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Hey did y'all realize that a "Liberty Lover" is running for Texas House Speaker?

David Simpson, author of the Texas Anti-TSA bill, files for Speaker of the House.



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Take a peek


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Election is by his peers in the Statehouse

You can't vote for him directly but you can call your Texas State Representative and let your feelings be known. I'm lucky to live in Hughes' district who has already endorsed him. Let's see if we can get other endorsements from our State Reps and other organizations. Go Simpson!

Simpson picks up big endorsement

Former conservative hopeful Bryan Hughes endorses David Simpson. Hughes was thought to be Straus's biggest challenge.


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Met him at the State

Met him at the State convention as he is in CD-1 area, near Tyler. Awesome guy. Awesome family.

Southern Agrarian

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Good luck to David S and YOU, Texas liberty lovers!

(Gosh, we need our young good ones to reach there, too, even in our little hinterland.)

Great! Please let me know if I can help, perhaps by...

creating a video. I have contacted the campaign; however, we all know how responsive campaign staffs can be.

Oh that'd be exciting

Oh that'd be exciting

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