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D.M.J. Aurini on the fiscal cliff and America’s depression: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were right

Just what will become of the fiscal cliff negotiations and what does the future have in store for America? D.M.J. Aurini, author of the post-apocalyptic thriller As I Walk These Broken Roads and popular Canadian YouTube commentator, has some chilling forecasts for what will come next and told me in an frank interview that America should have listened to Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

Aurini, whose new novel portrays a future destroyed by war and ravaged by rampant social degeneracy, warns that fiction may soon become fact as America's leadership continues to trend towards cultural Marxism and consumes more and more tax dollars on poorly conceived mandates. What follows is a transcript, with light edits.

Danny de Gracia: You recently put out a new video on your YouTube channel which was fairly technical in scope discussing how to govern in a depression. I take it that you haven't bought into the official line that we're "in a recovery" now?

D.M.J. Aurini: Absolutely not. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson nailed it: All you need to do is to look at the numbers, or listen to your gut.