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Chris Christie and New Jersey nullify Federal ant-sports betting law


But in its court filing Friday opposing the state's motion to dismiss the lawsuit, the leagues and the NCAA called Christie's efforts a "blatant violation of federal law" and his constitutional challenges to the federal law "specious."

The 20-year-old federal law at the heart of the dispute, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, prohibited states from authorizing sports gambling, but exempted Nevada and three other states that already had some form of legalized sports betting -- Delaware, Oregon and Montana.

New Jersey claims the law usurps the authority of state legislatures and discriminates by "grandfathering" in some states. The leagues countered Friday that Congress has the power to prevent states from enacting laws that conflict with federal policy, and that the Constitution's commerce clause doesn't require uniformity in its application to different states.

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A lot of times, federal

A lot of times, federal regulations suck, but you can at least see why a bright-eyed government do-gooder may think he's doing the right thing. Here I cannot even fathom what the harm is in legalized sports gambling?

Evil people will move to NJ so they can do evil things like gamble? People will become so addicted to sports gambling that everyone will be on the streets?

Its one of the more bizarre

Its one of the more bizarre and blatantly corrupt laws I've seen on the books recently

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