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Conversation with a Romney Staffer

On Saturday I met my friend's sister, who was a full-time, paid member of the Mitt Romney 2012 presidential campaign. I was introduced to her as "someone else who works in politics," though I haven't worked professionally in politics for some time.

I started by asking her whether she saw the Obama win coming. She said she was totally blindsided, had no idea it could happen. She said her and everyone else working for Team Romney thought he had it in the bag. I asked her if she followed InTrade to see how professional oddsmakers viewed the contest. She had never heard of the website. I asked what she thought of all of the fraud that occurred in the primaries and caucuses that benefitted Romney. She said she never knew of such a thing. In fact, I don't think she believed any of it when I told her. I told her that even if she didn't believe my claims of fraud in Maine, Louisiana, Missouri, and other states (where it was all captured on video and posted on YouTube) that she had to have seen it at the Republican National Convention. After all, she worked at the convention, so how could she not have known about it. She said she attended every minute of the convention, but wasn't aware that Romney and Priebus threw out a lot of Paul's delegates around the country. She also wasn't aware of the fact that Paul was nominated from the floor or that the party changed the rules so that they can nominate whoever they want, regardless of the wishes of the actual party members.

Friends, I think this is typical of the type of Republicans who supported Romney. She was a paid campaign worker and apparently followed politics. She could not have been more clueless about anything that occurred during the primaries or the general. She's also completely out of the loop on the post-election purging of libertarians and real conservatives from the party. Just thought you'd like to know why so many in the party think WE ARE THE CRAZY ONES--they have no clue what's actually going on out there; no clue what party leadership is doing and what they're supporting by default when they blindly follow them.

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"Your friends sister"

Is a liar.

The whole court can see the emperor has no clothes, and they're neither blind nor dumb. They CHOOSE not to see what they can't speak of, because speaking out doesn't serve their self interest.

I have to disagree.

I think that the Romney folks are stupid. How could they have been blindsided when InTrade had BO creaming Romney?

My guess is that the IQ of the average RINO is somewhere in the area of 85-95. I made hundreds of phone calls for Ron Paul last fall and winter and what struck me as most shocking was how profoundly ignorant, gullible and ill informed most self-labeled Republicans are. Most are dumber than stumps.

"Most are dumber than stumps."

"what struck me as most shocking was how profoundly ignorant, gullible and ill informed most self-labeled Republicans are. Most are dumber than stumps."

Just like most Democrats, in regard to politics. Just as I used to be before I opened my eyes. Best thing IMO, is to have meaningful conversations at every opportunity. Educate people, kindly. Plant seeds.


how on earth could anyone back him,,,,, he stood for what was convenient to increase poll numbers

of all the candidates i still can't fathom how he won

at least santorum, gingrich actually stood for something,,, even if i vehemently disagree

i can only conclude that there are kingmakers, and insiders who pull voting a certain way

i don't see how the public could say---mitt he's my man
it just doesn't make sense

obama at least talked a good game and duped people,,,, mitt didn't even do that

You Think Anyone

Do you think anyone did actually back Romney? I never met any Romney supporters until after the GOP foisted him on us at the convention. I think there is enough evidence of election fraud, solely based on everything we can definitively prove using video evidence, to suggest he did NOT win. I don't believe for a second that he was a legitimate nominee.

I could say the same for Anarchists

"I think that the Romney folks are stupid."

As a Libertarian, I could say the same for Anarchists, but I don't, because that's not what I think, and know it to be untrue. Anarchists also serve the principle of self interest. In fact, for some, it's a foundational principle.

Is it because they're stupid and have low IQ's? No. It's because they're human beings, and we share a common nature, and that nature is to covet, to serve our self interest without regard to the truth or justice and revel in it while we do.

In the end, believing Republicans are just stupid is about exalting yourself, and freeing yourself from the obligation to win the debate, because the reason you can't is they're "just stupid". If they're so stupid and you're so smart, why can't you win?

It should be the easiest thing in the world.

I think every political leaning is equal to the others

I don't see a difference between them. What I see them differing on is their background, education and information. (explanations dramatically abridged for readability)

For example, Liberals want to help the needy so they don't have to suffer and the method they choose to do this places trust in the government and regulation. If these were trustworthy entities, that wouldn't be a bad decision. Unfortunately, that's not the case so they're simply misguided.

Conservatives believe in philanthropy to help those that can't help themselves but on the whole, they believe that the vast majority of them could do better if better incentivized to do so. They place their trust in the free market to accomplish all this but alas, that doesn't exist because it is bought and paid for. This makes them also misguided, not stupid.

Libertarians seem to have it mostly right but they, again, are misguided in their belief that we can simply get all the people to rally enough support to will some act to take place. Regardless of how utopian an idea is, it still must me doable or it's no better than the worst of its opposition.

Anarchists rightfully believe that they can build society from the ground up and do so keeping everyone's needs accounted for. This again, may be the best method but it makes the failing assumption that the others will simply leave them alone to do it. Unfortunately, nature abhors a vacuum and someone will step in and sway the masses towards one of the other tracks, thus killing their progress.

