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Homosexuality’s Cause Isn’t Genetics...

...but the Answer Does Lie in the Womb

As long as natural selection has been an accepted scientific theory, homosexuality has been a riddle for scientists.

By Makini Brice | Dec 11, 2012 12:44 PM EST

As long as natural selection has been an accepted scientific theory, homosexuality has been a riddle for scientists. If a person is attracted to people of the same gender, he or she cannot have biological children with their chosen partner. For most of history, before in vitro fertilization, that meant that homosexuality could not be carried out genetically. In addition, because homosexuality makes it more difficult to have biological children, researchers could not understand how it was possible that the trait would survive across genetics. However, scientists believe that they may have cracked the code, and the answer does lie slightly in genetics.

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Would you consider the opposite thing happening to be a miracle?

What if someone was straight and they had their "fireball" experience and ended up gay? The implication is that something was wrong in the first place with her and that all is now well. Heterosexual couples are no less sick in the aberrations manifested in their relations than homosexual couples. She had a life altering experience from God, and that was great. It was however only for her and cannot be carried over to anyone else. It becomes hearsay when told to someone else and it may or may be believed by others. The inspiration of the miracle was for only that person.

Are you Sheldon Cooper's

Are you Sheldon Cooper's mother?

I would far rather be around gays than the likes of you!

There is something Far more lacking in YOU than anyone gay!


Maybe you know something I don't know

I thought the comment was just about what Freedom's friend did and said. Freedom was just telling the story.

Or do you take offense to someone being gay and then not gay? If anyone believes they are gay at one point, are they not permitted to ever think otherwise? I think that's ridiculous, that some people face public scrutiny for merely switching their tastes. Like it's only a one way street from Straight to Gay..anyone trying to go the other direction gets penalized.

David Bowie actually thought he was gay and then realized he wasn't. 'Says he was a "closet heterosexual" for many years.

This is a very interesting description.

Some call it a crown chakra experience (Hindus).

Others call it enlightenment (Buddhists).

Catholics have described similar experience obtained via other means (than a Hindu or Buddhist), i.e. like a holy spirit experience.

I like to think of it more objectively. In other words, the person had kind of like what the Buddhists call enlightenment and was able to view her own ego separate from her intellect, separate from the objective world.

As the Buddhists say, desire is the root of all suffering. In laissez faire economics it's akin to individual demand "causing" opportunity cost.

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A fireball from heaven engulfed your friend and "de-gayed" her by causing the evil spirits to evacuate her body?


Well, I suppose the next time I tell a Christian I believe in aliens and they roll their eyes at me, I can roll mine back because this makes no sense.

Um, I'm pretty sure

Freedom77 is just being a turkey.

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Oh well that makes me feel better

I cannot keep up with all the different ppl and trolls and who is being real and who is just being sarcastic. That was one of the most ridiculous posts I have read in a while so thanks for clearing that up.

No way! I would not lie!!!

It's her story and it's true! I knew her before the change!! Anyway, I just wanted to add her story. I thought it was interesting.

There is a difference between "homosexual" and "confused."

We are told stories about X or Y chromosomes, but we are really an XX-YY sequence. If we are XXXX we are all girl, if we are YYYY we are all boy. If we are famale and XXXY we might be a bit of a "Tom boy" and if we are XXYY we might be a "bull dyke." If we are male and XXXY we might be a "flamer" and if we are XXYY we might be a little effeminate and if we are XYYY we might be a NASCAR fan. This manifests physically as "hermaphrodites" and "gender neutral" people, born with both or neither or mixed genitalia. When you have this physical evidence for a RANGE of sexuality, it is pretty compelling evidence that there will be sexual attractions along that same spectrum. (Please note, this is over simplified to try to get the point across.)

Now, we also have a society where girls are taught that the HOTTEST thing they can be is a lesbian, that it REALLY turns the men on. We are taught that we ought to be thin as a rail with giant silicone boobies, and to wear toxic goo on our face to be pretty - mostly to other women. Our boyfriends like us naked, we primp and priss and play dress up to impress other women. There is an entire generation of women who felt almost obligated to try lesbian relationships. Recovering from that is not the same as having your chromosomes tell you that you are a boy while your genitalia looks like a girl.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I'll bet you did.


It may not make sence

but that what she said happened, and she does live a different life. Who can explain the supernatural? I'm sure not everyone will have that same experience with God but hey, she is not the same person I knew.

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That is right,

who can explain the supernatural? However, most religious people I grew up around (mainly Catholics) thought of most supernatural events such as "ghosts" or "aliens" as blasphemy. What I am saying is that Christians accept their stories of the supernatural, but not others.

Catholics are extremely

Catholics are extremely hypocritical and do NOT represent all Christians....

Just for the record.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

-Thomas Jefferson

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You are right...

