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GM health fears 'complete nonsense', says Owen Paterson

GM health fears 'complete nonsense', says Owen Paterson

Environment secretary says he's confident the PM would find an 'appropriate moment' to back genetically modified food

Ben Quinn
The Guardian, Sunday 9 December 2012

Concerns about the health implications of genetically modified (GM) crops are "a complete nonsense" according to the environment secretary, who said Britain should be "emphatically" looking at their cultivation.

Owen Paterson, whose brief includes food and rural affairs, also said he was confident that the prime minister would find an "appropriate moment" in future to back GM food and that it would be a question of persuading the public.

"Emphatically we should be looking at GM … I'm very clear it would be a good thing," he told the Daily Telegraph in an interview.

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If GMOs are so safe for the

If GMOs are so safe for the human body, could someone explain to me why the engineers of this biotech will not eat their own product? Even if one were to assume that GMOs are safe for consumption, what about the nutritional value? Does a man made tomato, created in a lab contain
the same vitamins as a tomato created by nature? I doubt it, but am no expert.


so 1000's of Indian farmer suicides...

... were just people acting on a whim. Their crops and lives were not destroyed. Russion scientists who show an almost cessation of reproduction in hamsters after 3 generations, disgusting growths and hair in their mouths (2 separate scientists) are just trying to shake people up with bogeymen. This guy cannot be stupid so the remaining conlcusions are "very evil" or "very intimidated".