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Mondays With Murray: Rothbard On Conspiracy Theory

Today we look at a clip where Rothbard addresses the concept of “conspiracy theory”. I’ve noticed over the years of speaking my mind that when I question the motive of any government action or official story I am often immediately slapped with the “conspiracy theorist” label. This is label is applied regardless of whether or not the facts support the supposed “theory”, as they often do. The mere act of asking the question itself is enough for the “conspiracy theorist” label to hold.

It should be no real surprise that libertarians often end up associated with this label. Libertarians are more likely to see the State as – as Rothbard puts it – a “gang of thieves write large” , thus it is more likely that they would look for ulterior motives to the State’s actions. Conversely, one who considers themselves a Patriotic American and truly believes that the government is well intentioned and there to protect them is more likely to accept the stories told to them by the State without question, much like a young child believes their parents’ tales about Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.

Rothbard elaborates on why the term “conspiracy theory” is a loaded term:

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are uninterested in truth and happy to just "move on" rather then critically analyze an event or situation to determine what really occured.