They do not represent all Christians, but most Christians do not represent all Christians if you get my drift. I have found most religions that I have been exposed to, to have some very hypocritical views on a lot of things.

homosexuality is an unnatural

homosexuality is an unnatural lust. It is perversion. I don't care what anyone says. Having said that, The straight people have the same problems with their sexuality. Many partners, sex with married people, affairs etc. The only sex that is not with sin is between a man and a woman after marriage. Yea I know down vote me but the truth is the truth.

Oh, I didn't know

You were retarded and also gay. Nice to know.

You're right Sierrahpbt.

Homosexuality is one of many unnatural lusts. And according to Scripture any anal sex is sin no matter if it is same sex or not or whether you are married or not. So deviant sex within marriage is still sin.

I really like an loving God

Who creates people with both sets of genitals, and then condemns them to hell for choosing the wrong sex partner. I mean, they have no clue, which way does God want them to go?
Either God made homosexuals on purpose, or God made a mistake. Not every gay person has physical or chromosomal ambiguity, but enough of them do that declaring their existence "sinful" seems a bit harsh to me. I don't want to have their sexuality rubbed in my face, but then I wish EVERYONE would keep their sex life to themselves.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I think you are compairing apples and oranges.

You are talking about hermaphrodites who have a physical deformity and whether they are male with extra female genitalia or female with extra male genitalia doesn't change the fact that there is NO gene that makes a person want to have anal sex or same sex relations at all.

If you understood GOD and His coming Kingdom then you would understand why those who promote "homosexuality" cannot inherit the His promise. He is not punishing anyone, He is just denying them the reward that He has offered to those who believe in His Word. It is not punishment to withhold something from someone who doesn't own it in the first place.

YOu think

and I know what I know. I apologize if I am unable to explain it in terms you understand, but encourage you to do your own research. I do not "promote" homosexuality, I promote an understanding of the truth. There are people Created with ambiguous genitalia. Did God not Create them, or just expect them to not fall in love or try to have any sexual relations?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

No God did not create them.

God created mankind but man is responsible for procreation. And there are many factors that effect mans procreation and the illnesses and deformities that plague those who live in sin but to blame God for these deformities that society has instigated is like blaming God for some kid getting run over by a bus.

Like I said, it doesn't matter what body parts you are born with it is what you do with them that matters. They still have the ability to choose because no gene makes someone NEED to have anal sex.

Just logically though.

Evolution proves that there cannot be an "alternative lifestyle" gene, as it would necessarily be BRED out over time.

So, liberal evolutionists, stick that in your pipe and smoke it! :D

There is the issue of a warped society, and the issue of biology

Biology creates humans with ambiguous genitalia, so I assume there are people with ambiguous sexuality also. How that makes me a "liberal evolutionist" is quite a leap, it makes me a retired medical professional who understands biology. Any male and female have a chance at mating and creating a child with ambiguous genitalia.
Glorifying sexuality is unhealthy. Good sex is great, but it is for 2. The society that glorifies sex above all else will glorify all manner of sex. Old fossil that I am, I remember getting "mixed messages" when I was dating, I heard was how all the guys want to watch 2 girls make out. It was no big deal to me, but it was pretty subtle back then, just a "joke." Well, look where we are now. This society has most people all screwed up about sex and love, but that is no reason to add "sin" to people for being what their Creator made them.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

If what you are saying is true...

First of all I wasn't addressing you, so no, I did not call you a liberal evolutionist.

But let's take one of your statements:
"Biology creates humans with ambiguous genitalia, so I assume there are people with ambiguous sexuality also."

If what you are saying (or implying) is true, then you are saying that homosexuality is deviant.


She's saying what she said.

Hermaphrodites and intersex people exist more commonly than most people know. About 1 in 2000 people is born intersex; these people are usually castrated at birth but their inner biology remains a mix of hormones.

About 1 in 600 males is born with Klinefelter's Syndrome (they have an extra Y chromosome) which can manifest as homosexuality. They often grow breasts, have hips, are more sensitive than other men.

Sometimes people who appear to be men are actually hermaphrodites harboring ovaries; their blood tests will reveal they are more female than male.

Truly it is a spectrum. Women sometimes grow beards, too.

0.X% constitutes a statistical deviance.

It's less than 1%, kind of like the LP. :D

The word "deviance" has a negative connotation

when applied to behavior, as you know. And that is how you used the word originally, before deviating to talk about statistical deviance which is another matter.

Are we objectivists?`

Or emotional bags?

Based on the discussion above, would you agree it's certainly not normal i.e. within X standard deviations from the norm?


you ought to be able to acknowledge that you are talking about two things at once when you use words like "deviant" and "normal."

Being a hermaphrodite is not biologically normal, but it ought to be accepted as socially normal.

Homosexuality deviates from the norm but to call them "deviants" is pejorative.

Apparently you were trying to use the words interchangeably, perhaps in an obtuse effort to demonstrate that the pejorative term is justified.