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Obama wants black boxes in all new cars

It appears the Obama Administration is proposing that black box recording systems be mandatory in all new cars for safety purposes. How will driving become any more safe with recording machines in them?? This is absurd!

"The Department of Transportation is considering requiring automobiles to be equipped with the accident recorders that are used on airplanes.

The "event data recorders," or black boxes, as they are most often called, are used by investigators to determine the circumstances that led to crashes, even when vehicles are destroyed before they are recovered.

The DOT proposal calls for black boxes to be installed in all cars that are manufactured after Sept. 1, 2014. The department said the cost of carrying out the requirement would be about $20 per car."

Continued - http://thehill.com/blogs/transportation-report/automobiles/2...

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Why? Don't they completely melt in high heat?

I'll drive around with my passport. Those things survive anything.


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From what I understand, from

From what I understand, from other articles, those black boxes have already been in our vehicles for quite some time. Those computers that control your car, that need to be scanned for inspection purposes, are the black boxes. The Govt is basically jumping on the bandwagon here so they can have their fingers in the pie too.

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