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Rep. Justin Amash: Boehner has 'lost the support of a great many people in the Republican conference'

Amash says Boehner is losing grip on his party just as he needs them to line up behind a deal.

"He lost the support of a great many people in the Republican conference and this has been coming for some time," Amash told U.S. News. "It is hard for me to find someone who is not frustrated with leadership."

Amash says it is not just the committee shuffling that has members agitated, but leadership's close hold on the fiscal cliff negotiations.

"We are the members of Congress, and we would like to represent our district," Amash says. "We would expect to be involved in any negotiations. It is not fair to the American people for the speaker and the president to put a deal on the table and tell us we have 24 hours to support it."


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I look forward to holding the

I look forward to holding the gop accountable with my vote!

Ron Paul 2016

What we're witnessing...

What we're witnessing is the beginning of the official merger of the two parties into one. Boehner is more concerned about his political career and the maintenance of his position as Speaker (perhaps presidential ambitions) than he is about representing the bests interests of Americans. The point at which we have arrived has forced politicians to make a choice: career or correct. They might try to find ways to convince themselves or others that kicking the can down the road is what's right, but really it amounts to what is right for THEM.
When you boil it down, if it means he can further his career Boehner will stand with Obama and the Dems before he stands with folks like Justin Amash or those "crazy TEA Partiers" whose feet he was kissing only a short while ago when they delivered the House to Republicans... and this is NOT about being the party of opposition. It's about finding Dems who are also willing to stand for what's right. People like that just happen to be few and far between on both sides of the aisle because once you're on either side of the aisle there is much to gain by falling in line and much to lose by standing.

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Let's get REALLY LOUD ourselves. . . and express exactly what

we think of the GOP leadership!!!

Justin Amash

is stepping up. A real gem to come out of Michigan.


He's only stepping up because HE is being attacked. It's great that the corruption is finally hitting home to the very people that think everything is fine and dandy, UNTIL IT HITS THEM PERSONALLY! I would love to see the "keepers" of Obama turn on him in the same fashion as the GOP has turned on Amash!