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Rand Paul: Spending $3 Million To Study Monkeys On Meth Means We Haven't Started Cutting Spending

Rand Paul: Spending $3 Million To Study Monkeys On Meth Means We Haven't Started Cutting Spending

Your World With Neil Cavuto | Fox News | December 11, 2012


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This is actually one good thing the government is doing

We need to cut entitlements, defense, roll back the banking system, education department etc.

The fact that the government is researching ways to help Meth addicts (which admittedly would get little to no funding otherwise, heroin maybe because of rich people wanting to quit, and otherwise letting addicts crash, burn, and die is the 'free market' solution) and is spending what amounts to a drop in the bucket...

Rand Paul is just being a GOP PHONEY!!!

Right, I know, I agree, the federal government ought not to be able to just spend money on whatever public health crusade it feels like.

But this is a serious study to help figure out how addiction works and help people who have made a seriously stupid one time mistake and now are suffering consequences far out of proportion. Better than when the government GIVES drugs to people.

Anyway, what boils my blood is that of all the things RAND COULD TALK ABOUT, he resorts to MONKEY BUSINESS!!!

He's playing the game, he's a loser, don't buy it!!

not a


Monkeys on meth

Could do a better job of cutting the budget than Congress. Including Rand Paul, who voted for the latest "Defense" (sic) appropriations bill the the other day. Hope the study reaches that conclusion; money well spent.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

NDAA is not an appropriations

NDAA is not an appropriations bill

Rand should listen to his dad

"The supposedly conservative candidate tells us about "waste" in government, and ticks off $10 million in frivolous pork-barrel projects that outrage him - the inevitable bridge-to-nowhere project, or a study of the effects of celery consumption to arrest memory loss - in order to elicit laughter and applause from partisan audiences. All right, so that's 0.00045 percent of the federal budget dealt with; what does he propose to do with the other 99.99955 percent, in order to return our country to living within its means? Not a word."
- Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto, pp. 1-2

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

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$3 million?

I get my Congressional feed free on the internet.

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