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What do those that don't like Rand Paul suggest happen?

There has been a lot of commenting and posting on Rand Paul as of late, and many people seem to be diametrically opposed to their opinions on Rand. Some see him as a "strategist" for pandering to the neo-con crowd, and hope that he comes to his senses when given more political power. It's working, as seen in the recent "favoriteability" ratings being positive among neo-cons and the older crowd Hannity-watching neo-con crowd. It's working, at least from the point of view that more people like him than his father.

The problem with this is that Rand is compromising the one thing that Ron Paul's people begged for. That of course, is the foreign policy.

Those that don't like Rand Paul and call him a neo-con (and even if it's disingenuous, it's still an accurate description of his voting record in some regards). He compromises on foreign policy, won't speak of Bilderberg anymore, and is doing many that his supporters voted him to be against.

My question is this, to anyone that doesn't like Rand Paul and are disgusted at what he's doing:

What do you suggest happen?

If Rand Paul could do something to bring us 'back to his side', what would it be? In your best scenario, what would you like to see happen, if it could?

Would it be to adopt Ron Paul's foreign policy? Would it be "be exactly like his dad's voting record?" And it it was, how would you suggest we bring the message of Liberty to the older crowd, who will eventually become older people on medicare, who will never vote to take it away?

Should we abandon even trying to influence the 35 year and older crowd?

I'm curious---I am still thinking about the whole situation, so I have not opinion yet. I'm curious to hear yours.

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I like Rand despite some of

I like Rand despite some of the few bad votes. People seem to dislike him for the same reason they disliked Gary Johnson. He isn't a purist. That's okay with me so long as he takes us in the direction of liberty.

That being said, all this talk about Rand and the 2016 election seems a little premature to me. We should be focusing on the midterms, and let Rand be Rand. After the midterms, we can evaluate our options. Who knows, maybe other, better candidates will show themselves.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

If what you said was true

If what you said was true about Rand, I'd agree but, unfortunately, some of his votes (sanctions, Israel) take us incrementally away from liberty. Johnson's campaign, on the other hand, was in the direction of liberty on those and other issues.


and sure GJ isn't perfect, even Ron isn't but both come across as honest and intelligent men. rand comes off as an opportunist, way too much self interest and politics as usual for me.

Tough choice.

I keep going back to what Ron Paul says and what grew our movement, and now considering a couple of Rand's questionable votes...

"He isn't a purist. That's okay with me so long as he takes us in the direction of liberty."

Isn't that like a "touch of pregnancy"?

Short term you can vote a president, or long term you can continue to grow an historic movement. Once complacency sets in, by compromise or otherwise, an entire generation of youth can once again be lost. We can not afford that. We must build this movement carefully, and upon principle.

Local/state, where we have better immediate control, is imperative.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You make it sound like a personal like of Rand Paul or not

So ill respond to your wrong question. I do not like Rand Paul and what I suggest, that other people also reject traitors who would support the usurption of individual sovereign birth rights. A traitor is never a person whom I could like and I suggest anyone avoid traitors if possible.

But this is about a personal love affair with Rand Paul, just nonsense.


It is not just Rand, it is the entire GOP.


These are the kind of people Rand is cooperating with.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


And this is why we need to become the GOP. Invade the Republican party. Participate and gain acceptance, become a PCO, and gain inside voting rights. In 2016, if Rand runs, and if he can do just the one thing that Ron Paul did, which was to inspire, then the people will vote for him, many R delegates will vote for him, and he will probably win.

That inspiration came to me one day when I was watching a Republican primary debate just because I had heard two of the candidates were for legalizing cannabis. I didn't hear much about cannabis that night, but I heard about something much more important. I heard Ron Paul talking about blowback, and the expansive military complex and its foreign acts of aggression. He had such defiance in his voice against the ideals of both major parties. I was inspired! I heard him have the courage to say to the entire world the same things about foreign policy that I had been scorned by my friends for saying.

I googled Ron Paul. I learned about free market capitalism, about the Federal reserve, about liberty, about tyranny, about history.

So Rand must inspire, because backing Mitt Romney, was giving in before he had even fought, and Ron Paul is a fighter. And there are always other options. Gary Johnson has four more years to build some steam.

Easier Said Then Done

Look what happened to Amash. They are kicking out the WRONG people!


It's causing havoc.

There is rebellion brewing and it is getting attention. This may give hope to those who have lost it and provoke them to fight once again.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

that's the problem

rand does not inspire,
and for invading the GOP. invading a criminal organization?
you saw how the GOP treated ron paul? the fix was in starting with iowa.
and that convention and what went on there. & now the purge.
good luck with that invasion. you're more likely to see more converts
to neoconism lite.
much wiser i think to continue to spread ron paul's liberty message, and support GJ,the judge,woods,
rockwell, etc

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I think we wait for now

But abandoning trying to influence the 35 and younger crowd is dangerous? Especially with Ron doing a college speaking tour. We need the youth and the youth vote and we can get them with the right candidate.

right, he is making it so he

right, he is making it so he might have a better shot at sneaking out of the primary(while doing less to stand out, I might add), but at the cost of losing independents and young voters.

