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Deactivated My Facebook Account!

I finally listened to my better judgment and deactivated my Facebook account. For almost 2 years I have been posting articles and commentary/correspondence on a range of issues: Water Fluoridation, GMO foods, Ron Paul, UCC, vaccinations, etc. to absolutely no avail. I am certain that my account has been defriended by many and avoided by many more. Neither family or friends wish to discuss these pressing and important issues and the only time I actually got any response is when I would post something about family (non-controversial issues).

I have grown weary of trying to educate and provide information to those I love and those I've known my entire life. I feel my time is better spent at the Daily Paul or writing about issues to a wider audience, i.e. local newspaper/publisher. I actually feel liberated in this decision and quite frankly do not feel that I'll be missed that much. It felt as though my posts were causing more harm than good by the lack of response or further inquiry from those connected with me.

I wanted to share this with all of you and let those who are debating doing the same thing to consider it if it feels right.

Peace and Love first.

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I haven't shut mine down

but I haven't used it for almost 3 years myself. Same reason too, no one is ready for what I got to say. Perhaps if cute puppies are one day looked as a militant group I'd get some "LIKES" but until then I have better uses of my time. And the constant Privacy Policy changes just give me a headache.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I know exactly how you feel,

I know exactly how you feel, just earlier today on another forum I was saying how tiring it is. I post a lot of political stuff on my FB (lots from the DP). I do often get feedback good and bad. Over the last 3 days I have been having an on going argument (you could hardly call it a debate as he used no facts or sources to back up his thinking and even ended up calling Libertarianism Totalitarianism lol) and damn it's just so draining, especially when they are actual friends, not just "FB Friends".

Facebook is the problem

Facebook is a real problem and the management carefully hides from anyone who wants to phone or write them.

Computer fraud on organizations not easy to phone or write should be partly face books and googlies responsibility when a user is coned or defrauded,

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

I have never FB'd but I really hear you on the other side of

your post- people want to take the blue pills. It's a nightmare. I don't know what you can do. Sounds like you tried. You'd think that they would want to know if the house was on fire or if the kids were eating and being injected with poison. I did see something interesting recently.. a psychologist explaining why Americans will not face the truth- (this was about 911 and was actually on acess tv). They can't change their worldview, they cannot leave that comfortable place where they believe that x could never happen here, because this is America. She says that Americans suffer from a dangerous lack of humility- they think that they are exceptional. Americans believe that their government will protect them. If you send out some info on Libya, vaccines, or fluoride.. Well, that's not 100% positive. If you tried to send Ron Paul links, you might get a reply with a puppy dog. As if, here, here is something soft and fuzzy. And they may have asked in the middle of the summer.. "Ron Paul. Is he still running?" So annoying! Scotty beam me up. There's no intelligent life here.

Yo Klinker78

You did good. I hope my 15 & 17 year old daughters see the writing on the wall soon and do the same thing. Like many things in our culture it shows the shallow of it all.


I’m proud of you.

Thanks so much for helping us out as long as you did. Now you can get some relief from that lousy Facebook (It really is a pain!) I think the idiots who run it have 15-year-old mentalities.

On Facebook:
Personal ProfileGroupPage

Here is how I use Facebook to spread liberty ideas:

Here is how I use Facebook to spread liberty ideas:

When one of my (non-liberty-minded) activist friends posts a story about how terrible the "other" party is, and I see an opening to encourage liberty ideals, I'll occasionally engage.

FIRST, I AGREE with them on the "other" party's transgressions against liberty. (1-2 sentences)

THEN, I casually point out a similar but equally egregious transgression by the poster's party.

Marijuana legalization has been a really great way to engage more of my *HARD* left friends in the importance of states rights... that we, the states, give the Federal gov't its LIMITED powers... and how the Federal gov't has WAY overstepped its bounds.

After 8 years, I'm finally starting to crack some shells...

Good luck, all.


I would berate you

as I've never had a facepoot account, but that's good. It's a disgusting popularity contest to me.

There was some study done where I guess non facebook people were in some part bad as that meant they were anti social.

The absolute definition of facebook users is in fact anti social. Why have fake "friends". Why not have real friends you talk to face to face. It's fine like here where we are people few and far between, but to consider non facebook users as anti social is nuts.

I understand the utility and such, but it seems like a huge waste of time.