Personally, I believe in the rule of law but I've tired of the representative method of implementing it. I've also tired of blowhard speeches and sound bites making the case when facts and proven principles should carry the day. This may sound like a direct technocratic republic and if so, fine, but to me, it's still the people directly choosing what laws should be in place for all. In my experience, the best demographic to make those rules the most fair is the 5-6 year olds. :)

What needs to be focused on is not which type of government or society we want. What we should be tackling is what is the root cause of each of the problems above. Hint: It's also the root cause of our favorite topic here, the fractional reserve banking system. Why can't we put the debate on gov and society aside long enough to coordinate all groups together long enough to end their tyranny?

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"What we should be tackling is what is the root cause of each of the problems above. Hint: It's also the root cause of our favorite topic here, the fractional reserve banking system. Why can't we put the debate on gov and society aside long enough to coordinate all groups together long enough to end their tyranny?"

I think a large part of this particular issue is that people tend to be distracted by the latest "shiny". Uncovering the truth takes effort, effort most people don't have. I myself only had the opportunity to join the ranks of the awakened due to a temporary period of not working. Most people are overworked, and therefore don't have the time to do adequate research.

Would be neat to have Matrix-style learning: "Whoa! I know fractional reserve banking!"

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Why still focus on waking people up?

If you and I realize who the problem is, the rest of the people don't need to know or worry about it if we decide to fix it ourselves.

I'm not saying that two people can fix it but I don't think it'll take more than 5-10,000 people.

Additionally, I even think that it will be easier if the masses aren't fighting their own distracting battles. Let them sleep for now and we'll stay under the radar. When we get our solutions underway, we'll just make them shinier than the status quo's.

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This was a very insightful post

Good points. The root of the problems are what matters and we need to focus on that.

It is down right creepy

how furvently people will support something when they have no idea what is going on. It is the same phenomenon as when millions of Germans had no clue that the Jews were being systematically slaughtered. Ignorance is scary

Do you suppose that the

Do you suppose that the Germans thought the Jews had all been abducted be aliens when they all disappeared.

smart people look like crazy

smart people look like crazy people to stupid people

If we lived in the age of

If we lived in the age of Columbus, the Ron Paul supporters would be ridiculed and called fanatics for claiming the earth is a giant sphere.

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Actually high IQ professionals, who are considered "brilliant"

in their own little narrow fields, can be totally clueless about political & economic realities of the world.

They can be doubly handicapped from seeing & understanding the truth, when they are blinded with hubris, greed, envy . . . or any other of the seven deadly sins.

That's a great quote.


That is the Most Accurate statement

I've read in a LONG Time!

Just a thought…

One of my favorite expressions is "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see." I've read these posts that express that she was probably lying, and while that might indeed be true, there exists the possibility that mainstream republicans and democrats simply have no clue as to what is going on around them. I think the powers that be, have done such a good job at dumbing down the vast majority of our population, that these people really don't see or know about people like us or websites such as this one. And if they do see it, they turn their gaze in another direction and keep on walking. It takes a certain amount of courage to break free from the herd mentality. And the truth is that most of the herd do not have the ability to break free from their bondage. And since we live in the type of society that we do, the herd mentality folks are able to prevent change from ever occurring. And while we might want to become angry at the members of the herd, we really cannot, because they just don't have within themselves the ability to change. It is somewhat like wanting your dog to be able to speak to you in words. They just cannot do it.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

unless a persons reads the

unless a persons reads the daily paul or similar websites every day then they probably don't have a clue whats really happening in the world. Imagine if your only source of information was fox news, how brainwashed and clueless you would be.

Typical Romney supporter.

Typical Romney supporter.

I would suggest for you to print out this page

Take a copy of your post and the following comments and give it to her then ask her for her thoughts on what has been said here. ROFL

She's lying


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Could Be...

I understand why you'd say that. Since I don't know her well I couldn't be sure. My gut told me that she was telling the truth. Keep in mind that she was a low-level campaign staffer. She was nowhere near Romney's inner circle. I probably should've provided a bit more info on her background--she was "rank and file".

If she witnessed with her own eyes what happened

at the convention.. I mean if she was actually there to see anything.. She would have to be lying her ass off.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Do you think she'll do her

Do you think she'll do her homework now to find out if what you said is true? That's how we're making the changes. You educate one and they educate one and so on and so on. That's why our numbers are growing!

I Hope So

I tried to be respectful. I certainly wasn't rubbing her face in the loss. The timing wasn't right for conversion as she was still clearly very upset about putting so much time and effort toward the campaign and then losing. If I see her again, I'll definitely probe her for an opening to push the liberty agenda.

Well of course they were all blind-sided

That's what happens when you SHUT YOUR EYES



Sadly this girl is the norm and not the exception. Many of the young ones especially those who are 'staffers' are clueless poli-sci majors who merely think it's great to have a job and start their 'career' in politics. Nothing of substance that goes on means anything to them because they are not led to these jobs or candidates by any principles. Hate to say it, but it was true in Dr. Paul's main campaign staff as well. Maybe not to the extent of the Romulan, but I'm sure anyone who had to deal or try to with main campaign ran into some clueless kids as well. It's been that way in both of the twin major parties for a long time.


I asked her if she just joined Team Romney because she wanted a job in politics or if she was a true believer. She said she was a true believer. She has no firm beliefs. How could she and still support Romney? I think she just hasn't woken up yet.

show her the videos of Romney running for governor

You could almost replace him with Obama with what he ran on. That might jolt her into seeing through these types of people.