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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/10/12: A Dangerous Expansion of Our Secret Military

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The intelligence should be

The intelligence should be with the people and the politicians, not centralized in an incrementally secretive agency.

This sounds like the cold war

that went on for years with Russia, and even worse. These drones are over American soil also. It is surely the NWO placing its watchful deadly eye on every continent and nation of the world.

The NWO thinks it owns the American Military. I wonder how long the military will continue to allow itself to be used to conquer the world for the BANKERS and financial elite of the world? This is NOT what they signed up for.

Glad to see Ron Paul continues to monitor Washington and continues speaking out. Thank you for making a difference, Dr. Paul.

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Thanks for posting.

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I wish someone would take the time to transcribe these so that those of us who cant just listen to them could "partake"

maybe we could get a group together of people who want them transcribed, and take turns doing the dirty work so that everyone can enjoy them.

I can read while I am at work waiting for various other jobs to come together, but I cant sit and just listen "captivated" to something that gets in the way of everything else I need to do.

Anyway, is there anyone else in the same boat ... wishing we could get transcriptions of this stuff? willing to pitch in and do some rush typing to help out? If there were enough of us, it should not be too much of a burden.

what about after January? I sure hope they'll still be posted

somewhere. Meanwhile, I am not sure if it is my speakers or this recording but it is giving me some trouble on the sound. Thank you for posting, though!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


awesome, thanks

Each Week He Appears to be getting more BLUNT!

THAT was a pretty IN YOUR FACE assault on the Whitehouse, the CIA, and our INSANE foreign policy.

Request to the man I admire above all...Dr Paul: Keep doing the Texas Straight Talks even AFTER you leave the criminal gang in DC. We will still be listening...and fighting for LIBERTY!

More wisdom from the Champion of the Constitution.

Thanks for posting this recording.