I am part of a couple of social networking sites which use my real name. I would never take part in facepunt because of one major reason. Post one stupid picture of a night on the town or someone else does and you can kiss your professional career goodbye. I don't do that much, but maybe every few years I do end up wasted sitting on a curb. Plus it's boring. Or someone might take that picture of me passed out in a gutter. I'm kidding but I want no part of the website.

I think facebook is like wagging the dog (I would add an n) and although it may have some utility, social networking sites such as the daily paul I think are more valuable. I think it's nice to push the DP on FB and Tweeter and such but what's wrong with e-mail or actual face to face talking or even a phone?

Most people I would wager who wonder here from FacePunt or the likes will maybe spend a few minutes here and go back to whatever website they came from and never return. But turn someone on and they will be a die hard Ron Paul Republican, learn about real money, the FED, and freak out. It took me a year of trying (and another 5 or so before that, but not so in his face), but finally my dad woke up.

It was funny. Last week my dad calls me and asks if members of congress pay into medicare and social security so I tell him I'm pretty sure they do (while knowing they do.)

I tell him google is his friend. Then he inevitably calls me back and says Ron Paul is declining his pension and that's very respectful. He walked right into that one.

He said "why didn't anyone listen to him?" I told him to ask that question to everyone he knows. Meaning ask it to yourself. I sent him so many videos I know I scared him away. BUT, now he is asking questions. :)

Every day I am finding if you give someone a tiny bread crumb or drop it in front of them they will want to know more.

If I can get my dad to stand behind a real person like Dr. Paul, him being dyed in the blood blue, that's a good thing. I tried to drop the blue republican deal on him and he never bought. But now he's getting pretty angry. It's not even really a blue vs red deal for him now, which I think is even better. He's finding out about govt waste.

I find it weird to be helping my own father find out what he believes in. It's actually very strange. Should be the opposite.

In any case, good idea. FacePoot is garbage.

Good on you.

edit: oh yeah, what happened to that facial recognition thing where if you take a pic of someone you can find their facebook?

Lao Tzu

One who is too insistent on his own views, finds few to agree with him.

This is sad.....

Patriots like you, those who stand for what they believe in the face of controversy. You are the ones who stand with the strength to inspire others. You do not know how important you were.

Cyril's picture

Welcome to the club.

Welcome to the club.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Congrats ! I did the same a few weeks ago.

I also edited my hosts file on my computer so no facebook links or icons or comments can possibly be displayed on my computer.

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Reactivate and add me

I'll like your liberty status' I promise. In fact, I bet a bunch of us would bump your status' all the way to the top of all your friends news feeds. Add me


The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Before you pulled the plug on

Before you pulled the plug on FB you should have tormented your shallow acquantances by posting adorable pictures of fluffy baby pandas with slogans like "We need help ..." then link to your important Constitution or liberty information.

I agree though...FB is just complete fakeness for the most part. I do have some facebook friends that do post political type stuff - and have a community that responds-but they have some liberal agendas so are right at home. The thing is, we are outnumbered in our philosphy and outlook and so the trick might be to network with others who think like us so that when we post we get responses from each other and our other 'friends' see how popular our posts and opinions are and feel compelled to check it out...or maybe they'll click on a cute panda baby.

Only time I get FB responses is when I post pics of fluffy pups

or kitties. Maybe they are waking up a little, just by being exposed to it on a daily basis. I thought most of my friends hid my posts, but every time I put up a silly animal video or a cute puppy, I get at least 10 likes...so they must be seeing my posts.

A couple of years ago

i started to sign up to FB but only completed the first couple of steps and then i decided i didn't want to because of all the things i had heard about it. Needless to say, i'm signed up anyway without completing the process and get email notifications all the time about friend request and to please finish signing up. Could somebody make a post on how to delete my account? Thanks....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

You must've thought that your seeds

would grow immediately.

not really...

can only talk to the walls for so long before redirecting and talking at some that may have cracks already...
I was raised to be honest, speak the truth and to respect those whom I love...and when I attempt to do so through information, I was honestly ignored to a profound extent and that's fine...but I can only talk at the deafening, growing silence for so long...

off to other ventures and shores of possibility.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Preaching to a choir

will net much less.

Facebook reveals the mind of the general public in the US

... which, turns out to be pretty pathetic and discouraging.

This culture and educational system breeds people that think on a very shallow, conformist, superficial level.

So this is why you get little to no response to anything political / economic in nature that has any substance to it, OR if you do it will be something that has been pre-digested and fed to them by some special interest group or media backed propaganda campaign.

Its sad to see. But not your fault. I agree your time is better spend elsewhere.

