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Conservatives consider 3rd-party Run

Check it out. Just shows how the GOP candidacy is very much in play.


Sorry!!...same content as "Shocking, do they not know who Ron Paul is."

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Political Undercover Ops?

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Frankly, I am the first to blame incompetence or a faulty system for things that aren't working.

This doesn't sound like ignorance. He had lots of positive press coverage in Salt Lake last month, and the turn-out was vigorous.

I wonder if somebody is working behind the scenes to use these groups against the pro-life OB/GYN. Those of you in the Utah Meetup Groups should be sure to point out this possibility while you're setting them straight on who they should support.

Nobody likes to be used.


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That'd be so awesome, we'd win for sure if they didn't vote in the primaries.