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Local Idaho economic genius on how to fix the economy.(Sarcasm on my part, but this guy is serious)

Brian Morris
Guest columnist

It's time for all Americans to stop whining and work together to solve our economic problems, writes Brian Morris.

"When I was in the Army, I was there to serve the United States of America. My job wasn't to serve the Republican States of America. It wasn't to serve the Democratic States of America. I served with Americans. For Americans. There were Mormons, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, atheists and every other religion in my companies. There were blacks, Orientals, Hispanics, whites, Asians and pacific islanders, too. I know I'm leaving out some, but the point is made.

We all served America for Americans.

What we did not serve for is the childish, petty, self-serving society we have become. We served for everyone equally and made no distinction between peoples or religions. It pains me greatly that this great nation has been degraded into a sniveling hateful mass of self-centered egoists.

This nation was founded upon principles that have been covered over so deeply in that egoism that we have become completely dysfunctional.

Don't misinterpret what I am saying; I would serve again. Proudly. I steadfastly believe in America. With all of our faults, we remain the best nation on earth. However, the America I served to protect is not the same one it once was.

So, for all those who demean Her, for all those who would secede from Her, for all those who whine that we are doomed, for all those who would feed their shallow egos by saying America is broken and beyond repair ... pack up and leave if She is so bad. And good riddance.

If you (meaning everyone) truly want to honor servicemen and women, work together as Americans. We put a man on the moon. We can and have surmounted each and every hurdle and obstacle put in our path. This economic trouble is, to steal a phrase, no big hill for the high steppers that we Americans are. The first step is to remind ourselves that we are Americans and Americans don't act like this. We roll up our sleeves, wipe our brows and beat the hell out of our problems. And we love one another, as Americans.

Now, stop whining and take care of business like Americans."

Morris is an Idaho Falls High School graduate and Vietnam veteran who retired from Idaho National Laboratory after 35 years.

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It would be interesting to hear some others' thoughts on this.

I have responded in the local paper where this was written, but just curious if I'm being too hard on this guy? I thought his musing was worse than crap, but maybe not.