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WI Milk Police Put Raw Milker's Life on the Line: Vernon Hersherger Goes to Trial, Jan. 7

See this clip from the forthcoming documentary, "Let them Eat Grass." It truly reveals the power of raw milk from grass-fed cows.

Share this with the world. Let's get the word out for freedom, liberty, and for our inalienable rights to make our own choices, without interference from corporate greed.

The gut-busting toxins of Monsanto are 'legal,'all from its bacterially and virally infested 'foods.' Yet, we can't buy high quality raw milk products anywhere.

Yet, Hershberger's dairy was undermined by supposed state regulators, who destroying 1000 pounds of the purest, most delicious food on the planet by contaminating it with a blue dye.

This is the link to the preliminary part of the documentary:

His raw milk foods are delicious and extremely nutritious, the maple-nut ice cream with real maple syrup is to die for. The butter is so rich it is like from another planet. Be well with raw milk foods from wild grass and more!! Let's do all that we can to rejoice in the return of our freedoms by supporting Mr. Hershberger in his epic battle in every way possible.

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Great opportunity for jury nullification

of a BS law (if even mildly intelligent people are in the community).

Raw milk is the BOMB. It in essence cured an intestinal illness I had for two years. It has never returned.

Ron Paul is pro-raw milk freedom!

Thanks for the post!

What would the Founders do?