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Appeals court overturns Illinois concealed carry law

A victory for gun rights in my home state.

"SPRINGFIELD-In a huge win for gun-rights groups, a federal appeals court in Chicago Tuesday tossed the state's ban on carrying concealed weapons and gave Illinois' Legislature 180 days to craft a law legalizing concealed carry.

'The debate is over. We won. And there will be a statewide carry law in 2013,' said Todd Vandermyde, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association."

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180 seconds

to pass a law, 180 days to undo one.


I am all for concealed carry but don't we dislike the feds telling states what to do? These things sometimes confuse me. Just asking.


In Maryland there is a

In Maryland there is a pending case on appeal that will go further. Maryland already has a carry permit regime, but it is "for cause" rather than "shall issue". This means for those that dont know that you need to show a "good" reason(in the eyes of the State Police, anyway) to be able to get a permit. This is a very poorly defined standard and open to a lot of discretion. So carrying more of a privilege than a right. The Federal District Court ruled that this restrictive statute was unconstitutional. I'm hope that the appellate court agrees, and not just because the statute allows too much discretion but because there is a very real and powerful RIGHT to carry. The court could easily do a copout and just say that the statute was too vague so the State Police need to be more specific about what is a "good reason" and what isnt.


Ventura 2012

Great News!

Great News!