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EU and the Euro Rewarded with Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel peace prize is recognition of the euro as a symbol of unity and rewards the European Union's "federalist vision" that will triumph over the current crisis, the bloc's leaders have declared.

By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels
The Guardian

The prestigious peace prize was collected in Oslo on Monday by Herman Van Rompuy, Jose Manuel Barroso and Martin Schulz, the EU's three "presidents" after a bitter Brussels fight over which one of them should take the trophy.

Despite a year marked by riots in many European capitals and the real prospect of break up caused by the euro crisis, Mr Barroso hailed the EU as "a remarkable journey which is leading us to an 'ever closer Union'".

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I got my Nobel Prize

by sending in 5 proof of purchase seals from 'Cap'n Crunch'.

the Nobel "peace" prize has been a joke award for a while now.

Nothing new here.

Is this the onion?

Is this the onion?

Southern Agrarian