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Why I Post "weird Stuff" At The Daily Paul - Second Update

{Since my original post, I have added TWO additional multimedia articles, the links for which can be found at the bottom of this post.]

I seriously believe liberty is a lifestyle, as you must practice it in order to be a "true believer." This last election should have proved that to all of you. You must "question authority," whether it comes from naysayers, government OR "a higher power." Before the election, I honestly believed politics could effect change and criticized Lew Rockwell and Larken Rose for their rejection of it. Even violence will not "change" anything if we allow ourselves to be as narrow-minded and intolerant.

The "next big thing" is not the elections of 2014 or 2016; it is not even the "fiscal cliff." I believe the "next big thing" is what MAY happen on or after December 21, 2012, before far more of the world's population is in an absolute panic about it. Yes, you can choose to ignore it or even criticize those of us trying to seek answers that can reassure people, but, please realize that is our intent. The Gnostic Christians believe "unconditional love" is the willingness to face ridicule to share knowledge, even knowledge outside of many people's "comfort zone". The greatest fear is fear of the unknown and I am not about to allow any of you to discourage me from loving you in this manner.

Here are six multimedia articles I have written in the last few days. Access them if you choose.


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The United States' Avrocar

The United States' Avrocar barely made three trips per vehicle before all of the electronics on board browned out from all of the energy consumption.


Very interesting.

Very interesting.


Don't you mean WEIRD? Maybe you really mean't WIERD. Whatever. I will check out your links. Thanks


Sorry, it is after 3 am and my eyes are a little blurry.

I corrected the error.

I See

I see that you corrected it. It's on the front page ya know. Anyway, I don't mean to be the spelling police. hahaha


Thanks for pointing out the error.

Mistakes are a distraction and this stuff is too important IF it true.


well said. I accept your love.