Ventura 2012

Excellent response, jrd3820

Let's wait to see what Rand does. His record will speak for itself. Meantime, Ron will be speaking at college campuses while we do our part at local/state levels, working and building Campaign for Liberty, and other things.

Things take time. Rushing and thinking rash will not solve our problems.

You are absolutely correct concerning the youth vote, it will in fact take an entire generation to restore our Republic.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

suggestion, maybe rand could

suggestion, maybe rand could introduce a bill in the senate ending marijuana prohibition and rescheduling it? and legalizing industrial hemp. as long as the corporatist will let him.

rand could expose john boehner and the purge. Rand could statrt making some waves instead of trying to be a gop est fluffer!

considering medical and personal is legal in many states 2 being personal. Why isn't Rand using the biggest liberty issue of our time and exposing the corruption?

Rand should expose the status quo gop est and going against state rights and smaller gov.

I remember hearing something about rand,hemp and marijuana and bill awhile back considering what just happened in the election. Why is this not a huge story or pushing these bills to expose the biggovgop!

any links to rand addressing the gop purge and amash and john boner!

Ron Paul 2016

Direct quote from Rand Paul

Direct quote from Rand Paul on his Facebook, December 7. He takes a direct swing at Paul Ryan, which you guys should love.

People are justifiably mad at the House leadership for helping kick the conservatives off the budget committee. But the Chairman of that committee has something to answer for. Why is he allowing this to happen? All these conservatives wanted was a balanced budget. For this, they were purged. I will have more to say on this, and so should you.


Rand has introduced a bill to

Rand has introduced a bill to legalize industrial hemp, and he's introduced a bill to end mandatory minimums for drug possession. One step at a time.

end marijuana prohibition,

end marijuana prohibition, that is a small step. As long as the gop opposes 2/3 of voters in colorado. The gop can kiss colorado goodbye!!

As long as the gop opposes state right's and common sense and 2/3 of voters in colorado. The gop is enabling/supporting the failure!

rand needs to make tsunami's not ripples!

Ron Paul 2016


That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to watch his every move, how he votes, how he handles himself in interviews, etc. He has a couple of years to either mess up or prove himself worthy.

"It's working, as seen in the

"It's working, as seen in the recent "favoriteability" ratings being positive among neo-cons and the older crowd Hannity-watching neo-con crowd."

I never saw any poll that showed Rand's favorability rating among "neo-cons." Can you provide a link for that? I only saw a poll that showed Rand's favorability rating among Republican voters.

While it is true that some

While it is true that some neocons have praised Rand as "saner than his dad," I don't know of any who actually support him as prez in 2016. Rubio is their cup of tea. Rand is better described as the neocon's useful idiot not their champion.


Those that don't like Rand Paul and call him a neo-con (and even if it's disingenuous, it's still an accurate description of his voting record in some regards).




You've got to be kidding me. This website has officially gone off its tits.


but i am more than anxious to hear the Rand bashers suggestions on what would be a better strategy to get a Liberty candidate in the WH so we can actually get something done other than sit around an whine about losing every four years.
Rand has learned a lot by watching his father and is clearly doing what it takes to move us forward... Rand Paul 2016 ! Racers Race and Whiners Whine.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

One thing to clairfy

I meant to say even if Rand was being disingenuous in his neo-con stances, it would be accurate to call him a neo-con due to his voting record. It came out as if I was calling someone disingenuous to call him a neo-con, but that was not what I meant. I apologize.

How is he a neo-con?

Other than voting for Iran sanctions, what is neo-con about him? I simply don't see anything neo-con about Rand outside of the Iran vote. Please elaborate so I can look into it more.

Also, personally, the sanctions aren't a deal breaker for me. Now if he votes to send troops into Iran without proof of WMD's, then I'll be looking elsewhere.

You forget his support for

You forget his support for MORE aid to Israel and his previous support of a Libya No Fly Zone....and don't get me started on the NDAA.

What about the NDAA?

From what I've seen, he's been our greatest ally against the NDAA. He's used every trick in the bag to get it thrown out, including holding up the cloture vote. If he's done anything to that contrary, I'd like to hear it.

Personally, I actually supported the Libya no fly zone. If I was rebelling, and surrounded by tanks and artillery shelling my unarmed ass, I'd be greatful if someone came along and atleast leveled the playing field a bit.

Yeah the Israel aid rubs me the wrong way, but it'll be tough to find someone that doesn't support giving them aid.