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Only 7% of Detroit Public-School 8th Graders Proficient in Reading

Only 7% of Detroit Public-School 8th Graders Proficient in Reading

By Terence P. Jeffrey
December 11, 2012

(CNSNews.com) - In the public schools in Detroit, Mich., according to the U.S. Department of Education, only 7 percent of the eighth graders are grade-level proficient or better in reading.

Some public school teachers in the City of Detroit and around the state of Michigan are reportedly taking a vacation or a sick day today to protest right-to-work legislation likely to be approved by the state legislature.

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Horrible illiteracy in some

Horrible illiteracy in some cities here at home in the US, yet we give Israel money as if it would never run out. They ask we give. Like we're their sugar daddy or something... except we get no "sugar." Most politicians could care less about things like this. Forget Detroit... they like people in Israel much better, to the tune of 50k or so per year for every single man, woman and child in that country. Try giving that much to people in the US... or even just reducing their tax burdens by the relative amount... and life in the US improves significantly.


This Is What Ron Paul Meant By Congress Is Out Of Step

with the rest of America...

Israel is the holy of holies for the necons in the congress.

The american educational be damned!

Oh yea, we'll save Isreal as we grow dumber and dumber everyday..Johnny can't read, can't tell you who the Vice-President of the United States is but knows all about Lady Gaga.

When are we going to get our priorites right?