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The freedom message defined

One of the things that impressed me about Ron Paul was his ability to stay on message. When he would be interviewed by the anti's, they would often try to steer his speech away from the message. I can't think of a time when he actually took the bait. I'm sure this takes time and practice to master. I saw this ability in Amash's 12/7 interview with CNN. He didn't take their bait.

I would like to get the DP community's thoughts on what exactly is the freedom message to you.

What I'm trying to accomplish here is to find out if there are variances in "the message" even among our own crowd. I think these types of discussions strengthen our ability to carry the freedom message to those who haven't yet "gotten it".

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A Power Struggle

I think that the freedom message is not simply a list of things that are done when someone is not suffering as a victim under the thumb of a criminal with a badge or a criminal without a badge.

I think that the freedom message includes all those things that have to be done by enough people, in time, to ensure that criminals are not in the process of perpetuating a crime upon some one, or many people.

Freedom, as a message, is both carrot and stick, in the sense that yes, there are many rewards to being able to use your own power to make your own life better, and on the other end of that equation, is the rotten end of the stick, where people will take your power and use your power to steal more, if no one will stop them.

Here is where some people confuse Ron Paul with anarchists, which can only be a confusion if there is an intent to confuse, by someone, as someone may actually know better than to be confused.

If the freedom message was strictly limited to being only those things done by people when people are not suffering from any oppression by any other person, then that set of actions by all those people living under those conditions could have a name for such a condition, such as: Liberty.


Freedom from what - exactly?

Liberty works better, since there is a concept internal to the meaning of the word, whereby people are alive, sure, but they are also alive in a condition that is free from something, or liberated from something, and the something that people are liberated from, or free from, is as specific - exactly - as freedom is, when freedom is IN Liberty.

What are free people liberated from - exactly?

If the message is not clear, is it likely that people will work to be free, to liberate themselves, and end up working in the wrong direction?


The freedom message

To me, the freedom message is:

Freedom must apply to all and not just to those who fit the mold of the majority- We must allow others to be free if we are to be free ourselves.

If we want to be free, then then governance begins with the individual- personal responsibility is key.

Financial freedom and free markets are essential to freedom- You can't have a free society without economic freedom. Not only should one be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their own labors, but free markets ensure investments are taking place where the markets dictate. (I am still trying to find a better way to communicate this message)

The liberty politicians are constantly bombarded with questions by media that are pure distractions. Staying on message shows strength.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

bump for a healthy discussion

may be you could start us of by stating what the freedom message is to you?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus