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Are we putting all (or too many) eggs in Rand Paul's basket?

Are we becoming too dependent upon Rand Paul in his capacity of a US Senator (and perhaps Ron Paul's son) in our planning for 2016. There is a hugh amount of work to be done, from securing our education in the principles of liberty, to local, State, and Congressional activism, primarily in the GOP (or what is left of it) but also in third parties and perhaps even Democrats, especially as Obama tanks in both the economy and foreign policy.

None of us seem to be assured of Rand Paul's committments to the Constitution, his knowledge and comfort with Misesian economics and a TRULY free market, and perhaps most importantly, his commitment to a truly America-First foreign policy of peace and commerce with ALL nations, entangling alliances with none. He talks the talk, but sometimes, if you observed his voting record, doesn't walk the walk!

Would we be stronger if we began to focus on alternatives to Rand Paul (and other people who may be better spokesmen for peace, freedom, and sound money as private citizens, rather than in the DC sewers?

Can we start to, in addition to our intended grassroots political and media activism, perhaps groom some of us, not only in Kentucky, for Primary challenges.

Even the prospect of such challenges may make it easier for Rand Paul, and our Republicans who are like him, to move "freedomward" in their voting records as well as in their speeches, if they KNEW that back home, they would be held to account for any collectivist and corporatist lapses. The more well-funded and professional the campaign primaries are, the more effective our reminders will be.