You're really defending that statement?

No. But I didn't take it

No. But I didn't take it personally like I assume a few people from this website will. "Oh man, Kaku talked about elites and a world order, CONSPIRACY MAN CONSPIRACY!!!!!"

Is There Any Other Way

to take it EXCEPT personally?



Maybe we should take it personal since he personally wants us individually to be treated as terrorists. And all that goes along with the authoritarian style of gov't, so yes that's pretty darn personal to me. He said it, and in such a huge position of influence, it has some real influence on the direction of our liberty.

If I can recommend...

use the Heavy Duty Aluminum foil.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I usually oppose Infowars but he is right!

Kaku is an unapologetic globalist and a technocrat. Generally I avoid the word "globalist" because it is so misused, but Dr. Kaku openly promotes a one-world government. He yet another theoretical physicist, along with Einstein, who thinks that civilization can be scientifically managed. He seems to be a strange combination of socialist and capitalist.

The red flags are waving on me for this guy.

hate to burst your bubble

but we are coming to a one world civilization weather you like it or not. The Internet is just the beginning of much more to come. I will agree the terms he is using can be very misleading, but face it he is right! It is up to us whether politically The Earth will be a free civilization under Peace and Capitalism or an Enslaved civilization ruled under Corruption and Coercion.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Don't let the down votes be

Don't let the down votes be discouraging considering you are right. To have the planet progress to the stars and beyond, we have to put aside our differences. People here will automatically assume a tyrannical oppressive illuminati style new world. what they don't realize if we stop being thick headed, notice that things like war and racism are counter productive. We could band together to make a free and prosperous one world. I can't believe that people don't get that things like countries and race are just another way to classify you. American, Mexican, Asian. These are sub-classes to what you really are: Earthling.

Like dude said, one world is inevitable. We have to change the hearts and minds of the people for a peaceful, free one world.

I don't as Direct Democracy always commits suicide

people here were probably mislead by my post as support for The Bilderberg agenda (its not). In time my post will become more clearer to our true potential, but perhaps Now is not that time.

in the end, everything shall unfold as it should.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?