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Communism and Love?

"We can trust the Communists to manifest pure, Marxist-Leninist 'love'. One of the pictures of Marxist-Leninist 'love' was revealed in the boast made by Klementi Voroshilov, now president of Russia, to William C. Bullitt, America's first ambassador to the Soviet Union. At a banquet in Russia in 1934, Voroshilov told Bullitt that in 1919 he pursuaded 11 thousand Czarist officers at Kiev to surrender by promising them that, if they surrendered, their wives would be permitted to return to their homes. When they surrendered, he executed the eleven thousand officers and all male children, and sent the wives and daughters into the brothels for the use of the Russian army. He mentioned in passing that the treatment they received in the brothels was such that none lived for more than three months.1

Voroshilov was merely acting in obedience ot the dictates of Marxist-Leninist 'love'. Believing as he believed, he acted in a truthful, righteous, and loving manner. There he stood, one of history's anointed, entrusted with the destiny of world conquest and human regeneration. There stood a group of meale and female animals which he could utilize selfishly by keeping his promise to them and making himself feel good in the bourgeois sense, or which he could utilize for the ultimate regeneration and happiness of all mankind by destroying them. His duty lay before him. As a communist he had no choice. He was nothing; these people were nothing; the will of history was everything. He saw his duty clear. To the executioners went all the males, and to the brothels all the females. The Red army was strenghtened, world conquest came a day nearer, human regeneration a little closer, and Voroshilov had a conscience as clear as spring water, and a sense of duty nobly done. He was comforted by an acute awareness of the fulfillment of Marxist-Leninist 'love'.

Communists believe they have a destiny. Their destiny is to create a new world and regenerate mankind.....Communism is applied godless materialism."

1 William C. Bullitt. "A Talk with Voroshilov", printed in the The Great Pretense, and prepared and released by the Committee on Un-American Activities, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., May 19, 1956, pp. 18-9

Taken from 'Communism-the deceitful tyranny' - Dr. Fred Schwarz, 1966, Long Beach, California-Chantico Publishing, pages 14-15.