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Video Of UFO In Istanbul Turkey!

Recent video footage involving UFO's or aerial phenomena in Istanbul Turkey.


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Interesting, but still looks as if it could be a "lens flare"

Back around 2003, my wife and I had a very strange experience.
A blinding white "basketball shaped" appeared through the slightly spaced planks of the patio floor of the apartment above us. I recall it making a "hissing sound" and figured it was St. Elmos's fire (ball lighting). However, when my neighbor and I examined his patio after the "ball lighting" disappeared, we could not find a single burn mark.

A couple of years later, I took pictures at Ft. McAllister State Park, near Savannah. A year after that, while cropping the JPEGs I noticed a metallic sphere in the sky adjacent to Ft. McCallister. Thinking I was having trouble with my camera, I looked at several other pictures taken at the same time with the same camera and found nothing.

While I had seen a few fairly convincing UFOs and was familiar with the Biefied-Brown effect (electro-gravitics), I had always been a skeptic, despite my love for science fiction and paranormal subjects.