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Popular Toothpaste Contains 5,000% Fluoride Linked To Cancer, Lower IQ (Video)

Popular Toothpaste Contains 5,000% Fluoride Linked To Cancer, Lower IQ

Published on Dec 9, 2012

These days it is very hard for me to truly be shocked at a news piece of recent finding. I was shocked, however, when I found out that someone I knew had actually been using a doctor recommended toothpaste that contains a whopping 5,000 PPM fluoride.

That's 5,000 times, or 5,000% higher than the amount of fluoride that has been linked by leading medical professionals to a 25% increased tumor growth rate, the cultivation of cancer cells, and of course IQ reduction.

Just ONE PPM led to those effects. This is ten THOUSAND.

It was Dr. Dean Burk who first broke the negative effects back in 1977, stating about 10,000 had died from fluoride exposure. And this, again, is talking about extremely "low levels" of 1ppm and so on.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zDip5...

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Maybe you should share this thread with them then...

so they will know about these credible studies.

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I think the real problem with fluoride is when it is

ingested. (Think municipal water supplies) I had a dentist tell me that he has seen more people in SC with dental fluorosis caused by too much fluoride. He told me that he and his family do not drink fluoridated water.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Throwing fluorde out is better than swallowing it.

Please dispose of it properly, in a toxic waste dump. See government regulations & the label of fluoride products.

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Just as a quick point, 5000x =/= 5000%, 5,000ppm = 0.5%

And you're not eating the toothpaste, are you? Were the "leading" medical professionals using the fluoride as toothpaste or ingesting it?

Eric Hoffer


If you put aspirin under your tongue, will your body absorb it?

Certain medications to treat angina and sickness are placed under the tongue or between the teeth and the cheek respectively. With these types of products where a quick effect is desirable, the medicine is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.

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You seem to be missing the point here.

The "proof" from the "leading" medical folks is dependent on the tests done, and any the method in which they administer dose.

Alcohol is also absorbed through the gums. Do you plan to get drunk by swishing Listerine around in your mouth?

The delivery method matters, especially with regard to the form of chemical used.

Eric Hoffer

I missed the point?

Do you want to "swish" poison around in your mouth?!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


No Listerine for you then?

Poison is a term relative to whether it is ingested or not. Some things that are toxic are totally fine on your skin but can't be breathed in. Some things can't be breathed in but if they're ingested are fine.

Our bodies handle chemicals pretty strangely. It is all extremely dependent on the circumstance, amount of the chemical, etc.

For instance, think of Chlorine. We swim in pools with tons of Chlorine dumped in them all the time. Do you like to jump in big vats of a toxic chemical mixed with water?

Eric Hoffer