As a bonus, you are giving less personal profile data to the PTB by leaving.

Oh my gosh you are so right. Perfect description.

America has lost her soul and America needs GOD.

Well I'll keep on the local newspaper instead...

It was empowering to think that I could bring to light so many pressing and vital issues to my family and friends through FB, however at gatherings noone ever mentioned my posts or even hinted at the content I'd been sharing...what a shame. I feel like I'm living in a dream sometimes and that the most important issues facing our Nation and personal lives/health are seen by the majority as conspiratorial...so sad.

On a positive note, I have written my third letter to the editor of the Albany Democrat Herald in Albany, Oregon regarding Water Fluoridation and am hoping they pick it up for publishing...it would make 3 of 3 letters published since I began sending them to the print...winning in other ways I suppose!

Peace and Love friends...

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

You can say the same thing

You can say the same thing about newspapers that you said about face book. Thanks for contacting your newspaper about real issues

Don't even remember how long it has been.

Have not missed it a bit. What it has done to the word "friend" is shameful.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Good for you. I deleted mine two months ago.

It is the best decision I have made in some time.


This post could have been written by me.

I did the exact same thing for the exact same reasons. I'm glad I did.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Facebook is a poor tool for spreading the message

The main reason people use facebook is to keep up with their family and friends. That's it. You'll change very few minds on it.

They are not there to learn, have their deeply held beliefs challenged, world view shattered, mind blown, politics questioned or to debate anything with any significance. If you believe otherwise you'll find yourself unfriended rather quickly and your chances of waking them up significantly reduced.

So can FB still help spread the message? Yes but indirectly.

If you do use facebook, use it to strengthen relationships, friendships and trust within your social circle. Later on when liberty topics come up, naturally, they'll be more apt to trust and listen to your take on the issue and respect your opinion. Don't fire hose them with information, just enough to wet their appetite to make them curious. Give them something to think about. Keep it lite, especially on facebook. It's not the place for serious discussion and can potentially embarrass them in front of their social circle, even if they might agree with you. Be considerate. It goes a long way. If they want to know more they'll ask you or talk to you about it in real life or through email. If not they may not be ready yet. Let it simmer. They'll come around.

"You'll change very few minds on it."

How many would be acceptable?

touche :)

True, one should never underestimate the difference even one mind can make. If you feel that one person is worth the possibility of alienating the rest of your friends list go for it. Who knows, sometimes a good hammer over the head will wake someone up.

Different strategies will work for different people. I've had success playing it cool on facebook. Ive made it known I was for Ron Paul and liberty, they are aware of this, but I never pushed it on anyone. I choose my battles carefully and have made it through many rounds of "defriending" to continue my presence and influence on their walls and their lives. I've had many deep meaningful conversations later with those same people offline. They knew where I stood and wanted to know more. Many now see the light so to speak.

Others have had success with other strategies, just laying it all out there and blasting their friends with everything they got. If that works more power to them. I feel you'll probably lose more than you'll gain, but like you point out what is an acceptable amount of minds? I'll just say my approach works for me and my circle. I encourage it, but there is no silver bullet. There are many viable ways to persuade people. Find what works best for you and yours :) Good luck

Peace of Mind

Imagine the peace you might find when you no longer are sharing the burden of everyone's problems or rants and raves. Though I have never used a facebook account I don't miss it. Life is just as interesting as it was before and the people I encounter in person are much more fun. Some suck but hey the situation is what you make of it. Project joy and you will find it everywhere.
The surveillance situation is sad and grim. We are now a society of helicopter parents and watchers. If we have no personal direction then the direction of others becomes important. Look at us! we know that face book is an intelligence gathering utility and yet we volunteer to use it constantly. Why? Your life is for you. Sharing is good. Collaboration and communication is good. But this watching business has got to stop. Let life be!
Give it a rest already. If you are serious about change then we have one option. Revolt or die. Succession is a distraction intended to fragment our culture. That's what they want from us.
What they don't want is for us to take control of the situation. That means by strength. Our military must know who they are taking orders from. If it is from their corporate masters then their allegiances will likely be weak. If the sheeple are ordering what must be done and the military brass is in agreement with the principles of a distant American public who finally decreed "no more,!" then we can win. If law enforcement responds to an public of former sheeple that demands that they be left alone, and that real crimes are what should be focused on, then we win. They probably don't like feeling like they are in a combat zone every time they need to serve a warrant either. We have an illness folks. Facebook is but a symptom.